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GLASSJAW to release vinyl reissues of iconic albums

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GLASSJAW have announced vinyl reissues of their classic albums: 2000’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence, and 2002’s Worship and Tribute (with extra track “Convectuoso”), both as part of a limited-edition 3-LP set. The previously unreleased Live at the Forum album (2011) is also be included.

The vinyl set will only be available to ticketholders for the band’s upcoming 2022 tour. GO HERE to see more details.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence Tracklist:

01. Pretty Lush
02. Siberian Kiss
03. Ry Ry’s Song
04. Lovebites and Razorlines
05. Hurting and Shoving (She Should Have Let Me Sleep)
06. Majour
07. Her Middle Name Was Boom
08. Piano
09. Babe
10. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence
11. Motel of the White Locust

Worship and Tribute Tracklist:

01. Tip Your Bartender
02. Mu Empire
03. Cosmopolitan Blood Loss
04. Ape Dos Mil
05. Pink Roses
06. Must’ve Run All Day
07. Stuck Pig
08. Radio Cambodia
09. The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports
10. Trailer Park Jesus
11. Two Tabs of Mescaline
12. Convectuoso

Live at the Forum Tracklist:

01. You Think You’re (John Fucking Lennon)
02. Tip Your Bartender
03. Mu Empire
04. Stars
05. Ape Dos Mil
06. The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports
07. Pink Roses
08. Jesus Glue
09. Natural Born Farmer
10. All Good Junkies Go to Heaven
11. El Mark
12. Convectuoso
13. Two Tabs of Mescaline
14. Siberian Kiss

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