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From society, to politics, to communities, to personal connections – acoustic punk rocker Joe Billy teasing new album

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“Fissure”, the newest album from folk acoustic punk rocker Joe Billy, is a collection of songs related to the various ways we can perceive conflict, division, separation, and the like. From society, to politics, to communities, to personal connections, to inner struggle; this album is hard hitting, loud, emotional, thought provoking, and intense.

If you’re a fan of artists like Flogging Molly, Frank Turner, AJJ, Mischief Brew, Days N Daze, Anti-Flag, Larry and His Flask, etc, then this album is for you.

Joe Billy is the angsty introspective soundtrack to your everyday existentialism. His acoustic punk style sound is taken to the next level with intelligent lyricism, energetic and upbeat music, and passionate authenticity.

With intent to provoke thought, open your mind, and feel like you belong somewhere in this crazy world, his whimsical, self aware cynicism and his uplifting compassion bring you in and unify us all.

For fans of: Frank Turner, Mischief Brew, AJJ, Days N Daze, Anti-Flag, Flogging Molly, Larry and His Flask, Out of System Transfer, Apes of the State, Pigeon Pit, Frankly Lost

Joe is releasing singles every 3 weeks and he already has 2 of them out. If you want to enjoy it all the way through and own it before the full album reaches streaming platforms, you can purchase the full album HERE for only $10.


A new single from Joe Billy comes through as a stripped down and very honest feel that bares all and starts off as a sullen but meaningful undertone until it explodes into a pop punk soundscape with a full band and electric guitars and all the while the emotions are still high and the drive is always there.

“2am” is a message for someone. Someone important and it’s a truthful and beautiful message that is portrayed in the form of this living breathing pop song that bounces from acoustic and vocals alone, into bursts of those rock sections and it all has this swagger that becomes pretty addictive really.

It’s the honesty in the words “all I wanna feel is like I’m doing something right”.

That line among many others that really gets you. It’s relatable and a song like this is designed to get things off your chest. Maybe this is the way Joe Billy does it. He has to sing about it. Not a lot of us have that option of course but it’s great because a song like this makes us feel like we’re not alone in whatever struggle we are in really.

We all feel this way sometimes. At one point or another we all understand this song more than we want to even if we don’t want to admit it.

I think that’s where this single gets so addictive. It’s an infectious form of truth. Being able to shout it out like that. Sing it for everyone to hear.

This release shows a brilliant songwriting style that lets a song breathe. It gets quiet and stripped down, then it comes into these shout out loud pop punk parts and it all makes perfect sense.

By the end you see the charm of it all.

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