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Florida’s GLAZED share top 10 inspirations for their catchy, early 00’s emo pop punk mixture

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Next month, Jacksonville’s GLAZED will be unveiling their new EP, aptly titled Chillogy. This is their first release on Acrobat Unstable Records, and the first single Cherry Ice premiered on Brooklyn Vegan on April 20 (stream it below). Today, we have teamed up with the band to give you their top 10 artists, bands that fueled their passion for this particular punk rock niche and helped them carve out their captivating new EP.

Chillogy was produced, tracked and mixed by Drew Portalatin at Space Camp in Pine Studios in the historic Murray Hill neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida. The Chillogy will be available May 13.

Top 10 Artsts That Inpspired GLAZED:

The Get Up Kids

I feel like I was born 15 years later than I should have, because I would have loved to be in a Kansas basement crying my eyes out at a Get Up Kids show in 1999. They walked on glass so Motion City Soundtrack could run. This band’s cleverly sappy lyrics and Fender guitar tones shot me in the heart the first time I heard them. – Justin

Title Fight

Title Fight means so much to every member of our band. From a warehouse by the train tracks in our town to Warped Tour, we watched this band come up when we were in high school. Their music is beautiful like poetry and it still resonates with all of us. – Justin

Dashboard Confessional

I grew up belonging to a Filipino catholic youth group and every member knew the words to the song Hands Down. That’s how I got introduced to this band, which was the real blessing I received. The pretty guitar work, the pouty lyrics and the Abercrombie & Fitch aesthetic really did a number on me I guess. Glazed once performed a Dashboard cover set, and it was the only time the local promoter we worked with genuinely complimented us lol. – Justin


The albums The Cosmic Drama and Flies in All Directions have songs with unique structure, and their drummer’s dynamic helped influence the drums written for our song Cherry Ice. There is also a spiritual element to these releases that speak so clearly through Brian Warren’s lyricism. – Liam

A Great Big Pile of Leaves

Chillogy mirrors the fresh, nostalgic feeling this band gives off. “Back when our bones would break, we didn’t give a fuck” resonates with our band’s philosophy. We are still breaking our bones and we don’t give a fuck. – Liam


This is the first band my sister showed me when I was a literal child in elementary school. It opened my eyes and ears to a whole new genre of music. Aaron Marsh’s lyrics, melodies, and overall creativity is intriguing. My favorite memory was watching Copeland perform with a full blown orchestra. I’ve never seen emo music crossed with an orchestra. That’s called talent. – Brian

The Starting Line

The Starting Line is the first 2000s pop punk band that I really got into. ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ was my jam from front to back – nothing but bangers and riffs. Kenny Vasoli looks good, plays well, and is an incredibly talented bass guitarist and singer. Kudos to him. – Brian


I watched the “Here in your Arms” music video dozens of times on Myspace and quickly became a fan of this band. One of the scenes in the music video takes place at a summer camp dance, and I wrote our song ‘Holographic Trap Card’ to fit the vibe of whatever playlist that fictional DJ spun. – Justin

Blink 182

I like to model my guitar riffs how I think Tom Delonge would write them. It’s comfortable for me, and a nod to that style of pop punk guitar playing that’s not overly saturated and offers variety. It works because I write like I’m going to be the listener, and I love Blink. – Reid

Senses Fail

I’m a sucker for mid-2000s pop punk, and this band is the epitome of that sound. It satisfies the itch I get when I want to listen to that, which has subconsciously influenced my songwriting. – Reid

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