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ILSA joins A389 Records

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A389 Records have signed ILSA.

Here’s the official word:

We will be releasing the brand new LP entitled ‘Intoxicantation’ by Washington DC’s incredibly brutal ILSA

Formed in 2008 ILSA self released a demo CDR before fine-tuning their sound and unleashing the incredible ‘Tutti Il Colori Del Buio’ LP (Contagion Releasing) which received rave reviews and was followed up by a split 12″ with Finland’s Hooded Menace.

Combining an obsession with 1970′s foreign horror films, and a sound that is equally devastating on record as in a live environment, ILSA is sure to please fans of Grief, Amebix, and label mates Seven Sisters Of Sleep.

Listen to the ILSA track ‘Blood Rituals’ taken from their LP ‘Tutti Il Colori Del Buio’ available via Contagion Releasing.

We actually have a handful of ILSA LPs in the webstore so stop by and grab one..they won’t last long!!! CLICK HERE TO ORDER

The band is booked with Kevin Bernsten (Developing Nations) over the next month, and the album artwork is currently being assembled by the drummer Joshy and vocalist Orion (whom have previously collaborated of the band’s previous artwork).

Stay tuned for updated information on the release of ILSA‘s new LP ‘Intoxicantation’ on A389 Recordings.

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