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KILLER BE KILLER supergroup to perform live for the first time at Soundwave 2015

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Formed in 2011, KILLER BE KILLED are finally taking their thing one step further. The band will play their first ever live show at Australia’s Soundwave festival 2015! They will play a string of shows in February and March – see the details below.


The Dillinger Escape Plan were out here for Soundwave this year, so how are you feeling about coming back out for 2015 with Killer Be Killed?

It feels great man. It’s funny, on the last day of Soundwave, Troy [Sanders, bass] and I were standing on a hotel roof in Perth, and we were joking and pipe-dreaming that maybe we’ll come back next year. It was more or less joking as all three of us were so busy with touring. But as soon as we found an opening in all of our schedules we had to find time to do this, and now that we’re actually getting ready for it, it’s pretty exciting.

Is it nerve-wracking at all to know that Soundwave will be the first time Killer Be Killed has played live together?

Yeah, it’s a nervous excitement. If you gave me a microphone I could play a Dillinger Escape Plan show right now. We’ve done it thousands of times; I know what it is, I know how to go into that mindset. But we don’t know how a Killer Be Killed show feels, we don’t know what we’re gonna be like on stage, what vibe the band will have, if the band will have a different identity than the individuals who are in it. It’s exciting man. And exciting as it was to start writing the songs and not know what they’ll sound like, it was equally exciting to be like, fuck man, I’ve known Troy for 12 years now, but we’ve never actually been on stage together yet. It’s just gonna be crazy.

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