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“Home, a beautiful place to get lost” – LA QUERELLE streaming their new album in full!

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Sang with enthusiasm and played with passion, this beautiful release plunges us into an grown-up world that is, however, constantly flirting with innocence, naivety and introspection, reminiscent of classic ‘90s emo. LA QUERELLE remind us how beautiful emotive post rock can be, reminding me of one of my favorite indie post rock bands JENIFEREVER. This band has potential to be really huge!

The band built an epic post-rock with a building, driving rhythm section. The songs are sung with the heartfelt, poignant lyricism of classic ‘90s emo bands like Elliott and Sunny Day Real Estate. With three guitarists each adding their own distinct instrumental voice to the band’s richly textured songs retain a sonic richness that isn’t studio trickery; it’s the honest, unaffected sound of a group of friends cranking up the decibels and playing as fiercely as they can.

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