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Experimental artist MR. LAZY sends strong political message about election in Korea with new opus “Partisan”

Mr. Lazy
Containing strong political message about election which was done at 15th of April, 2020 in Republic of Korea, in which the ruling party has won by a landslide in a parliamentary election that attracted the highest voter turn out in 28 years, despite being held during the coronavirus pandemic, the newest gloomy, atmopsheric offering from experimental artist MR. LAZY defines him as a partisan against majority of Korean political party. Today, we have teamed up with the man behind the project and conceptual artist, Jimi Kim, to get you some more details about his intriguing work.

Comments Jimi:

“Suspicion about fraud of election’s result is growing daily, and the National Election Commission is keeping silence about this.

Mr. Walter Richard Mebain, Jr., who is professor of politics, and statistics in The University of Michigan claimed the relatively high possibility of fraud of this election, but this was just summarized as nonsense without any further details of reason.

If the majority of Korean political party is governing the country with hidden facts of fraud, the people with will to discover the fact, and justify the political situation would be partisans.

This shows the will of Mr. Lazy who would be pleased to be partisan against majority of Korean political party.”

Jimi Kim is working through his philosophical research of Deconstruction & Politics. His musical composition style is strongly influenced by Godspeed You! Black Emperor / Silver Mt. Zion / Set Fire to Flames / Mogwai / Yaan Tiersen / Erik Satie.Mr. Lazy is mainly working on post rock, noise rock, and drone music through Jimi Kim’s philosophical researches, and those tracks are including his strong political message in title, and expression.

At the same times, he is also working on his piano, indie, alternative, psychedelic rock tracks which he targeted to submit for cinematic usage. Unlike his post rock works, his piano, indie, alternative, psychedelic rock works are basically having ambient, classical, smooth vibes with his own feelings. But at the same time, it mostly has intense at the end to make explosion in ambient atmosphere which Mr. Lazy personally prefers.

The main concern in composing for Mr. Lazy is the structure of the music, and the mixture of harmony between instruments including vocals. In this sense, Mr. Lazy prefers to compose instrumental tracks mainly. However, he also compose tracks with vocals, but vocals in here is mostly used as one instrument which is part of harmony, not the main instrument which gets all the spotlight from the track. Mr. Lazy released first post rock album as band name Roadsign on 2014. On 2018, he started his own solo project of post rock album. His 1st self-title album was released on 2019 Feb.

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