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Garage punk rockers BOTTLECAP share top new music from Scandinavia worth a check!

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Swedish DIY metal/punk label Suicide Records will celebrating their 15th anniversary with a 2-day party at Brewhouse in Gothenburg this weekend, on October 15-16, and we’re celebrating this awesome event with a series of quick features showcasing some of the bands from the line-up. After two initial features HERE, we’re back with a new special from Gothenburg’s swingin’ garage punk’n’rollers BOTTLECAP, who joined us to give you their top picks for Scandinavian records worth a check and their memorable live events experienced as attendees.

Bottlecap don’t make judgement about moving to music due to beer infusion and noise explosion. If you like a wild show, you will love them. If you like rock’n’roll you will love them. If you like the feeling of not knowing what will happen, well yes, then you will definitely love them. This is a band just writing great songs and doing furious live performances, they don’t even know themselves what will happen.

Their latest album OFF PRESSURE (released back in 2019) is a screaming and liberating punk rock record that makes you want to drop whatever it is you’re doing for the sake of moving your feet. Ain’t nothing bad about that!

The trio from Gothenburg loves being loud, fast and filled up with energy to the rim. Straight ahead. And in the kisser, so to speak. The perfect address for everyone devoted to furious shows and liberating punk rock. Straight to the soul.

BOTTLECAP themselves will release their new music, too! Stay tuned!

Suicide Records Fest

Best new music from Scandinavia – recommenedations by BOTTLECAP:

No one should miss the latest single from Pablo Matisse with Per Stålberg (Division of Laura Lee) and Ian Persson (TSOOL). Always a banger if you like guitars, which you do.

The garage-boys/punks/slackers in SUNHILL have a new single out from their upcoming EP. The track is called Golden Days and is about that everything sucks. We like SUNHILL and we hope they like us.

It’s not punk. It’s not hard hitting. But it’s absolutely brilliant; Arvid Nero’s latest album Little White Dove is a real beauty which no one should miss. More blues to the people!

Top live performances, experienced in person by BOTTLECAP:

One of The High Hats last shows ever, at Pustervik in Gothenburg. Local heroes doing it for the last time and everyone knew an era was about to come to an end. Easy to say the room was energetic. The guy stage diving at 2:22 is a good friend of ours. He hit his head in the floor. Hard. Worst stage dive ever, but a magical night.

The Bronx are always a fantastic live band. I don’t need to tell you why, everyone already knows it. I can’t even choose just one performance, so here’s a very shaky mobile video of the band live in Gothenburg a few years back.

And you obviously have to mention the moment when the singer from John Coffey catches a beer midair. No-brainer.

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