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KENNY KENNY OH OH / LAMBS split 7″ EP teaser

LAMBS are probably one of the best bands coming from Cologne/Germany these days. Cool post punkwith a touch of Deutschpunk. Some german bands like Captain Planet, Dackelblut come to mind, but they still have a very distinct sound and they mix it with catchy guitar melodies, pummeling basslines and driving drumsounds. Great misanthropic, critical and radical lyrics in german.
From Leipzig/Germany, KENNY KENNY OH OH is an all-female band, sounding like a modern, more savage Kleenex/Liliput with their simple, fast, and super catchy EP. Charming, sharp, snotty German accents, vocals are very Chrissie Hynde a la Pretenders, sung to English lyrics. It was worth several listens before writing this tidbit, not just because I like to be thorough (um, try to), but because I just thought it was awesome. Some might call this riot grrrl, but it’s really just good, straight-forward punk.

All Records come in a beautiful screenprinted cardboard cover incl. Download Code. Limited Edition on red vinyl available.

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