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Hardcore legends Scott Vogel and Danny Diablo team up with TRAIL OF LIES for new heavy single “My Way”

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TRAIL OF LIES is back, and they’re not holding back! Their latest single “My Way” is a pure, unadulterated dose of heavy hardcore. Legends of the scene have joined forces with the band, delivering a relentless, brutal track that smashes through boundaries. Featuring guest performances from Scott Vogel (TERROR, BURIED ALIVE) and Danny Diablo (CROWN OF THORNZ, SKARHEAD), this track is a punch to the face.

TRAIL OF LIES, the hardcore powerhouse from Syracuse, NY, is gearing up to release their sophomore album, “Only the Strong,” in July. Produced by Andy Nelson (HARM’S WAY, GATES TO HELL) at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, this 11-track collection promises to be an intense exploration of strength in all its forms. The album features contributions from hardcore heavyweights like Sebastian Paba (REGULATE) and Aldo Felix (SECTION H8, SKINHEAD).

“This song is about living your life your own way.” says the band. “Ignoring what society tells you, ignoring what pressure other people put on you and just living life the way you want.”

Their previous release was the single “Fearless” in 2019, following their debut album “W.A.R.” from 2018. Now, with “Only the Strong,” TRAIL OF LIES aims to redefine what it means to be strong, both in music and life.

Trail Of Lies - Joel Dowling
Trail Of Lies – Joel Dowling

Vocalist Tom Damiano explains that the new album is about rejecting societal expectations and finding real strength in personal growth and resilience.

Their previous single, “Only The Strong,” “centered on doing whatever you can to survive and succeed”, and packs furious vocals with a chanting nature that is sure to incite some intense pile ons in a live setting.

Catch TRAIL OF LIES live at their upcoming shows:

– August 3rd in Philadelphia, PA at This Is Hardcore
– September 22nd in Worcester, MA at the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

Trail Of Lies - Joel Dowling
Trail Of Lies – Joel Dowling

Syracuse, NY hardcore band Trail of Lies initially formed in 2011 with a vision – “play hard and heavy music that evokes the most primal of feelings in its listeners”.

Over time line-ups changed, commitments changed, but in 2024 they are back relentless as ever with their upcoming album Only The Strong set for release July 19th through Triple B Records. Marking Trail of Lies’ first new music since 2019’s Fearless single, the band has set out with with an intention of synthesizing the most potent and striking elements of its former lives.

On Only The Strong, Trail Of Lies collaborated with producer Andy Nelson of Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL living and recording in the studio for a week before sending the completed album to Brad Boatright at Audiosiege for mastering. During the process, the band who shares members with Regulate, Candy, and Naysayer, had a number of friends feature on the record including Pat Flynn, Scott Vogel, Danny Diablo, Sebastian Paba, and Aldo Felix. The eleven songs are crushing and visceral, diving into a NYHC meets metallic sound that’s executed aggressive and tight.

Speaking on the album expansive themes and lyrics, vocalist Tom Damiano had this to say: “Only the Strong is an album that is meant to be an exploration of what it means to be strong. In both our world and music, we are constantly bombarded with images and expectations of success that are pre-defined and pre-determined by institutions that don’t give a fuck about you or your well-being. Each member of the band, in their own unique way, have spent the last 5 years cultivating our respective ‘strongest’ selves, and I think that shines through on this record – it’s still us, just stronger. Being strong is so much more than the physical manifestation of someone’s body – real strength is a mindset that allows a person to constantly adapt and evolve into newer and better versions of yourself.

Each song on the record is a testament to different forms of strength. Some songs are about how being strong means not giving up despite everyone trying to tell you you can’t do something – while others are about how strength is an investment in rejecting institutions and people who profit off of the destruction of our earth and humanity. In any context, the record is ultimately about improvement, and that as a band, but more importantly human beings, we want to associate with people who feel and act the same.”

With the release of Only The Strong, Trail of Lies are entering a new era while carrying on the past legacy they built. Known for their explosive live shows, fans will have the chance to catch them on a run of dates with Drain, Terror, Scowl, and End It starting May 18th, as well as at this year’s This Is Hardcore and New England Metal & Hardcore Festival.

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