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FISTULA’s new record now streaming!

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One of IDIOTEQ’s favorite American labels, Raleigh, North Carolina’s To Live A Lie Records has launched a full stream of “Vermin Prolificus”, the debut record from sludge assassins FISTULA! The band will be touring Europe in February! Dive into their ugly, dark swamp of sounds and stay tuned for more!

TLAL proudly brings you FISTULA’s newest LP, which if you’re familiar with the label and the band you will do a massive double take… this is one slow band on a label known for putting out blistering fast bands. FISTULA plays evil, down-tuned sludge metal in the vein of 16 and CATTLE PRESS and have remained active for +15 years. When you hear this new offering you’ll understand why this label jumped on this release… it is one twisted, crushing, slow but eye-gouging release with sparse but crucial fast parts. This is the release to grab after a terrible day at work when you need some audio catharsis.

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