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MARDUK Australian tour dates feat. PORTAL and ORDER OF ORIAS

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MARDUK will be invading Australian shores, headlining the Serpent Sermon tour this (Australian) summer. Joining them on the crusade will be Australia’s own curators of the abyss PORTAL, and Melbourne’s blackened horde ORDER OF ORIAS.


Tour Dates:
Thursday 10th January – Perth @ Amplifier Bar* – With Order Of Orias, Mhorgl, Advent Sorrow (* Portal not appearing in Perth)
Friday 11th January – Melbourne @ The HiFi Bar – With Portal, Order of Orias, Ignivomous
Saturday 12th January – Sydney @ The HiFi Bar – With Portal, Order of Orias, Erebus Enthroned
Sunday 13th January – Brisbane @ The HiFi Bar – With Portal, Order of Orias, Vyrion

Marduk are without doubt one world leaders in the art of Black Metal.
Uncompromising. Unrelenting. Unstoppable. They return for their first tour
of Australia in over 5 long years, on their current World crusade spreading
the word of their latest opus of darkness “Serpent Sermon” (out now on
Century Media records).

Forming in Sweden in 1990 with the sole purpose of becoming the most brutal
and blasphemous metal act ever, Marduk wasted no time in usurping the throne
of the infamous Scandinavian Black Metal scene and have reigned over it
with an iron fist ever since. With most of their back catalogue of material
considered essential material, Marduk are truly cult legends. Having toured
the globe relentlessly throughout their career with a ‘take no prisoners’
ethos. Their live show is as subtle as a Panzer Tank and unrelenting in its
assault to the senses; unhinged blackened chaotic fury with razor wire
precision and an unearthly aura only begins to describe the event.

2012 sees Marduk release their 12th studio album; the highly acclaimed
‘Serpent Sermon’. Marduk continue the march towards World domination with
their current World tour, Australia being in their cross-hairs.

Touring along side Marduk is cult purveyors of darkness, Portal. Live
rituals by Portal are a rarity that must be experienced. Words fail to
describe the ominous, suffocating and unsettling nature of the event. A true
revolutionary force in the art of dark extreme music, Portal have earned
themselves a cult following with their LPs “Seepia” (2003), “Outre” (2007)
and “Swarth” (2009).

It will almost be a year to the day that Australian audiences were left
mesmerised by Portal’s dark curses when they last stepped forth from the
timeless abyss in which they dwell. With a new LP due in 2013, only they
truly know what horrors they have in store for us.

Order of Orias are quickly becoming one of the most talked about Australian
black metal acts, and for good reason. Releasing their debut album “Inverse”
in 2011 to critical acclaim, Order of Orias toured across Australia and made
their first European live appearance at the infamous Deathkult Open Air in
early 2012. With a unrelenting live show, Order of Orias commands the
audience to be a part of their ritual.

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