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Jazzy math rockers OAKS streaming new adventurous record!

Most of the innovators in alternative and independent music use unconventional methods to wield their axes, so it’s always nice to acknowledge another artist of such caliber. The ambition displayed on the perplexing new EP from OAKS ties in nicely with the brightness and the unique mixture of post rock, jazz and math rock influences. These guys hve managed to maintain their own identity and their new offering gives us a tantalizing taste of what their tasteful vision of fluid, experimental math rockin’ can deliver. Be sure to check out this amazing and tell your friends, cause this joint right here sounds bigger than anything any of the emotive math rockers out there have delivered before.

The record is a huge co-release between DIY labels Longrail RecordsNew Sonic RecordsUpwind productions, LafineSciroppo DischiFisherground, Astio CollettivoDingleberry Records!Dear RecordsDischi Decenti, and Lepers Produtcions.

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