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Folk math punk rockers LIVESTALK & THE BODIES release a confident, stylish and interestingly crafted record ‘Cope Street’

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With so much indie, folk punk rock acts out there today, it’s nice to know that there are groups of musicians who are still finding new ways of expressing themselves with a similar arsenal of sensibilities that make punk a part of their identity. Recorded back in June just around the corner from TERRY GREEN’s home (be sure to check out our recent feature on their new astonishing record HERE), the newest record frm LIVESTALK & THE BODIES called “cope street” is a fine blend of math, hardcore, folk punk, outsider and pop that’s one of the coolest records for this time of the year, as we make our way deeper and deeper into the gloomy days of autumn. Performed by acoustic guitar, drums with brushes and choir and sometimes with brass, the record strikes a perfect balance between alt indie sound, acoustic folk rockin’ and emotive punk that’s cleverly melded with all kinds of influences, and truly sounds like one of the most compelling DIY offerings of the last few years. It’s heartleft, frenzy, and tricky enought to make you feel entertained, emotionally affected and creatively challenged. Sit back, plug in your headphones and see for yourself.

Asked about both the record and their local scene, the band offered the following:

Cope Street embraces the more abrasive and bombastic elements of punk, math and noise rock while borrowing textural and lyrical elements of folk and outsider pop arranged with drum set, acoustic guitar and choir. Kevin wrote the songs, performed the rhythm section, vocals and composed/arranged the vocal harmonies. The choir is composed of many friends and loved ones involved in different artistic and community projects around the city.

Recorded in Hamilton, home of the strange, heavy and diverse. Hamilton’s music scene hosts many communities centered around different traditions of music such as punk, noise, hardcore, metal, funk, indie, hip hop, bebop, free improv, chorale, folk, and classical. These diverse sets of communities have lots of cross over, presenting and interesting environment for unrestricted intrinsic creativity.

Released by HAVN records, which is a tape label associated with the D.I.Y. art space of the same name that has quickly become a staple for the strange, weird, and experimental pockets of Hamilton’s diverse music scene such as Persons, Hutchi, Hamilton Noise Orchestra, Coszmos Quartette, Eschaton, Zena, Emay, L-Spex. and many others.

After spending close to 12 years being involved in bands such as Slender Loris, Illitry, Bunt and the Hamilton Noise Orchestra, Hamilton, ON songwriter and musician KevinFraser has announced their debut full-length album under the moniker livestalk & the bodies . Releasing June 1 independently and via HAVNrecords cope street is a dense and epic twenty-four track album full of songs about coping with addiction, trauma, mental health and dysphoria along with navigating toxic socializations and celebrating queerness + resistance in an inherently inequitable society.

“Counter intuitive” best describes experiencing the flamboyant aural chaos that is the bizarro folk math outfit livestalk & the bodies . Anchored by lyrical acoustic guitar songs paired with a harmonically angular chorale and bombastic brush-drumset, slow cooked and simmered to create a queer concoction that is as much hardcore punk as it is outsider folk or straight up pop.

copestreet was mainly recorded at home by Fraser with the help of Robin Aube (Sarah Harmer, Gordon Lightfoot, Chore) with drums tracked at the White House by Brent Hocking and Nick Johannes (Wax Mannequin, Pucumber) while Hocking took charge of capturing the album’s enchanting choir.

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