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TURNCOAT is a relatively new hardcore band from Detroit, Michigan, who are about to unveil their debut EP on Eulogy Recordings! IDIOTEQ recently spoke with the band’s guitarist Keith about the band, moving out of the shadow through their first recording, touring and the message in music. Taste their older, hard-hitting track “Growing Up” and catch the band on their “Road Warriors” Midwest and southern US trek in February (see the dates below). TURNCOAT is your new in-your-face hardcore band to watch. Meet them now, here on IDIOTEQ!

Hey there guys! First of all, for anyone unfamiliar with TURNCOAT, please drop us a couple of lines about the band, its members, your background and how you brought this project to life.

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. TURNCOAT is a hardcore band based out of Metro Detroit Michigan. We have been a band for little over a year now , but everyone in this band has been in numerous bands in the past . We bring together all our knowledge and experiences to convey a message about the hardships and struggles everyone goes through day to day. Not girls and being a tough guy or bogus shit I hear far too often .

The core members of this band exist as Keith Keister (guitar), Jim Ash (vocals), Nick Steadman (bass) we have a handful of drummers we work with haha.

This project came to fruition when the three of us wanted to do something that no one in our area really was doing. Two projects kind of merged and we weeded out anything that wasn’t exactly what the three of us wanted and we haven’t looked back since.

How did you end up working with Eulogy so fast?

Haha everyone always asks that. I have been talking to John at Eulogy since forever ago it feels like. We released the single “Growing Up” , he really liked what he heard I suppose because things just kind of skyrocketed from there.

Ok, so tell us a bit more about your debut release on the label. When and what can we expect?

We are releasing our Self Titled debut EP via Eulogy Recordings sometime this spring. As far as the actual release date, we will be announcing that tword the end of February so keep an eye out. You can expect the same type of aggressive , energetic feelings that we convey on our single “Growing Up “, on the rest of this ep. Everything is so groovy and aggressive, be ready to start two stepping where ever you are when you hear it haha. We have a run with CHIPPED TEETH on the way to “No Way Out” Fest in Georgia in March, as well as even more dates for promotion of the ep . Expect us on the road a lot more this year.

Have you been a heavy touring band so far? Also, can we expect so foreign dates as well, or will you rather focus on national runs this year?

I wouldn’t consider ourselves as “heavy touring”. We have done at least five or six runs in the first year of being a band and we already have almost half of 2016 booked out. Id love to be on the road more. We plan to focus more on festivals and national touring for most of this year with the exception of our Canadian tour dates. However, we are planning on going to Europe before the year is out if not early next year. All just a matter of finding the right band to go out with from over the pond .


What are your first associations with European hardcore scene? Any favorite bands you exceptionally respect for what they do?

BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL and KNUCKLEDUST were prob the very first bands on that side of the pond that I really got into.

Old BWP really caught my attention and made me rethink what I was doing with my own music. One band I’d love to tour with over there would be TRC .I know a lot of my states friends do not know of them and you need to check them out!

Ok guys, back to your new EP. Will it be streamed for free? Years ago, that sort of crazy idea would have been inconceivable to bands, labels, producers and all the staff involved in this precious process. How do you feel about this new fashion of free streaming, free downloads and the general model of new digital music media?

It’s crazy to think about where music was 20 something years ago in contrast to today’s music industry. Personally and I may speak for some fellow musicians when I say I feel like music today is such a far cry from what it used to be. With the introduction of the Internet it really killed off the old way of doing things. It’s hard out here now you really have to be on the cutting edge both musically and visually. If you’re not first your last! But yes we will be streaming some of the EP for free via our bandcamp page before the release as well as we will have exclusive world premieres on a few websites when various songs are finally release upon the world.

Do you think music can encourage people to do something more these days? Will you be trying tom give your music a higher role?

Music absolutely serves a higher purpose other than just entertainment. Music is something that helped me deal with issues growing up . It helped me get past all the hardships and bullshit I had to deal with. It was a way to take my frustration out, a release. And at the same time it was a comfort zone. To be able to know I wasn’t the only person feeling like I did. It was a guiding light .I think that’s true for almost everyone in hardcore.

That’s what we want to do with our music. I think music can definitely encourage youth to do something. It takes a huge impact to make them do something, but it’s not impossible. Music is the sound of our lives. The feelings you get from that are impossible to ignore.

Is there a particular message that you try to get across to the kids out there?

We want to convey a message that you don’t have to think and follow along with what everyone expects of you. You don’t have to be sculpted into some “form of tradition”. You don’t have to live your life through your parents goals or anyone else’s but your own. Think for yourself, be free minded. At the same time we just talk about dealing with the day to day struggles we all face and the monotony of day to day life. No tuff guy bs no gimmicks just straight forward real life shit.

Do you have some role models or artists who stay honest to what they do and inspire you particularly in that field?

That’s a tough one. It’s almost hard to find a role model in anyone these days. But bands that we look up to that are killing it right now that are on that next level from us would be KNOCKED LOOSE, TURNSTILE, our friends in LIONHEART, those guys have always done things their own way no matter what and that’s something I can find motivation in. Huge respect to those guys.

Ok guys, thanks a lot for this brief introductory interview. Feel free to add anything you feel that’s worth mentioning before we sign off! Thanks for your time!

Thank you Karol and IDIOTEQ for taking the time to talk with us.
Make sure you check us out on the road all of February . Also keep an eye out we have a few things to announce in the next few weeks we couldn’t mention yet. Big things in 2016 / turncoatofficial

And while you can, download the single “Growing Up” FREE.

Thanks again guys! / Keith

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