Jaguero by Franco Campesato
Jaguero by Franco Campesato
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JAGUERO ignites emotions with “New Love,” paving the way for upcoming self-titled EP

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The Italian band, Jaguero (featured on IDIOTEQ last year), storms back onto the music scene with their intense new single “New Love,” the leading track of their upcoming self-titled EP. This track follows their impressive debut EP, “Worst Weekend Ever.

Jaguero encapsulates an array of powerful and palpable emotions in “New Love“, taking listeners on a cathartic journey through the song’s evocative music and lyrics.

Tackling the challenging topic of a toxic relationship, “New Love” serves as an emotional anthem that spotlights the disarray and distress stemming from an unhealthy romantic bond. The track finds relevance with many who have suffered through manipulation, gaslighting, or emotional abuse, and have often neglected their own healing process in the face of such experiences.

Jaguero shares their insights on the track: “‘New Love‘ explores the bravery it takes to distance oneself from a detrimental relationship. It’s about confronting the fear and uncertainty of leaving someone you love, while also embracing the liberation and empowerment of prioritizing your own well-being.”

Following in the footsteps of the successful “Worst Weekend Ever,” “New Love” paves the way for Jaguero’s upcoming EP, which continues their fruitful collaboration with Epidemic Records. The EP, named after the single, is set to drop later this summer.

Jaguero remarks on their new single: “In ‘New Love,’ we’ve allowed our more aggressive musical instincts to shine, while preserving catchy melodies throughout. It’s one of five unique perspectives represented on our upcoming EP, which aims to carry forward the ethos of our first release: we eschew rules and genres, focusing only on music we genuinely enjoy.”

“New Love” is available on all major digital platforms here.

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