Greek hardcore act MY TURN discuss self-titled album, 7 years in the scene

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Soon after the announcement of the long-awaited 2nd album vinyl on Epidemic Records, Backbite Records, and World’s Appreciated Kitsch, Greek hardcore power pack MY TURN returns to our pages for another interview. The record will be out on July 21st, but we already have a bunch of details and firsthand insights. See below.

“My Turn” colored vinyl LP will be available in 300 copies and will be out on July 21st via Epidemic Records, Backbite Records, and World’s Appreciated Kitsch. The record will be supported by a music video, to be premiered in late June, and a string of European dates between September 21st and September 30th. Contact Hermano Booking to book a show!

Photo by John Karidas / “My Turn” recording and mix by George Tsavdaridis at Fabric Studios in Larissa, Germany, Mastering by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York. / Guest appearances by Dave from WOLF DOWN and Alex from LAST HOPE.

Hey there guys! What’s up? It’s been almost 5 years since we last talked, can you believe that? Time flies, huh? How’s 2017 been treating you so far?

5 years? Wtf, time flies so fast… Anyway, thanks for having us on board once again, always appreciate your interest in MY TURN! 2017 is treating us nicely, we played a bunch of local shows, we did a week-long euro tour with our bros in PEACE OF MIND and we finally arranged everything concerning the release of our 2nd full length album. We have more shows & short tours arranged for the rest of the year, though. Stay tuned!

Why did you decide to release this late 2015 record on vinyl at this specific time, almost 1,5 year after the initial digital premiere?

Yeah, it took us a while… The record was actually recorded almost 2 years ago, while the songs were available online in October 2015. It’s been a long time, we know, but we were pretty inactive for at least one year, so it made no big sense to release the record in physical format, especially vinyl, at that time. At the end of 2016 we started playing shows regularly again, so it was about time to think about the release of this record that we all love. Backbite Records from Germany and Epidemic Records from Italy teamed up with our singer’s World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records, and our self-titled second full length is currently in the pressing plant, due to an early August or so release.

Drop us some more technical details on the format. What can we expect?

You can expect 10 songs of heavy yet melodic hardcore, the way we like it! It was recorded in Greece (Fabric Studios, Larissa) and mastered in the USA (West West Side Studio, New York), and I’m pretty sure we did our best to deliver a good record! The cover artwork was drawn by our good friend and one of the best Spanish tattoo artists, Colo Lopez. Forgot to mention that we have a couple of friends doing some guest vocals; Dave from WOLF DOWN and Alex from LAST HOPE. It’s coming out in a limited edition of 300 copies of coloured vinyl. Pre-orders will be online anytime soon, so you better hurry up and get your copy!

How did you team up with these particular labels?

We know Epidemic Records since day one; Gab is a good friend and always supportive to us! On the other hand, Backbite Records is one of the most hard working European hardcore labels right now (check out their intense catalogue), so the decision was obvious. WAK is our singer’s label and we always work sth out with it, he will be dealing with the distribution in Greece, by the way.

Will there be some shows in support of this re-release?

Yeah, even though summer is a bit busy for each one of us, we are just going to play a show or two in August and that’s all. But we plan a mini release Greek tour in September and there’s plans for doing a European one, too. Just check out our FB every now & then, we post all news there!

MY TURN live

Ok, so how about some new music? Are there plans to record new stuff sometime soon?

Not yet, but we are already working on a new song and there’s many ideas for more! I guess we have to promote and spread out the 2nd full length first and then think about another release. I am pretty sure that we will drop something new in 2018, though, since we always enjoy composing and writing new music. We have a fresh line up, too, so new ideas are popping up all the time!

How does it feel to be coming up on the 7th anniversary of the band? How do you feel the band evolved since 2010?

This summer we celebrate the 7th anniversary of MY TURN. I still remember that hot summer day of 2010 (early July or so) that Fotis, Markos (original members) & me went to that studio in Athens and jammed to what they will become our first songs. I really feel proud of everything we have achieved so far, even though we went through thick and thin, lots of ups and downs, and many line up changes, but we always work hard to keep doing it! Let’s keep things going for 7 more years, who knows?! Greetings to all our ex-members and everyone that helped us out so far; check out some of the bands they play: AGAINST ALL ODDS, DEFROSTED, OLDSCHOOL REDNEX, BANDAGE, 10 TO GO; undoubtedly some of the best punk / hardcore local bands.

Has your local punk scene changed for the better?

The local punk scene is keep evolving all the time. There’s things that I like and things that I don’t, but this exists in everything in this world I guess. There’s many good bands and I’m always happy to see that more and more do the step forward and play shows abroad.

As listeners, fans and attendees, what are you most looking forward to in the upcoming months?

Going to as many shows as possible and enjoying good music never mind the style. Not looking forward to something that special, to be honest, dunno!

MY TURN band

Great, thanks a lot for your time! Please drop you final words and take care!

Thank you once again! Stay gold!

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