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Florida’s rockabilly horror punk rockers SWEARWOLF release howling new album “No Glory”

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About three years ago, I caught the up-and-coming, SWEARWOLF, perform a solo show with just the lead singer, Swearwolf, and his mandolin. Not only did I get a kick out of his hilarious lyrics, but I found the music to be catchy as hell, and I instantly became a fan. Fast forward a few years later, and not only has Swearwolf put together a full band of Werewolves to back him up, but they also just released their first full length effort entitled, NO GLORY.

After about 20 seconds of werewolf sounds and a live chant, a “1,2 fuck you!” kicks the record off with the opener track titled, SWEARWOLF. This one-minute song quickly introduces you to your host for the evening with its upbeat tempo and hilarious lyrics. For the next song, NO GLORY, bassist Eric Von Wolfenstein shows off his upright skills with his walking bass lines and heavy thumping sound.  The next track, NOTHING TO DO, is another hilarious standout track. You see, when I have nothing to do, I listen to music and write record reviews. Not Swearwolf. When he gets bored, he likes to slaughter humans and “feast on their blood in the light of the moon”. Let’s hope the band stays busy playing shows and touring so the rest of us don’t become another one of his victims.

The next song, BALLS ON YOUR FACE, is another cool werewolf song which features back up vocals and a cool organ sound from keyboardist, Inga the She-Wolf. As the only female member of Swearwolf, don’t get too close. She is just as ferocious and dangerous as the rest of the bunch. The next song, FULL MOON is another upbeat rock-a-billy track involving your typical Werewolf business. For the next song, VAMPIRES SUCK, this band of wolves slow things down a notch with it’s bluesy feel and more funny lyrics “hating” on their bloodsucking counterparts. The next 6 second track, FUCK YOU, is very short and to the point. Not much to explain there. I’m sure you will get the picture.

The eighth song on this release, is an ode to Swearwolf’s ex-girlfriend, SHEWOLF. It starts with a mellow mandolin riff with some keyboard synth in the background before the rhythm section comes in and gives the song a bit more bite! (See what I did there?) This album is loaded with sing along choruses and thumping bass, and this track is no different. The next song, UNDONE, is my favorite track on the record. Not only does it have all the perfect elements of a Swearwolf song, but it also tackles the tough subject of Werewolf depression and suicide. I did feel a bit awkward chuckling about a song involving a depressed Werewolf who shoots himself with a silver bullet, but maybe this is a normal reaction. I don’t know.

The next track, WOLFBOY, is another standout track on this record. A fast-paced song that truly shows off drummer, Johnny the Snarewolf’s talent. More great lyrics about a young wolf who just wants to fit in with his peers and “just be a normal kid”. Up next is SHAPESHIFTER. Which shows off Swearwolf’s great mandolin skills as well as his “Matt Freeman” (RANCID) style vocals. TOO LATE, is another feel good punk track that helps keep this record going. “Straight from hell with a rebel yell”, Swearwolf reminds us that he is here to cause you pain! The last track on the album is called SECRET COVER SONG. I will not ruin the surprise and let this track remain a surprise. You’ll just have to listen and find out!

Overall, this is a very good record. It has punk rock, blues, rock-a-billy and hilarious Werewolf themed lyrics that keep you interested and laughing without compromising the music or making it a “Weird Al Yankovich” record. Pick up the new album out now on Bandcamp and other outlets, but be sure to avoid running into this band the next time there is a full moon.

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