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Ok, here’s the big news (at least for me :)).

What’s going on?

I’ve recently decided to change the profile of IDIOTEQ. The biggest amendment concerns all the re-posts, videos, tour dates and news articles within the web service. I am giving up on reporting and shooting short stories.  IDIOTEQ, as the website, will now publish exclusive content only. This means that anyone who wants to talk to me, do an interview, or schedule an exclusive premiere on IDIOTEQ is more than welcome to do that. I’m open to different kinds of collaborations. Just drop me a line via [email protected].


So, here’s what you need to know:

All articles posted directly on IDIOTEQ.com will be now my interviews, scene reports, featured posts, exclusive streams & premieres, etc. It’s coming strong, so please don’t give up on me!

I will be spreading the word about the news, new videos and stuff via my Facebook, Twitter, and G+ profiles. All my social media posts can be seen on IDIOTEQ.com (NEWS feed). The main difference is that they won’t be standalone articles anymore.

All articles within the service will be placed in the archive. You will be still able to search IDIOTEQ using the search engine (use Google too, just add “idioteq” or “idioteq.com” to your query).


The thing I’ve done with the massive news stream on IDIOTEQ was impossible! But it happened! It has been happening for over a year and it’s still beyond my understanding :) Even though it has been so amazing, it was really hard to keep the site updated and serve you the best I could. My private life was slaved by the constant need to monitor and report all the news I wanted to spread the word about. The new approach means more time, more exclusive content, more interviews and no rush for me personally.

Thank you, Mike!

I would not have been able to do that without Mike Garcia from California! This guy reached out and teamed up with me to support my work and make this whole thing possible.

On average we had around 40-60 stories daily about hundreds of artists and that will surely remain our (and yours, I believe) inspiration.

Don’t give up on IDIOTEQ, it’s still alive!

Please support DIY, your local artists and please drop by from time to time to check out my interviews, exclusive streams, scene reports (I am working on a big project regarding Polish hardcore punk scenes), and a lot more!  Keep your eyes peeled on lots of amazing stuff coming up!

Many thanks for being with me since December 2011, when this form of IDIOTEQ was established. I believe the new era of IDIOTEQ will bring even more excitements and will bring you close hundreds of amazing artists you should check out.

IDIOTEQ remains committed to the idea of DIY and supporting music scenes of all kinds. I recommend you do the same :)

Karol Kaminski


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