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Finnish metallic hardcore act ENEMIES release new EP; stream it now!

2 years after their exclusive check-in here on IDIOTEQ, Finnish atmospheric hardcore band ENEMIES are back with a new, slower rolling record called ‘9000th Day’, described and introduced by the band through the following statement below. ‘9000th Day’ finds a much wider range of textures and moods for the band’s work, with impressive delivery and style. Love it!

This is for when you’re too tired to fight what they call the good fight, let alone do anything sociable. When you just want to lay in your bed and feel depression sink in. It’s ok. Just disintegrate. You can pick yourself up later.

In other entry, they added:

Now that we’re all still working through the stages of grief over Tuesday night, here’s the new EP we’ve not been telling you about. We’re calling it 9000th Day.

Photo by Mikko Paavonsalo.

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