Malmö sludge hardcore metallers PYRAMIDO share details on their new LP “Fem”

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Heavy-hearted, melodic sludge metal/hardcore pack PYRAMIDO have been around for 12 years and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. The band has recently released a new single “Utvägen” and will unveil their fifth full length album “Fem” on September 27th via The Sign Records. We sat down with the band to say hello, learn some details about the new release, get some updates on Malmö scene, and more!

How does it feel to be on the verge of releasing your fifth record? Did you expect you would run this band for so long?

Time is a strange thing, you wake up one day and ten years has passed. With that said, I feel kind of privileged still doing music after all these years. I could be 59 years old. I´m not, but I could be. The album sound amazing. Listen to it, or listen to one of the 250 other records that will be released the same day.

What are some of the reoccurring interests and inspirations you’ve experienced in recent years and how do you translate them to new music from PYRAMIDO? How have you guys evolved and how does this new record reflect that?

I picked up weight lifting since the last record, but I´ve had a hard time translating those activities to music… Oh I don´t know, I´m not sure if we evolved at all. As always it´s all about the song writing for us and the songs do get better for every record, so that´s evolvement in a way I guess. Always improving and questioning the old PYRAMIDO formula.

Did you always have a certain destination in mind when you start composing and recording? How much are you experimenting with new ideas or concepts for your new record?

There was some loose idea of a record with more simple song structure, based more on harmonies through big chords rather than melody lines and an overall softer feel to the songs. With that we succeeded. Then we wanted a really raw production, we have said this with the last two records and never been able to get it. We did however get the best sounding album so far. It´s fairly raw and still has a certain clearness to it. This is due to two great minds: John Rönnerblad, our talented engineer and Magnus Lindberg who really did a great mastering job.

Being located in different cities, how do you balance between your daily life and this band?

We used to be located in different cities, but not anymore. I moved back from Gothenburg a few years ago. Still hard getting it to work out though. We all work and most of us have children and everyday stuff to deal with. Nothing has gotten any easier, at least when it comes to being in a band. There used to be a thing called a “free year” in Sweden, where the state paid a you a small fee to take full time off work and try something completely new (crazy, but we had it!). Of course it ended when we got a conservative government in 2006ish. That would really be a dream come true right now.

How does your activity with PYRAMIDO and perhaps other music related projects enrich the local art scene and community of Malmö? How much do you stay involved?

You have too high thoughts of us Karol, hehe. Don´t forget we´re old and tired. Some of us still go to see shows now and again. We have our band and we play shows, I guess that´s some sort of enrichment, depending on how you like what we do or not. Punk/hardcore/metal to me feels like old peoples music. According to Spotify algorithms our fanbase consists of soon to be middle aged men. Hopefully we can put a smile on their lips with our new record. Hopefully some young people too.

Haha, cool! Are there any bands local to you that you’d recommend?

Yes – Guleed, he is a rapper. And a fast hardcore band called Larma.

What shows do you have planned for the coming months?

The record comes out September 27th. We are playing some shows in Germany late October to promote the album. Bremen, Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg. Then we do sort of a release show in our home town (one month late). We have been offered really good support slots but had to turn all of them down because of the business of making a living. We COULD have played with Weedeater, The Obsessed, Eyehategod and LIFE. Haha. Great career move uh?

Ok, so back to your new record, what does this cover art mean?

Is it strawberry ice cream? Is it Dimebag Darrells beard? Who knows. It looks nice though, right?

PYRAMIDO cover Fem

What are some of the themes you cover in your new tracks? Is there any kind of thematic or narrative thread running through “Fem”?

You have to ask Ronnie that. Ronnie?

Ronnie? Are you there?

Ok, I guess not. Thanks again for taking the time to answer our questions. Is there anything else you want to add?

Check out the new record “Fem”, it´s out 27th of September through The Sign Records (if you want to, otherwise there is lots of other records to play, like the black album by ´tallica or maybe some old best of compilation CD by Johnny Winter) . Keep cool and stay humble.

Thanks so much! Cheers from Warsaw!

Thank you Karol. Cheers from sunny Malmö!

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