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Intense, blackened, driving, epic and violent screamo band MINARET releases Discography cassette on Zegema Beach Records!

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Zegema Beach Records presents: MINARET – Minaret Discography (cassette in vinyl case)!

Comments the label: “Moscow, Russia’s MINARET have been kicking ass since 2012 and are still active. Their intense, blackened, driving, epic and violent screamo/emo-violence is in a league of its own. This cassette release compiles everything before the new full length material. They released two EPs, a split and a full length from 2012-2018, as well as a few live sessions. We tried something new and put these gorgeous tapes in a black vinyl case with both a Russian and English lyric…wait for it…accordion-style book! Horribly time-consuming to make! Cool as hell in those cases!”

For fans of: Converge, Virginia On Duty, Heaven In Her Arms, Carol, Respire and Serpent Column

Cassettes /133 breakdown:

’Minaret Discography’ cassette:
– 80 glitter swirl
– 16 pink swirl
– 10 black
– 10 white
– 12 one-off silver plated swirl
– 5 test dips

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