MAKE hits the studio!

MAKE, who we recently interviewed, entered the studio to begin recording songs for a new EP titled “Axis”.  The band checked into Track And Field Recording studios in Chapel Hill, NC, to record new material with engineer Nick Petersen.

Says guitarist Scott Endres:

It’s not meant to be a cohesive statement but rather ideas we had which didn’t necessarily fit in with the material we’ve been preparing for the next LP. I think the EP format is perfect for that sort of thing… allowing an artist to express different ideas which perhaps don’t fit in within the context of some other greater whole. I suppose we could have added a few more minutes of music to this and called it a short LP but this isn’t the statement we’re looking to make in following ‘Trephine’. We see this more as an appetizer or aperitif. Sonically though, it’s both more psychedelic, more metal and less metal than we’ve previously been. In that order.

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