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Experimental act FILM 2 offers streaming opportunity linked to lunar cycles – enter the “Sorge”

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Film 2 by Giulia Spek
Film 2 by Giulia Spek

Swiss experimental noise-kraut group, Film 2, featuring Jonas Albrecht, Elias Bieri and Elischa Heller, have released their avant-garde album, Sorge*” today, May 19, through BlauBlau Records. The new LP challenges traditional conventions in an engaging way: it features a single, ~40-minute piece named “Welt,” that has been executed, recorded, and altered three times in different scenarios. What makes it intriguing is the mystery behind the version that will be played on the listener’s turntable.

Adding to the distinctiveness of this release, any vinyl ordered will be a randomized version, with a total of 33 vinyls existing for each version. Moreover, the album’s artwork, three in total, does not correlate with the version of “Sorge*” the listener receives, creating an element of surprise.

Film 2 by Giulia Spek
Film 2 by Giulia Spek

In an additional unique touch, Film 2 offers a streaming opportunity linked to lunar cycles. Every new moon and every full moon, a version of “Sorge*” is available for streaming for 12 hours on this website, offering a unique and somewhat mystical listener experience.

“Sorge*” can be ordered here. With its innovative approach to music creation and distribution, Film 2’s “Sorge*” is not just an album; it’s an auditory adventure, pushing the boundaries of what an album can be.

Having a near-decade presence in the Swiss underground music scene, Film 2 has etched out a name for itself, oscillating between secretive basement gigs and offbeat festivals like “Bad Bonn Kilbi.” Their performances, dynamic in their range from swift 20-minute sets to epic 4-hour shows, thrive on raw emotion, loud sound, and group introspection, seeking artistic and social relevance.

Since 2017, the trio has been dishing out what they term “Dark Sensual Krautrock,” with a release strategy growing progressively conceptual, eschewing traditional streaming platforms. Their 2020 LP “Unbewusste Liebe” streams exclusively on during sunrise and sunset. In line with this unique artistic direction, the band’s latest album “Sorge*” serves as an extension of this innovative journey.

In “Sorge*,” Film 2 challenges the notion of a single perfect version, presenting their creation as a meditative piece. Its single ~40-minute track, “Welt,” exists in three distinct versions, recorded and refined in different environments, inviting unpredictability into the listening experience. The band dares to blur lines between the creator, the work, and the original, applauding shared emotional precision and eschewing perfectionism.

In sync with nature, one version of “Sorge*” streams for 12 hours on, with each new moon and full moon, encapsulating the band’s belief that ‘howling is healing.’

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