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KISSISSIPPI streaming new record!

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Philadelphia’s KISSISSIPPI (Zoë Allaire Reynolds and Colin James Kupson, who met up on Tinder), have unveiled a full stream of their new EP, a follow up to their 2014 offering called I Can Feel You In My Hair Still EP. The new mellow indie rock joint is called “We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed” and is being released on  Soft Speak Records.



In August of 2014, Zoë Allaire Reynolds put out a 5-song EP under the moniker Kississippi, and later that month, Colin James Kupson moved to Philadelphia to attend The University of the Arts. The two began collaborating on music together after meeting on Tinder(!) They honed their output, and went in to the Drexel studios in January 2015 with Jake Ewald (Modern Baseball). The record, named after a friend whom scrawled “we have no future, we’re all doomed” across a class picture of Zoë and themselves, is a 6-song exploration into what the duo were capable of. What comes of the creative foray is a magnetic, multi-faceted output that sees the marriage of the two’s musical backgrounds; featuring Beach House-like synth harmonies, syncopated beat manipulation, and Drop C basslines. After trying out many different supporting lineups, Zoë and Colin settled on their friends Alex and Alex to help flesh out the songs live, which exemplarily demonstrate the duo’s goal to create “amp worshipping pop/popviolence,” or an amalgamation of heavy energy and theatrics with pop hooks and dreamy haze.

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