HEARTWELL signs with Panic Records

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Panic Records have signed Philadelphia band HEARTWELL.

The band’s debut album will be released in spring 2012.


Panic Records’ official statement:

People usually ask “how do you find the bands on Panic?” My answer is usually “people tell me about them.” People are ALWAYS telling me to check out their band or their friends’ bands. The people I listen to the most are the people that are a part of the family; I trust their opinions over all others.

 The Pentidudes wouldn’t shut up about this band Heartwell and how awesome they were and how they were the best dudes and blah, blah, blah, blah. Being that Pentimento are some of the best dudes, they’re pretty good at assessing dudes (I mean good dudes), so I finally gave in and checked out Heartwell.

 I grabbed up Heartwells “On Science, On Strings” EP from their Bandcamp page (you should do the same) and began rocking that EP every day. Becoming almost obsessed I turned listening to “On Science, On Strings” into a daily listening ritual. I couldn’t get enough of it and a day didn’t feel complete unless I was reassured that “everything’s gonna be alright from now on” which is the closing chorus from the EP. From beginning to end, the EP is solid and worth repeat plays. I knew I should put the moves on Heartwell.

 Once talks began with Heartwell, it was pretty much a given that they should be a part of the family. Good dudes, playing good music? That’s what this is all about. No pretention and no outlandish expectations. Heartwell are sincere dudes doing their things and doing it well.

 The Panic family continues to grow and Heartwell are a part of it all now. I’m happy to welcome them into our home and I’m looking forward to what 2012 will bring for Heartwell.

“On Science, On Strings” EP is streaming online:

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