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Lambgoat Records returns – new PARIA and EIGHTEEN VISIONS coming up

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In the ever-evolving sphere of metal and hardcore, a resonant force from yesteryears emerges from its dormant state to announce: “We’re baaaack!” Lambgoat Records, a name synonymous with two decades of devotion to metal and hardcore music, heralds its triumphant return. Over the years, it has not just been a label, but a chronicler—capturing the zeitgeist of the genres, ensuring fans remained connected to the pulse of news, releases, and the electric fervor that’s intrinsic to this world of music.

The Lambgoat Legacy: Beyond Just Music

Lambgoat hasn’t just been a mere spectator; it’s been the very fibre connecting metal and hardcore aficionados to the scenes they love. So, when they announce, “The revitalization of Lambgoat Records is the next step in what Lambgoat intends to offer the fanbases of the genres we all hold dear,” it’s a statement carrying weight.

Echoes from the Past, Tunes of Today

Returning to the spotlight with aplomb, Lambgoat Records rolls out two new releases from distinct ends of the metal spectrum. First, from the heartland of Omaha, Nebraska, Paria makes a powerful reentry.

Following a 14-year hiatus, they graced the music scene with “Venerate,” and the journey hasn’t stopped since. As they polish their upcoming EP, also christened ‘Venerate,’ Paria promises an audial treat that has undergone the expert hands of Jim Homan and Will Putney.

PARIA by Audrey Hertel
PARIA by Audrey Hertel

John Claus, the backbone guitarist of Paria, elucidates, “This body of work is the best representation of us and our 22-year, music-making journey… We are thrilled to begin this next chapter as a team!” Their approach has evolved, but the core essence remains unaltered, capturing their singular passion for music.

From the sun-kissed coasts of Orange County, California, Eighteen Visions is not just a band, but a legend. Today, they introduce “Fix Me,” the third single from their forthcoming release ‘Purgatorio.’

This installment adds another chapter to their expansive narrative, and with Lambgoat Records helming their physical edition, fans are in for a special treat.

18V by Jeremy Saffer
18V by Jeremy Saffer

James Hart, the voice of Eighteen Visions, pays homage to Lambgoat, saying, “Lambgoat has always been a great resource for hardcore and metal… Their legacy along with where we are as a band felt like it would be a nice fit.”

Anticipation, The Underlying Melody

With these exciting announcements, the metal and hardcore community watches with bated breath.

As Lambgoat Records bridges its illustrious past with a promising present, one thing remains certain: The harmony between legendary acts and an iconic label can only mean music that’s set to leave an indelible mark. As for what lies ahead, the full tracklistings and pre-order details are on the horizon.

This isn’t just a comeback; it’s a renaissance.


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