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LUDICHRIST releases digital albums “1985 Demos” and “CBGB off the Board” via Dead City Records!

The albums, 1985 Demos and CBGB off the Board, are now available on iTunes at this (1985 Demos) and this location (CBGB off the Board). Dead City is also selling exclusive LUDICHRIST merchandise through its webstore to celebrate the releases.

Ludichrist started in 1984 and was quickly embraced by the New York hardcore, punk, and thrash metal scenes. Rising from the underground, the popularity of Ludichrist exploded with the release of its first demo cassette recorded in June 1985. This demo was highly circulated among tape traders and officially put Ludichrist on the map, making the band one of the most popular from New York.

Ludichrist went back into the studio to record a second demo in November 1985 which featured two new songs and two re-recorded songs from the first demo. In early 1986, a tape compilation called “Exposure to Conviction” also featured three Ludichrist songs which were variations of existing demo songs.

In the mid-1980s, live performances recorded at the legendary CBGB club in New York City became a popular series of tape cassettes titled “CBGB off the Board.” Ludichrist recorded two shows at CB’s (in April and May 1986) and the official cassette release titled “Ludichrist, CBGB off the Board” featuring 15 songs was released soon after. A vinyl LP compilation of various bands featured from the “Off the Board” series featuring two Ludichrist songs was also released.

On the strength of their 1985 demos, Ludichrist went on to release its debut studio album in 1986 titled Immaculate Deception and a follow up LP in 1988 titled Powertrip. These releases cemented Ludichrist as a legendary act in the hardcore, punk and metal scenes.

Stay tuned for more information on Ludichrist and 1985 Demos and CBGB off the Board, out now on Dead City Records.

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