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The track was released during the band’s recording sessions for their new album “Hang”, released today on Fat Wreck Chords! Check it out and scroll down to see their upcoming North American dates.

Hang is concoction of Hoss, Trashed, andBlaze, seasoned with Duh’s metallic overtones and Let’s Talk About Feelings’ strong sense of melody, and finished off with a progressive character as yet unseen on any previous release. Lyrically it’s a stunningly substantive commentary on the modern world, written through the lens of a lifetime of visceral experience. / Fat Wreck CHords

Here’s the full album stream:


If there’s any real criticism of the album one could make, it’s that at first listen the album can come across as a bit samey at times and decidedly less upbeat than prior releases, although that largely lies in the eye (ear?) of the beholder as you could argue the band has never sounded more sure of itself, musically. A darker and more mid-tempo sound isn’t particularly new for Lagwagon, but unlike before, this change feels much more deliberate, purposed and fleshed-out, a singular statement from a band who arguably has a career full of great song-collections instead of album albums. Hang kicks ass on all fronts, simply put. It’s just consistently excellent throughout, never dipping below “really damn good”. Nine years after their last record, it manages to retain everything about what people loved about the band and blend it all into one whole all while evolving in a fresher direction. Pretty damn good for a bunch of guys about to hit their fifties, at least. / Sputnikmusic

From start to finish, ‘Hang’ is very much a Lagwagon album, and those familiar with them already are going to love it. The beauty in the album is that there is enough there to keep the faithful happy, and enough to hopefully draw in some new listeners who are just finding the punk community. It doesn’t break boundaries, and doesn’t tread any new ground, but ‘Hang’ is more than a nostalgic trip down memory lane for grown up ex-punks, and proves that Lagwagon are a well oiled machine who can still write brilliant punk songs after nearly 25 years in the game. / Punktastic

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