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Grungy emo indie punk rockers NEW VISION share inspirations for new EP “Somewhere On This Timeline”

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Hudson Valley, NY band New Vision are releasing their new EP titled “Somewhere On This Timeline” today, and we’re stoked to give you a special track by track commentary, but not a usual one. They sat down with us to and picked their inspiration songs for each track. From American Football, to Angel Du$t and Fiddlehead. Check it out below!

New Vision combines elements of post hardcore, emo, math rock, punk, and alternative rock to create a soundtrack to their eploration of introspection, personal growth, and the complexities of human experience.


Everlasting – Never Meant by American Football

– *Nico* This song was accidentally inspired by American Football. Only because I was using that math rock type of tuning, FACGCE, and I tried to write something but I couldn’t at first. So I left the guitar like that and the next night I came back to it and wrote Everlasting, well the music at least. It was originally just supposed to be an acoustic song, but then after I added the lyrics and everything and showed it to the guys, it turned into this big full band track, which now I love even more.

Loss Of Soul – Heart To Heart by Fiddlehead

– *Ryan* This one was tough because I immediately thought of Fiddlehead but there’s so many songs of theirs that influenced this EP in some way, so I’ll just choose Heart to Heart because it’s my favorite Fiddlehead song. Pat Flynn is a big inspiration for me when it comes to writing lyrics. I admire his honesty and openness which I feel are two qualities that this song definitely has.

Chokehold – Toxic Boombox by Angel Du$t

– *Ryan* Toxic Boombox is really the vibe that we wanted this song to have. It’s fun, quick and simple. Sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple & let the song do it’s thing. They’re a great example of that. Love them.

Home – Thru by Hovvdy

– *Nico* We actually wrote this song while we were in the studio. Josh and Ryan did all the music to it while I was recording drums for the EP. After I was done, they showed me the track and I had lyrics for it almost instantly. We knew we wanted it to be noisy, but we didn’t want anything to get lost, like we wanted it to still have rhythm. So this song by Hovvdy represents that type of sound for it I feel. It has many layers but it’s all represented evenly and has that beat behind it.

Forfeit – Unlicensed Hall Monitor by Drug Church

– *Ryan* This song has all the qualities that we wanted Forfeit to have. It’s in your face as soon as you press play, it has big riffs and it’s catchy. The shouting vocals & the big guitars are definitely something we took note of & tried to incorporate into our music in general, but this song specifically.

Silver Tongue – I Want To Kill You by Citizen

– *Nico* This whole Citizen album is honestly a huge inspiration for “Silver Tongue”, but in particular this song sticks out. It has those whisper type vocals that are still strong and hit you without having to be loud. That’s what I wanted for this song in the verses, that type of intense talking/singing combo. I’ve always loved how Mat Kerekes approaches his vocals and I wanted to dip my toe in that type of attack and style. The epic ending came way later too, we didn’t even write that fully until we were in the studio and Gary helped us wrap it all together and make it huge.

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