The Callous Daoboys by Grant Butler
The Callous Daoboys by Grant Butler

Interview: Carson Pace of 2022 mathcore sensation THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS

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Late last year, when everyone was busy making their year-end/Best of 2022 lists, there was one album I kept seeing pop up, but, admittedly, hadn’t heard throughout the course of the year: The Callous Daoboys Celebrity Therapist. Within no time, I had located, discovered, and instantly fallen in love with the sheer frantic ferocity of Celebrity Therapist. Sonically, it falls somewhere in-between The Dillinger Escape Plan and System of A Down. Yes, their band name is a tongue-in-cheek pun/play-on-words of our mortal enemies (as life-long Philly sports fans) The Dallas Cowboys.

So, as you might expect, when suddenly and by complete happenstance, given the unique opportunity to condition an interview with The Callous Daoboys frontman and mastermind Carson Pace, we, of course, jumped at the chance. So, check out our truly zany interview with The Callous Daoboys’ starting quarterback Carson Pace down below the break.

It has been lightly edited for general clarity. The Callous Daoboys’ Celebrity Therapist is now available on MNRK Heavy/Modern Static Records. GO, BIRDS!!!

Who is part of the current line-up of The Callous Daoboys and what does each member typically contribute to the group?

Carson Price: Carson Pace – vocals, Maddie Caffrey – guitars, Jackie Buckalew – bass/backing vocals, Amber Christman – violin/synth, Daniel Hodsdon – guitars/backing vocals, [and] Matthew Ryan – drums/backing vocals.

Who or what would you readily cite as some or your greatest sources of inspiration and influence while creating Celebrity Therapist?

Arca, Radiohead, Linkin Park, Every Time I Die, and Korn.

What did the writing, recording, production, creation, etc. processes behind Celebrity Therapist typically entail?

Constant trial and error until we got it right. We never half-a$$ anything, especially, our records.

The Callous Daoboys by Grant Butler
The Callous Daoboys by Grant Butler

Who is the favorite and/or most hated football team amongst The Callous Daoboys?

F**k The Saints forever. Go, Falcons.

What is the group name The Callous Daoboys intended to mean or signify? How about the album title, Celebrity Therapist?

It’s The Dallas Cowboys, but you switch the letters. It’s funny. No one ever forgets it. Celebrity Therapist is a direct reference to the Scientology Celebrity Center; something I’ve been fascinated with since high school.

We know Chef Josh Kemble already paired “A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops” up with compressed watermelon poke, mirin and sake reduction, citrus-poached golden beets, tamari-glazed persian cucumber, scallion, toasted sesame seeds, brown rice vinegar, calrose rice, garlic wontons… but what did you guys consume while in the studio?

Zaxby’s and BBQ, primarily.

For someone has never heard The Callous Daoboys’ music, how would you personally describe your sound or who else would you compare it?

Music to sway with your lover to, for fans of Kenny G.

How exactly did you guys link up with MNRK Heavy & Modern Static Records to jointly release Celebrity Therapist?

Modern Static [Records] emailed us while we were still independent. They signed us and, then, MNRK [Heavy] wanted in on the party.

How in the world do you come out this these outlandish, hilarious, and completely awesome song titles, like “Violent Astrology,” “Beautiful Dude Missile,” and “What Is Delicious? Who Swarms??”

I don’t think they’re very “outlandish.” They just kinda come to me.

What were your favorite moments to from the filmings of the music videos for “A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops,” “What Is Delicious? Who Swarms?,” and “The Elephant Man In The Room?”

We filmed parts of [“The] Elephant Man [In The Room”] at my little brother’s graduation party. It was very funny to interact with my family as we were doing it.

It’s getting to be that time of year wherein every publication will be assembling their year-end lists… so, what would you deem some of your personal favorite releases of 2022?

Too many to name at the moment, but I’d say my favorite album of [last] year was Pool Kids by Pool Kids.

What’s planned next for The Callous Daoboys?

We’re touring so much in 2023, but we’re, also, trying to go into the studio to make our best album yet.

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