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JOIE DE VIVRE interviewed by Picture Postcards

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Picture Postcards recently sat down with JOIE DE VIVRE and asked them a few questions.



WABTT has received nothing but fantastic reviews, was there a real effort when you reunited to put out what’s been universally acclaimed as your best release to date?

No, the record was started before we broke up and then finished almost 8 months after that. I feel like we were all just in a similar state of mind when writing and recording. I didn’t end up doing vocals until the very end and by that time I had scratched most of the lyrics and replaced and re-worked them. We didn’t go into it with a clear vision of what we wanted. We just knew that we wanted it to be be a little faster and a little more raw as far as the recording went and I think we accomplished that without sacrificing the quality of the sound.

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