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Introducing: smart pop punk act RIGHT ON, KID!

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These is this specific type of slightly sentimental pop punk rock with little time to hold your breath that lets you reveal hidden layers that are easy to miss while judging it by its cover or overall description. RIGHT ON, KID‘s “On The Brighter Side of Things” EP (April 2016, DCS Records) does exactly that by combining old school and smart new school pop-punk, with elements of their acoustic roots still shining through. Conceived last year in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico, as an acoustic project with vocalist Zach Rose and guitarist/vocalist Nick Encinas, the band takes influence from the genre’s forefathers whilst delivering a raw, gritty and unapologetic sound, underpinned by a blend of youthful exuberance and impressive cohesion, delivered with the up-tempo energy of many of their modern contemporaries. Already drumming up a solid reputation across both city and state, supports for the likes of FOREVER CAME FALLING, HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS, HANDGUNS and MEST have only enhanced the band’s stock and 2015 saw them sign to locally based label DCS Records. We sat down with them to learn more about their project, thoughts on pop punk and more. See the full interview below.

Photo by Hamster Age Photography.

GeoHistory Curio:

Albuquerque was named in honor of Francisco, Duke of Alburquerque, a viceroy of New Spain from 1653 to 1660. The New Spain was a Spanish colony that included Mexico, Central America, much of the Southwestern and Central United States, the Spanish colonies in the Caribbean, territories of Florida, the Philippines and other local islands. Spanish colonization of the Americas began with the 1492 arrival of Christopher Columbus and continued for over 3 centuries. New Spain lost parts of its territory to other European powers and independence, but the core area remained under Spanish control until 1821, when it achieved independence as the Mexican Empire— when the latter dissolved, it became modern Mexico and Central America.

Hey there guys! Thanks so much for taking some time with us. For over 700 interviews I’ve conducted here on IDIOTEQ, I’m almost sure there has been no band from Albuquerque :) How would you describe the independent music community in your city and punk rock scene in particular?

Hey! We’re glad to be getting interviewed for IDIOTEQ, and glad to be the first representing our city! For starters, our scene is really diverse. There’s a good mix of metal, hardcore, ska, and of course, different flavors of punk. The punk scene specifically isn’t as big here as some other genres, but its having a resurgence.

How did you get involved? Tell us about your backgrounds and previous experience that led to forming RIGHT ON, KID.

All of us had different starts in the scene, some from being in various bands, or just having friends in the scene. RIGHT ON, KID! Originally started as an acoustic project with our singer Zach, and guitarist Nick, but became a full band project when Eli, RJ, and Tieler joined our roster.

What ignited you to start RIGHT ON, KID?

We had all been in bands before, and wanted to come together to make music that wasn’t getting as much of the limelight here in Albuquerque, or even New Mexico in general, and its music we all have a passion for playing.


What drew you to your specific subgenre of punk music? Tell us about your passion for melodic, yet not too cheesy, pop-punk :)

It’s a fun genre to play live and be involved in. It’s a music genre where the subjects you can write about are nearly limitless, which we feel is different than other types of music.

“On The Brighter Side Of Things” is a well-rounded, balanced debut that creates a great sense of joy. Tell us about the creative process behind these songs and how you’re proud of the final effect.

There wasn’t much of a process involved with writing the songs. It was a fairly organic process. A few of them were written as acoustics songs by Zach and Nick, and all of the songs had at least partly existed in some form prior to this band.

How did you team up with DCS Records for this release? Please drop us some information on the label.

It’s a local label that’s intended to be used by smaller bands to be able to put together recordings and gain experience and insight into what being a recording artist is about. Duke City Sound is not only a label, but a venue for bands to perform and refine themselves as musicians and get involved in the scene.


RIGHT ON, KID was formed in 2015, you’ve release just a couple of tracks so far, but you’ve already played a lot of shows and supported some well-known bands. Did you ever imagine that this project would take off so quickly?

We’re grateful to be given the opportunity to put our music out there and support musicians that we look up to, as well as having the opportunity to tour and meet people that not only make music, but appreciate it in a similar way that we do. We really didn’t expect to tour so soon, or to have the opportunities to play the shows we have. But we want to keep working hard so we can progress even more.

What are your fondest memories from your live shows so far?

Overall, touring was a great experience and we made a lot of memories during that time, both on and off the stage. One place in particular that we all won’t ever forget is a venue in Grants Pass, Oregon, called the Eaden Ballroom. The support and hospitality we received from not only the staff but everyone who came to the show was incredible. We definitely will be going back soon to see all the friends we made there.

RIGHT ON KID Photo by Harlando Bloom Splitter

Photo by Harlando Bloom Splitter.

Keeping your listeners in the loop is one hell of a challenge these days. What’s your plans to keep us interested? What are your next moves?

Currently, we’re recording a full length album that’s set to release early next summer, and we intend on touring through the Midwest following its release. Our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages will have updates on the recording process and all of our shows that we have coming up!

Cool. Thanks for the introductory check in guys! Good luck and take care! Cheers from Warsaw.

We were happy to answer everything, and we hope to come your way soon! Much love!

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