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Keith Morris (OFF! / BLACK FLAG / CIRCLE JERKS) interviewed by PunkNews

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Keith Morris (OFF!, CIRCLE JERKS, BLACK FLAG) recently sat down with PunkNews to answer some cool questions. Check it out.

keith morris

Keith Morris is a man of many words- that is to say, he doesn’t stop talking. But, who would want him to? A founder member of Black Flag, The Circle Jerks and Off!, Morris is basically an avatar hardcore punk. A man who was there in very, very, very beginning who now, thirty five years later, is putting out what might his best work to date.

Because Morris is a living history book, and because the Circle Jerks might not ever play again, filmmaker David Markey has put together an in depth retrospect of the Circle Jerks in the documentary My Career as a Jerk. To fully understand the lessons, staff writer John Gentile recently phones up Morris where they covered the end of the Circle Jerks, the beginning of the Circle Jerks, and the story behind Morris’ famous dreadlocks.

Go here to read the interview.

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