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Greg Puciato shares live recording of the November 11th Los Angeles show, new live video with Reba from CODE ORANGE streaming

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The live recording of the November 11th Los Angeles debut show of Greg Puciato has been made available online on Bandcamp. The new offering comes in five physical variants, 250 copies of each, with reverse board packaging, spot gloss UV, insane color patterns, different things etched into the runout of each side, hand-numbered.

The former Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist has also released a live video of “Lowered“, his collaboration track with Code Orange guitarist and vocalist Reba Meyers. In the video you can see the rst of his live band, featuring guitarists Nick Rowe and James Hammontree, bassist Jeff “Manwolf” Geiser and drummer Chris Hornbrook (Poison The Well).

Neon Green Splatter on Clear
Blood Red over Electric Blue
Neon Magenta over Milky Clear
Opaque Black on Clear with Neon Orange Splatter
Black Splatter on Transparent Blood Red

“I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a good multi-track recording of my first ever solo show, if even just for me to be able to listen back and be as scrutinizing of and unsatisfied with myself as possible(and I have been).” – says Greg.

“But most important for me was to have a lasting document of a really meaningful moment that I shared with my friends, and with a lot of you. If you were there, this is for us. If you weren’t there, you were missed, and I hope this makes you feel like you were. We had some severe technical issues in “Reality Spiral” and “Fire For Water” that made them unusable for the recording, and as for my collaboration with Carpenter Brut, “Imaginary Fire”, I want the first live recording of that song to be of he and I doing it together, but the rest of it is all here. Nick, who produced my first record and played guitar live at this show, mixed this, and did an amazing job at making this sound and feel the way it did that night. It’s surreal for me to hear this. As surreal as it is that so many of you were there. As surreal as it is to even play solo shows, or to even release solo music, or as this entire journey has been. I’m grateful for all of you. Again, this is for us. See you all soon. Can’t wait.”

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