GOOD RIDDANCE frontman talks about the band’s reunion

Our buddies at recently sat down for an interview with GOOD RIDDANCE frontman Russ Rankin, who talks about the band’s reunion, which was announced last month.

Rankin clarifies:

We hadn’t really thought about it in five years. We had tons of offers to play for pretty good amounts of money, some pretty good situations, but none of us were really just that interested in it and we had a lot of other stuff going on. Chuck and Luke wanted to meet for coffee to talk about it and I wasn’t interested in playing again, but I thought I’d meet up with them and hear them out. They made a lot of good points and I realized that we all really missed the songs – a lot. And we were all at places in our lives where we felt we could have a lot of fun, without too much pressure on us, and just get a chance to play those songs again.

You can read the rest of his interview here.


Photo by Trent Nelson.

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