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“Left Behind” by SLIPKNOT gets a new cover by New Hampshire-based deathcore band GASLIGHTER

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New Hampshire-based deathcore band GASLIGHTER released a cover of “Left Behind” by Slipknot on Saturday to commemorate the band’s 20th anniversary of their album Iowa and to pay homage to the passing of Slipknot’s former drummer Joey Jordison. The release coincided with the anniversary of the album and debuted on Slam Worldwide’s YouTube channel.

Vocalist Jake Clark has this to say about why they decided to cover this track: “ I want listeners to hear an updated, fresh spin on such an incredible classic and hear how music has evolved over the last 20 years through Slipknot’s influence. We hope that they not only discover Gaslighter just through an interest in the track but hear our unique voice and style and continue to watch our growth as we continue to put our own music out in the near future. Above all else, we want to pay tribute to Paul and Joey. They inspired all of us to do this with their music, and we hope fans and casual listeners can see it. “

The single was written, recorded, and produced by Jacob Hansen (formerly in I Declare War) over at Jacobra Records.

“Left Behind” is available on Spotify and most other online streaming platforms.

Gaslighter is a fully independent experimental deathcore band based out of Manchester NH that was founded in 2020. The band was formed by Jake Clark who felt that he had unfinished business with music and took the pandemic as an opportunity to keep chasing his dreams and aspirations and not let anything get in the way. In the past, he had let life get the best of him but starting this new project makes him feel like there is something to look forward to.

Here is what he has to say about the meaning behind the band’s name:

“ I originally thought the term “Gaslighter” sounded cool when I listened to Degrader’s track by the same name. Then the term “gaslighting” started to come up more in conversations and mental health media I was consuming, and I actually learned what it meant. It really has a deep meaning to me, my whole life I’ve been manipulated by people I love, and admittedly, I’ve manipulated some of them the same way. I chose Gaslighter as the title because most of the music is about people who’ve done me wrong, and how I’ve done wrong to others. “


Gaslighter consists of Jake Clark (vocals), Tyler Jackson (drums), Jonny Francis (bass), Ricky Webster (guitar), and Joe Chubbuck (guitar). The band takes inspiration from bands such as The Acacia Strain, Bodysnatcher, Slipknot, and Spite for their sound.

Gaslighter doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon, with a lot more music on the way before the end of the year! They are working towards playing shows in the fall and will be getting into the studio soon to record a new single with Hell Here Studios. They have new merch coming out on a consistent basis, and will be working hard on dropping an EP / Full-Length sometime next year!

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