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French trio SURE makes a fresh case for the cold wave / post punk landscape on new EP, shares albums of the year

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French trio SURE made a big impression in 2020 with their album Twenty Years. A debut album una- nimously acclaimed by the press and fans of the genre, combining post punk power and cold wave melancholy. The album was unfortunately released at the worst possible moment:right when the lockdown happened.

Adding to the impossibility of touring, Gregory Hoepffner and his companions Nicolas Di Vincenzo and Michael Szpiner were 1500 km apart, following a move to Sweden. After unsuccessful attempts to create from a distance, and the absence of magic through the internet, a certain nostalgia for “real” life moments took hold, leading the idea to rediscover a handful of unfinished songs. So Gregory set about reworking them with fresh ears in the Swedish studio where his latest solo project, Kabbel, was conceived.

Nineteen Years offers two new tracks, marking SURE’s diverse influences. “In Control” takes us by surprise, brilliantly highlighting the band’s electronic side and revealing their techno side. While “Uphill” touches on the British sounds of New Order or The Cure, before turning into a tormented storm.

Today, we’re giving it a nod with a special list of top releases this year, as seen by each member of SURE! Scroll down to get isnpired!


This tracklisting would not be complete without three other nuggets that fans know well. To find comfort and to lull yourself towards the approaching winter, SURE unveils piano versions of “Morrows” and “Sinking Story”, both taken from Twenty Years. More than a muffled atmosphere, it’s Grouper’s lo-fi spleen that is summoned here. And last but not least, we’re finally entitled to “Shout”, a cover of the Tears For Fears’ hit, which has been played live for a long time and, as we can easily guess, is still appreciated!

Nineteen Years, or one year less as the world clock continues to tick. A new therapeutic EP for SURE, a translation of the desire not to let apathy get the better of us, and to keep hoping to reunite with each other. See you on November 26th to dive in!

SURE by Petit Bain
SURE by Petit Bain

Gregory Hoepffner (vocals/synths/drum pads):

Low – Hey What

As impressively avant-garde as their previous one, but more centered around vocal melodies this time, and more « human » overall. Mind-blowing and inspiring.

Colision – Lost Ghosts, Vol.1

This band has « it », that magic that can turn a standard rock sound into something beautiful. Very classy and minimalist approach to the genre, with unique vocals.

Damon Albarn – The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Streams Flows

When I’m older, I’d like to be Damon Albarn, thanks.

Man On Man – S/T

Catchy gay bear indie rock ? Damn, I’m in.

Andy Stott – Never The Right Time

A nice & strange afterglow, without the drugs. Still very dark and grim, but a bit less on this album, thanks to Alison Skidmore’s vocals.

Michael Szpiner (bass):

Zulu – My People… Hold On

Black powerviolence…do i need to say more ?

Portrayal of Guilt – We Are Always Alone

The band is evolving from the Majority Rule influence and becoming one of my favorite act.

Ovlov – Buds

My love knows no boundaries for this band. A perfect mix of low-fi-tender-alt-grunge.

Quicksand – Distant Populations

Why go against the flow ?

Shame – Drunk Tank Pink

I dont know why but it brings me emotions.

Nicolas (guitarist):

I haven’t listened that much 2021 albums, but here are 5 I had on heavy rotation:

Bryan’s Magic Tears – Vacuum Sealed (2021)

Turnstile – Glow On (2021)

Immolation – Close To A World Below (2000)

Summoning – Old Morning Dawns (2013)

Thou – Blessings Of The Highest Order (2020)

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