GOOD FOR YOU to release their debut album next month

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GOOD FOR YOU, a new project by former BLACK FLAG guitarist Greg Ginn and professional skateboarder and musician Mike Vallely (aka Mike V), will release their debut album “Life is Too Short to Not Hold a Grudge” on February 26th on the guitarist’s label SST Records.

Mike Vallely comments on both the album and working with Ginn:

Greg and I had been talking about writing music together for many years. There was no real plan in place to “team up” or anything like that. It was more so just about the music. Creatively and artistically we just found a common road and from that came an output that became this new music and this new record.”

Working with Greg really opened me up as a writer and vocalist. His approach to writing, recording and producing was so free that for the first time I feel I was really able to honestly express myself in the studio.

Ginn also comments:

I can’t wait to deliver these songs live with Mike. I have the feeling that things are going to get wild.


good for you

Track listing:

Side A:

1.) I’d Rather Die
2.) No Plan B
3.) Free
4.) Hanging Around
5.) Knife in the Face

Side B:

1.) Stupid Me
2.) Good Sport
3.) It’s Just Business
4.) Dreams
5.) Blaze of Glory
6.) True Companion

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