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CORNERED interviewed by The Ignorant Youth

Dutch hardcore punk band CORNERED were recently interviewed by The Ignorant Youth blog.

Having seen videos of your sets at sound and fury how does playing shows in America compare to anywhere else in the world and what makes it so different?

Playing shows in America is different from the rest of the world because it is such an enormous country, on the other hand Sound and Fury was the one and busiest show of the tour. The rest of the shows varied from 3 to I’d say around 100/150 people attending. The thing with hardcore kids on this end of the world is that they see video footage of This is Hardcore, United Blood or Sound and Fury and they think every show in the States is like that. Don’t be fooled, I used to watch my Hellfest DVD over and over again and be amazed by the response bands get over there. It’s not like that everywhere. I had a lot of fun on that tour despite breaking a couple of ribs halfway. The other thing I’d like to mention is that for bands touring Europe is a lot more luxurious. Bands get fed with no questions asked, you get paid your guarantee to cover your van and gasmoney (most of the times anyway) and you get to sleep at the promoter or his friend’s house. Touring in the US does not always include these parts of the deal that is pretty standard over here. I am not trying to talk shit on either one they both have their pro’s and con’s. In the States you get your money and sometimes you get food like a couple of pizzas and a few bottles of water usually. Scenery is a lot nicer in some states and everyone speaks English. The kids are usually a lot younger compared to most countries in Europe except for maybe the UK. Because the promoter does not always hook you up with a place to sleep you smuggle 11 people into a 4 person motel room or you drive 14 hours overnight because there’s nothing but cornfields to drive through to the next show.

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