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Italian hardcore goes Swedish death metal on the new crushing debut from SEIN

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With its own signature sound and legendary back catalogue, Swedish Death Metal has always been famous for its melody and sheer power over the years, and thankfully the scene and its underground has a lot more to offer than its share of legendary, widely known acts. This particular subgenre of death metal has always been something to aspire to, and today we’re thrilled to give it a proper nod with the new relentless EP from SEIN, a new Italian death metal act inspired by the Swedish sound and fueled by the aggression of its members’ previous efforts recorded in the books of Venice hardcore and Italian chaotic, metallized hardcore (Zeit, Dødehender).

SEIN’s “The Denial Of Death” out April 28th on vinyl, cd and Spotify. Inspired by the Swedish sounds of the 90s Cesco from Zeit and his companions from the venetian hardcore and metal scene (Sebi from Zeit on vocals and Nicolò together with him also here as happened for the breathless black metal of Dødehender) release a waterfall of decadent melodies, lightning skunk beat, depressed romance with hardcore fury, all packed with a sound that feels like it came out of Fredman studios in 1994.


With the guests of many friends such as Cinacola (Maat Mons) at the guest vocals on “Where The Angels Retreat”, Nick Gerotto guest solo on “Spiral End”, the strings of Nicola Manzan (Bologna Violenta) in the title track “The Denial Of Death “ and Aza on the album outro vocals. The records is a nihilistic descent into the abyss leaded by desperate screams, tireless drums, baroque solos, string interludes and fast decadent guitars on the tracks of the first Gothenburg bands.

“The Denial Of Death” comes out on 100 hand-numbered vinyls, limited edition CDs and on all major streaming platforms thanks to Assurd Records, Indelirium Records,Dingleberry Records and Callisto records.


Music and Lyrics written and drums performed by Francesco Begotti at Deep Sound Recording Studio, IT.

Music written and guitars recorded by Emanuele Barban. Bass recorded by Nicolò Gerotto. Vocals by Sebastiano Busato. Guest Solo on ‘Spiral End’ by Nicolò Gerotto. Guest Vocals on ‘ Where The Angel Retreat’ by Francesco Cinacola Mialich. Strings on ‘The Denial Of Death’ by Nicola Manzan [Bologna Violenta]. Outro Vocals on ‘Overdose Delusion’ by Chiara Oliva.

Mixed and mastered by Giovanni Pezzato at Alter. Recording Studio, IT.

SEIN Logo by “Lord Of The Logos” Christophe Szpajdel. Artwork by Francesco Begotti.

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