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Inventive Swiss indie quintet COLD READING comment on new three-part concept album ‘ZYT’

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Lucerne, Switzerland based Indie quintet COLD READING just released their long-awaited three-part concept album ‘ZYT‘ on January 31st, and today we’re pleased to give you their special commentary

Cold Reading are going off the beaten path for the realisation of their second album ‘ZYT‘. In the form of a concept album, Cold Reading explore the subject of time both musically and lyrically, and try to approach this elusive concept from different perspectives. The album consists of three EPs – Past Perfect, Present Tense and Future Continuous, dealing with the past, the present and the future, respectively. The album, which is also available as double gatefold vinyl with interchangeable artworks, also contains an audio book, elaborating on the ‘Through the Woods’ song-trilogy, of which one song can be found on each EP.

There were so many firsts for us in the process leading to our new album “ZYT”. It’s our first album as a quintet – our second guitarist Alain joined around the time we released our last EP. It’s also our first concept album. We worked with a new producer. And of course we tried to step out of our comfort zone musically as well, with electronic elements (synths, drum pads, loops etc.) playing a larger role in our songs.

For fans of: From Indian Lakes, Manchester Orchestra, Balance & Composure, Thrice, Thursday etc.


Part-by-part commentary

Part 1: Past Perfect” picks up right where we left off, musically speaking. The songs occupy a similar sonic space as our earlier recordings. We also used analogue devices to record it in order to capture an organic sound. Lyrically, a lot of it is about looking back – it’s often nostalgic, wistful in tone, but at the same time about the dangers of thinking that way: The ‘golden days’ were never that golden, you cannot relive the past, etc.

Part 2: Present Tense” shifts the focus to the present. It’s mainly about being conscious of the Here and Now, and the difficulty of maintaining this focus. It sounds a bit more ‘modern’ and airy, and the production is more playful and multi-layered.

That was extended upon on “Part 3: Future Continuous”, the most atmospheric part of the project where more Post-Rock/Electronica elements found their way into our songwriting. Depending on the situation you’re in, you’re often overwhelmed or disillusioned when thinking about the future. We tried to translate the feeling of uncertainty into something positive or at least hopeful.


We’re playing some shows in Switzerland as well as a small Europe tour in February. We’ll (hopefully) play some festivals in the summer and further club shows in autumn. We also want to concentrate on writing new songs. Our time-consuming release strategy sort of prevented us from writing much until now. We’re looking forward to wherever we end up going next.

Lucerne and Swiss alt rock scene

Honestly there isn’t that much going on at the moment. There’s an active Hip Hop scene and maybe Indie Pop in and around Lucerne. But we’re not really part of an Alt Rock scene. Of course, there are still some underground bands we really love and play shows with, like A River Crossing, Visions in Clouds or Hunter Dro.

Other bands worth a check

Our neighbours of sorts, Hanter Dro (they’re also from around Lucerne) released one hell of an album in Mid-January. It’s kind of old-school Post-Hardcore, but at the same time very atmospheric and ambient-ish in parts.

Some of us liked the new albums by …Trail of Dead, The Appleseed Cast and Caspian, others anxiously anticipated the new Bombay Bicycle Club record.

“”ZYT” is a beautiful reminder, that the good things in life will get even better with time.” – 20min

“”ZYT”, a sophisticated and coherent concept album, which doesn’t shy away from its progressive nature.” – VISIONS MAGAZIN

“It glorifies a strong sense of romantic melancholy.” – Alternative Press

COLD READING live dates:

07.02.20 – DE – Kreativfabrik, Wiesbaden
09.02.20 – DE – Capri Bar, Bremen
10.02.20 – DE – Gängeviertel, Hamburg
12.02.20 – DE – Rosenkeller, Jena
13.02.20 – AT – 1019 Jazzclub, Wien
15.02.20 – CH – Oxil, Zofingen
07.03.2020 – CH – Konzerthaus Schüür, Luzern (Release Show)

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