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INSTIGATORS 30 Year Anniversary Vinyl Reissues

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2015 marks the 30 year anniversary of the “original” INSTIGATORS and we’re proud to reissue their classic first full lengh LP for the first time since almost 3 decades! Originally released on ‘SUBHUMANS’ own Bluurg Records in 1985. The INSTIGATORS where a bunch of enthusiastic anarcho-punk kids that managed to play a style of raging and powerful “in your face” punkrock with the right amount of melody and anger plus bold political message that made an huge impact it this time.

The (original) INSTIGATORS disbanded shortly after the release of this classic LP just to reform in a different line up to continiue towards a more “american rock” influenced style of punk and never reached the same peak as the (original) line up. Some may disagree, but for us, the original INSTIGATORS are most essential and this is an absolute Anarcho-Punk Classic and a must have for every collection!

• Comes with original sleeve, insert plus an additional poster.
• All 10 tracks remastered by Ian Glasper.
• Includes DOWNLOAD Codes.

Available as regular ‘Black Vinyl’ pressing and limited ‘180g. Clear Wax’ edition.
Licensed from Bluurg / Southern.


01. In One Ear…
02. Dine Upon The Dead
03. The Fix
04. Wrong Word
05. Free
06. Nobody Listens Anymore
07. The Blood Is On Your Hands
08. Old Is Sad
09. It’s Gotta Be Stopped
10. …And Out The Other

Part II of our “Original INSTIGATORS 30th Anniversary” releases. This 12″ LP includes the ‘Blood Is On Your Hands’ 7″ originally released on Bluurg Records 1984 and available on vinyl for the first time since its release. Also included are two remastered tracks from PAX’s ‘Bollox To The Gonads” Compilation 1984 and unheard and rare DEMO recordings.

The original INSTIGATORS were part of the gig-possé around ‘Flux of Pink Indians’ and ‘Subhumans’ and you can hear a lot of influence coming from this direction. Another must have of classic and essential anarcho punk for your collection!

This LP package includes a huge foldout sheet with lyrics, photos and bandhistory/linernotes by Hammy.

• All tracks remastered at AUDIOSIEGE PDX by Brad Boatright.
• Includes DOWNLOAD Codes.

Available as regular ‘Black Vinyl’ pressing and limited ‘180g. Red Wax’ edition.
Licensed from Bluurg / Southern / Full Circle


01. The Church Says
02. Ignorance Is Bliss
03. Ugly People
04. All Creatures
05. Old Soldiers
06. Monkey Man
07. Mankind
08. Play Dead
09. Aggression
10. Who’s The Enemy
11. Behind Closed Doors
12. Genocide
13. Forgotten Few

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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