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Fun for the summer: an interview with LAST IN LINE

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Every once in awhile, you need to chill out and simply have some fun. That’s what you usually get from most melodic pop punk bands with colourful t-shirts :) These Harrisburg, PA rockers are no exception, but fear not: we’re not talkin’ plastic, fake pop here :) Having released debut full-length last year, DIY pop punks from LAST IN LINE have a self-confessed obsession with aliens and the paranormal which they frequently drop into their tracks, videos, photos and twitter posts.  Mixing the melodic vocals and pop-punk enthusiasm with popcore breakdowns and twists, this band shows no signs of stopping. Check out their tunes and scroll down to read our quick chat to read more.


Hey buddies! What’s up? How’s Harrisburg?

Hey! Harrisburg is alright! The weather is at least warm here now so we can’t complain about freezing our asses off anymore.

I’ve been driving through the streets of Harrisburg via Google Street View and I must say it would be a perfect place for another Stephen King novel! Can you tell me more about your hometown?

Haha!! Hmm that’s interesting you think that. The city isn’t terribly scary. Maybe there are some hidden secrets we don’t know about. Harrisburg, is a small city with developed outskirts of suburbs mixed with farm land. It’s kind of the best of both worlds. To us it’s just home.

How about your local music scene? Are there a lot of bands, venues and music-related initiatives that help you get your tunes where you want it to be?

The music scene is pretty good here. We have one main all-ages local venue that houses all the shows that local bands hop on as well as some regional and national touring acts. We are also not too far away from Lancaster, PA which is a mecca for music in south central PA. There are definitely enough initiatives to get us to where we want to be.

You’ve recently wrapped up your Winter East Coast tour, right? How was it? Did you miss Harrisburg?

Our winter east coast tour was awesome! The weather could have been warmer, especially in Florida, but all the awesome people we met and places we saw made up for it. We definitely didn’t miss Harrisburg on this one, except for maybe a hot shower and some home cooked meals. We’d love to do another run down the coast sometime in 2014/2015.

Did you make a lot of new friends? What were some of the coolest bands you met on the road?

We made lots of new friends. The hospitality we find on the road never ceases to amaze us. As far as bands go, there are way to many to mention without fear of missing out on some.


Any venues worth mentioning?

One of our favorite shows was a place in Valdosta, GA called The Elder House. It’s a house show venue but man do they know how to put on a kick ass show! Another great one was the Goat House in Odessa Florida. Those guys are doing great things for their local music scene, and were genuinely some of the nicest people we’ve met.

How about this most recent May tour you’ve just finished. What was different this time?

Our May tour was not self-booked. That was the biggest different. The shows were more spaced out which we aren’t used to as well. Overall we saw some really cool places on this one that we’ve been dying to check out. The New England area is beautiful in the spring.

Is it particularly challenging to book shows for such a young band as yourselves?

It depends what goals you have in mind. Once you do a few, you get the hang of what you need to do to successfully book a multi-week tour. If you shoot for bigger venues, it is definitely a lot harder. If you start at the grass roots level with local DIY spots and house shows, you can really make some great connections and sometimes have a better turn out.

So what’s next? What are the details of your plan to conquer more lands? Are you already thinking about touring a bit further? Europe perhaps?

We are planning to hit the west coast at the end of this summer. We want to make as many new markets as possible and then continue rotating them into our touring schedule. Europe is always a goal to have in the back of our minds, but we feel we aren’t quite ready for that next step just yet.

Ok guys. Are you already plotting your next release? Shoot us some details regarding your next recording plans.

We are in the early process of writing for our next release. Beyond that, we don’t have too much info. Release date and all those juicy details are yet to be determined.

What’s there to do in order to promote your next release? Tell me about your label and management situation. In terms of running a band, where do you place DIY ethics and DIY promo-actions?

To promote a new release requires tons of strategic planning and hard work. With social media pages making it harder to reach out to our fans, we have to think of new ways to get our info out there. As of now, we run and manage ourselves. We are essentially a 100% DIY band.

Did you enjoy working on your debut album? Was it hard to put it all together?

We definitely enjoyed it! Recording and releasing new music is always very exciting. Putting it all together wasn’t necessarily hard, but it was very stressful!

Alright guys. Where do you wish to be in 5 years’ time with LAST IN LINE?

We hope to be continuing to share our music with was many people possible and seeing as much of the world as we can. We’re not here for the money or the fame, we’re just five dudes having the best adventure of our lives.

Ok lads. Anything else worth mentioning here before we say goodbye?

Keep your eyes peeled and make sure to connect with us on ALL our social media pages! We’ll have exciting things coming soon. You can keep up with us on facebook twitter: @lastinlinepa and instagram: lastinlinepa

Thanks a bunch for your time! Have a great time this coming Summer! Cheers!

Thank you! Cheers.

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