KERMIT launches a full stream of their new album

The spanish jazz/post-rock band KERMIT, who we just interviewed,  have launched yesterday their debut album “Autoficcion”, recorded by sound engineer Sergio Cascales at Dune v2.0 Studios in Malaga, through their bandcamp.

The album cover is a visual poem that shows the movements that reality can offer through the concept of “journey”: calm, moderate movement, and rupture. All of them are present, at different intensities, in our music and our lives in general.

KERMIT has signed with the German label “Pin Musik” for exclusive worldwide distribution of digital format, which is available on the label ‘s website.
The physical format edition: a limited edition solid white vinyl, and a CD jewelbox with 8 page booklet, have been made by spanish label Itaca Records, and can be purchased through the band’s bandcamp (above).

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