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NAGA SIREN by @aninedesire
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IN SHORTS 📢 new punk, rock & metal release of the Valentine’s Week

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This week’s lineup is stacked with fresh tunes and news, from the raw power of hardcore and punk’s rebellious vibes to the heavy-hitting sounds of metal and the unique arrangements of alt and indie. To dive right into the updates of your preferred genre, hit up the quick links below.

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HAVE HEART are back with live shows this Summer!

The straight edge legends from Boston are hitting the road, bringing their hardcore energy to stages across Detroit, Manchester, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and their hometown. From Tied Down Fest to Sound & Fury, this is your chance to catch the iconic Boston hardcore band live. Tickets for all five dates are up for grabs at – secure yours and prepare for an unforgettable hardcore experience!

HAVE HEART reunion

Get your tickets HERE.

From their upcoming album “This Is All We Ever Get,” SPACED hardcore outfit Rat Race drops the single “Rat Race” – a groovy, danceable hardcore track with a modern, funky twist.

This Buffalo, NY band, featuring Lexi Reyngoudt on vocals, Joe Morganti and Donny Arthur on guitars, John Vaughan on bass, and Dan McCormick on drums, promises an album filled with energetic bangers. Set for release on March 22, 2024 via Revelation Records, the album is already generating buzz, proving that SPACED isn’t just pushing boundaries—they’re obliterating them.

With groove-driven riffs and pulsating drums, vocalist Lexi Reyngoudt delivers roaring vocals, emphasizing the theme of not conforming to societal norms. The accompanying black and white video, directed by Alex Behrens, captures Spaced’s soul-stirring performance.

Reyngoudt describes “Rat Race” as a track about not fitting into everyday life while also not caring about it, confronting the pressure to conform. Spaced kicks off a North American tour tonight in Raleigh, NC, alongside Militarie Gun, Spiritual Cramp, and Pool Kids.

They’ll then head to the UK for a headline run in March. Known for their explosive blend of hardcore with out-of-this-world sounds, Spaced’s upcoming album showcases their vitality and unique approach to the genre.

Vancouver’s hardcore scene just got a seismic shake-up with POISONED SEEDS’ self-titled LP dropping March 1st via WAR Records.

Born from the ashes of Hollow Ground, Go it Alone, Day of Mourning, and Blue Monday, this powerhouse ensemble, with the addition of Rob and Taylor from Juice, delivers a relentless homage to the golden era of ’90s and early 2000s hardcore.

Their sound, praised for its authenticity and ferocity, nods to the likes of Buried Alive and Hope Conspiracy.

JEZTER drops a new chaotic hardcore masterpiece, “For The Amusement Of You”, now wreaking havoc on Ephyra label’s Bandcamp.

This Connecticut-based mayhem unfolds across six tracks, including the frenzied “Queen of Hearts” and the pummeling “Jezter’s Domain” featuring Domain.

Check out the debut EP from CRUSH YOUR SOUL, the new project led by Mindforce frontman Jay Peta.

With members from Scarab, Simulakra, Gridiron, and Recycled Earth, the sound is heavy and straight-up wild. Plus, they’re throwing in some Wu-Tang style skits between their apocalyptic riffs. Give it a spin and get ready to unleash your inner Wolverine berserker rage.

BITE THE HAND unleashes “Brutal By Design,” a fresh hardcore anthem accompanied by a self-produced video.

Set to release their EP on March 8th via Big Bite Records, this Bay Area outfit blends infectious grooves with rugged sounds. The track, exploring the theme of navigating life’s chaos, comes to life in a captivating video showcasing the band’s dynamic energy.

Check out the debut EP “Crime Scene Photos” from GIGAN, the newest band hailing from the Hudson Valley, NY.

With members from the local hardcore scene, they’re staying true to the area’s hardcore sound. Catch their first show this Friday, 2/16, at St. Vitus in Brooklyn, NY, alongside Mindforce, Balmora, Godskin Peeler, and Discontent. Recorded at The Source Recording Studio and mixed/mastered by @burkesdungeon.

DESPIZE just dropped “Roll Cage” and “Sniper”.

Laid down at Audiolounge in Glasgow, mixed by the hands of Ben Jones, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege – this is the raw sound you wanna blast.

EARTH CRISIS July shows in Europe started popping up.

Catch the legendary band live in Berlin, Warsaw, Hamburg and more.


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STILL HERE is cranking up the intensity with their latest banger, ‘Despair,’ featuring the formidable Josh Landrith from Lethal Method.

California heavy hitters COMPLEX share new in-your-face EP called “Heaven’s Free”.

Delayed Gratification Recrds just dropped “Ohio,” the debut LP from SLUG, on February 16th, 2024.

The album is available for preorder on vinyl, cassettes, and digital platforms. Check out the new track “Barking Dogs” on Bandcamp.

SLUG’s “Ohio” serves up great organic hardcore, blending melody with grit and featuring vocals that you’ll actually understand.

Plus, catch SLUG live supporting @witnesschamber on select dates, including Detroit on 3/12, Cleveland on 3/13, and Syracuse on 3/14. Don’t miss them in Cleveland with @youdiefirst_ and @walkingwoundedoh at @noclasscle.


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N.I.C. Records just unveiled “Strach” by NON PRESIDENT, a CD that packs a raw, in-your-face punch.

Recorded in spring 2022 at Punx Szopa Wojcieszów and honed to gritty perfection by Jędras at Studio Riot, this album embodies crusty hardcore punk with no holds barred. With lyrics by Czarny and Kostek, and music crafted by Kostek alongside Non President members Czarny, Blacha, and Haczyk, “Strach” delivers an unyielding sonic assault.

NJ’s legendary hardcore outfit FURY OF FIVE returns with a fierce new release on Upstate Records, delivering their signature aggressive sound with a three-track 7″ vinyl titled “Blood Storm.”

The new EP features the band’s version of SLAYER’s classic “Raining Blood”. Listen below.

ODPISANI and TOXIC YOUTH, two hardcore stalwarts from Slovenia and Italy, respectively, join forces on a 12″ split vinyl, marking a milestone collaboration between these legendary bands.

The split EP features three blistering tracks from each group, showcasing their enduring passion for hardcore since the early nineties.

Released at the end of August 2023 via WTF RECORDS, the vinyl encapsulates the raw energy and spirit of both ODPISANI and TOXIC YOUTH.

HEAVENS DIE unleashes a heavy hardcore doom hybrid in their latest split with North Carolina straight edge warriors A KNIFE IN THE DARK.

This formidable release, crafted with the sonic weight of doom and the fierce energy of hardcore, showcases two new tracks that resonate with depth and aggression.

Los Angeles is getting a fresh jolt of adrenaline with WHIRLWIND’s upcoming debut album ‘Lasting Peace.’

The title track, already available for a taste, delivers a furious hardcore punch that stands out as one of the week’s heavy hitters.

WHIRLWIND, hailing from the hardcore hotbed of Orange County, have channeled influences from HANDS OF GOD and GUILT TRIP to forge a sound that’s all their own.

Rochester’s hardcore punk scene is bracing itself for a seismic shift, courtesy of LEAKING HEAD.

Ditching the playbook, these punks are rolling out their self-produced EP, a raw, unfiltered blast of energy that’s set to shake up 2024. Dropping digitally on February 16th and physically on February 23rd, this EP is a testament to the band’s DIY ethos and sheer audacity. Think of it as a love letter to hardcore punk, penned with a blend of piss, vinegar, and unapologetic zeal.

CORRECTIVE MEASURE unleashes a straight-up hardcore punk assault with their latest release, “NOT FOR YOU, NOT FOR ANYONE,” out of Maine.

This digital album, ripe with grit and an “arrghhhh” vocal style, promises to deliver a solid slap to the senses. Featuring tracks like “CONTROL/CONFINE” and “RIGHT TO BE,” the album echoes the band’s unapologetic edge and commitment to the hardcore punk ethos.

KHARMA shares new single “Clip Your Wings”.

KHARMA is cranking up the anticipation for their upcoming album ‘A World Of Our Own’, set to drop on April 12, 202, with the release of a new single titled “Clip Your Wings.”

Drawing inspiration from their city and the realities of everyday life, Kharma delivers a raw and unapologetic portrayal of hardcore on their upcoming album. Vocalist Jordan Moten explains that the title track serves as a homage to Chicago Hardcore and the hardcore community at large, offering an escape from the pain and negativity of the real world. With themes ranging from finding solidarity to confronting societal issues, “A World Of Our Own” reflects Kharma’s commitment to using music as a platform for personal growth and social change.

Known for their no-frills approach and electrifying live performances, Kharma is gearing up to take their new material on the road, eager to connect with audiences both at home and abroad. With a track record of sharing stages with renowned acts like Knocked Loose and Terror, Kharma is poised to make 2024 their breakout year, bringing their signature Chicago style and attitude to hardcore fans everywhere.

Extreme grindcore infused hardcore band SQUID PISSER unveils their latest single, “Pay to Rot,” from their upcoming release “Vaporize A Neighbor” EP on SKiN GRAFT Records.

Set to drop on March 8, the EP promises a visceral sonic experience with four intense tracks. Spearheaded by guitarist Tommy Meehan (Cancer Christ, Deaf Club, Cartoon Network) and drummer Seth Carolina (Starcrawler), Squid Pisser delivers a futuristic hardcore onslaught characterized by frenetic pedalboard wizardry and savage drumming.

The EP’s comic book sleeve boasts contributions from renowned artists like Johnny Ryan, Mike Diana, and Kali Fontecchio, enhancing the visual experience of the release. Limited to 500 copies, the vinyl edition will be pressed on translucent “Purple Bruise” colored vinyl and packaged with a wraparound obi-strip. Meanwhile, the CD release includes exclusive cover artwork from afro-surrealist A4RO and features guest appearances from members of Melt-Banana, Tera Melos, The Locust, and more.

Furnace Fest’s lineup just hit another level with Kansas City’s own COALESCE breaking the silence after 12 years.

Hardcore heads have been waiting for this reunion since Furnace Fest sparked back up. Furnace Fest is throwing down “The End Of An Era” from October 4-6, 2024. Lineup’s stacked with EVERGREEN TERRACE, UNEARTH, SNAPCASE, UNDEROATH, and the heavy hitters on the poster.

Furnace Fest

IEPERFEST just announced a fresh batch of bands for this summer’s lineup, and it’s shaping up to be a blast.

After a killer Winterfest, they’re bringing in some heavy hitters and rising stars across the hardcore spectrum.

New additions to their lineup include ECHO CHAMBER, bringing late 80s/early 90s NYHC vibes from Köln, Germany; GAME CHANGER, a heavy metallic hardcore act from Belgium known for their EUROCORE sound; GRIDIRON, a rap-infused hardcore band with super energetic live shows, featuring members of YEAR OF THE KNIFE and NEVER ENDING GAME; HETZE, delivering ultra-fast power violence/hardcore from Belgium; MAGNITUDE, from North Carolina, emphasizing straight edge culture and heavy breakdowns; MISSING LINK, a New York City hardcore band with a beatdown twist; NEVER ENDING GAME, showcasing their hard-hitting hardcore; SCARAB, offering chaotic hardcore with metal influences; and XIAO, a Swedish band blending D-beat and power violence with slower hardcore beats. This lineup promises a diverse and intense experience for all hardcore fans attending Ieperfest this summer.


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GEL hitting European roads this Summer.

But first, they’ll be tearing up Marshall Funhouse at SXSW in Austin, TX on March 13-15, followed by a stop at Sick New World in Las Vegas on April 27. They’ll shake the stage at Welcome to Rockville in Daytona Beach on May 12, then head to Sonic Temple in Columbus, OH on May 17. They jet over to Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain on May 31, before taking on a UK tour with dates in Southampton, Oxford, Exeter, Guildford, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Brighton, and Bristol throughout June. GEL will rock out at Full Force Festival in Germany, hit Italy and Switzerland, and then storm through the Netherlands, Germany, and France, including Hellfest Open Air Festival and Eurockéennes de Belfort. They’ll wrap up in Boston, MA at Roadrunner on July 20.

See the list of shows HERE.

GEL tour min

xIRON SHARPENS IRONx has just dropped “THE COVERS EP,” featuring renditions of songs that have inspired the band over the past three years.

The EP includes covers of tracks by artists like GlassJAw, Hatebreed, Foo Fighters, Minor Threat, Deftones, and Terror. According to the band, proceeds from track purchases will directly contribute to funding their new material.

COLLATERAL is hitting the scene hard with their album “We Still Know,” delivering a raw blend of furious, fast-paced hardcore punk with the kind of intermittent slowdowns that pump you up like a brutal workout session.

Laiunch the adrenaline rush below, and for those who crave the live chaos, COLLATERAL is taking their incendiary tracks on the road with the “Vengeance is Mine” North America tour this spring, alongside Mil-Spec.

If you’re in for some relentless hardcore punk that’ll hit you like a freight train, catch them live as they tear through cities from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Get ready to mosh. ee the dates HERE.

FILTH OF MANKIND share their crust hardcore encyclopedia via digital streamings.

Crust punk, with its roots deeply entrenched in the rebellious ethos of the ’80s, has long been a bastion of underground resistance, blending elements of anarchopunk, hardcore, thrash metal, and d-beat into a raw and unapologetic sonic assault. While bands like Amebix, Discharge, and Sacrilege gained recognition, the genre remained largely underground, embodying a defiant spirit that eschewed mainstream acceptance.

This ethos also rings true in the Polish extreme music scene, where punk’s rebellious spirit coexisted with metal’s cult status, yet crust punk remained relatively unnoticed.

Enter Filth of Mankind, a stalwart of the Polish crust scene, whose latest release, “The Final Chapter,” offers a visceral exploration of societal decay and existential angst. Originally unleashed in 2000, the album, along with tracks from their 1999 EP “Czas Końca Wieku,” has been remastered and reissued, delivering a blistering sonic manifesto that transcends time and space.

This week, hate5six dropped a fresh batch of live sets, hitting us with the raw energy of the hardcore scene.

From the unrelenting ferocity of GOD’S HATE to the sonic boom of WORLD HATE, viewers are in for a genuine treat. UNBROKEN’s July gig footage is racking up views, while SUNAMI’s recent set is already a crowd favorite, shredding through thousands of views in just two days. SPY’s electric performance from June has surfaced, adding to the diverse mix, along with DOUBT IT, TRIBAL GAZE, DREAMWELL, SINISTER FEELING, NO CURE, and more.

Browse HERE.

Roll out the black carpet, Baltimore’s own SINISTER FEELING just hit us with “Won’t Go Back”.

It’s a tight, minute-and-a-half melee of raw vocals and savage riffs, straight from the hardcore heartland. Lock in for their LP launch bash at Holy Frijoles on March 1, with EDDIE BROCK reuniting to kick the decibels higher. Tickets are a steal—15 bucks to get your eardrums checked by the heavyweights of hardcore.


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BROWBEAT, the Italian metallic hardcore outfit, is dropping their fourth album, “Unbreakable,” on March 22nd via Time To Kill Records.

They just unleashed “Empire on Fire,” the second single from the album, giving fans a taste of what’s to come.

DIMEBAG, hailing from the South Bay Harbor Area (SBHA) in Los Angeles, has released their EP “SB HxARDCORE Side: A.”

Known for their unique, dirty LA hardcore style, the band’s latest project continues to deliver that specific brand of intensity and grit associated with the SB HxARDCORE scene.

In our recent interview with Kharkiv’s hardcore punk band BEHIND THE FLAG, we explore their musical journey amidst the backdrop of the war in Ukraine.

Originally rooted in thrash and modern metal, the band has evolved into a powerful voice within the hardcore-punk scene, reflecting the resilience and resistance of their embattled homeland.

BEHIND THE FLAG shares insights into their transformation and the role of music as a medium for storytelling and solidarity in times of conflict.

UKHC band LAST WISHES announces live shows in the US, South East Asia and Japan.

See the dates below.


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UK hardcore band NO RELIEF unleashes their latest EP, “Destroy Your World,” via Rest Assured Records.

Hailing from Brighton, the band delivers a metallic hardcore sound infused with moshy riffs and immanent groove. The EP comprises five angst-driven tracks delving into personal experiences and mental struggles of everyday life, from the blistering opener “Throne Of Lies” to the intense closer “Living Hell.”

Recorded with friends Sam and Alessandro at Tidalwave and mixed/mastered by Pieter Rietkerk, the release showcases hard guitars, immense breakdowns, and riled-up vocals. Following their 2022 EP “Ritual Oppressor,” No Relief has established a presence in the UK hardcore scene, sharing stages with acts like Terror and Madball. The band will embark on a UK tour with Cruelty in March, culminating in a hometown album release show on March 22nd at The Hope & Ruin.

Michigan hardcore outfit DROP RATE unveils their latest release “Recalibrate,” featuring a blend of bouncy, energetic tracks inspired by 90s and early 2000s hardcore acts like Snapcase and Quicksand.

With members from Silktail and Foxgrave, Drop Rate aims to invigorate the Michigan hardcore scene with their fun and dynamic sound. The album includes standout tracks like “Pain Of Generations,” showcasing the band’s commitment to creating exciting and memorable, heartfelt hardcore.

In our new feature, we delved into the dynamic transformation of SYNTHESIS OF SELF, a band emerging from Tāmaki Makaurau, New Zealand, known for its compelling blend of melodic hardcore and metalcore.

Since their inception in 2019, evolving from their early days as Stacked, they’ve become a formidable force in Aotearoa’s metalcore landscape. Their latest single, “Decadence,” set to drop this Valentine’s Day, epitomizes the band’s growth and fierce energy. Recorded with a staunch DIY approach and mixed by Cody Brooks, “Decadence” showcases their musical depth, drawing comparisons to Counterparts and Oceans Ate Alaska while cementing their unique sound. The track precedes an EP exploring life’s dualities, highlighting the band’s lyrical sophistication and existential musings. This transition is not just a name change but a rebirth, signaling Synthesis of Self’s commitment to expanding their genre’s horizons.

JADE DUST returns with a new track from their upcoming LP, “Grey Skies,” set to release on March 1st via Council Records, Extinction Burst, and GGT Records.

The song, titled “By A Thread,” offers a glimpse into their melodic hardcore sound influenced by DC and Bay Area bands of the late 80s and early 90s. Formed in 2019 by Rudi Jung and Chris Duprey, the band became an outlet for Jung’s expression after a motorcycle accident left him paralyzed in one arm.

LIONHEART is gearing up to take Europe by storm with a series of shows.

They’ll be hitting various cities across the continent, featuring performances by SUICIDE SILENCE, KUBLAI KHAN, and PALEFACE. Fans across Europe can expect to see them performing the WTWC EP in its entirety, along with other hits. The tour is a celebration of their significant album’s 10-year anniversary, and they’ve promised some special surprises for the shows.


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Metalcore / Mathcore / Melodic Metalcore

Fresh from Jacksonville, it’s SUNTOUCH HOUSE’s brand new EP “Laugh To Myself”!

This split release between DAZE and EPHYRA brings you 4 dope tracks straight from JAX to CT style. Fans of DEADGUY, RORSHACH, TURMOIL, and SWEET THEORY BAKERY, this one’s for you!

BIRD LAW’s new slice of chaos “Aroma of Misery” just hit the scene with three tracks ready to stream.

The new release merges chaotic hardcore, metalcore, and an enraged metallic hardcore sound. It’s a sonic steamroller that hits you with its heaviness right from the first blast.

Melodic hardcore / metalcore outfit BLOOM has unleashed their latest album “Maybe In Another Life” via Pure Noise Records.

Accompanying the album drop is the release of their captivating new single, “An Exit,” along with an accompanying music video.

In “An Exit,” BLOOM delves into a self-indulgent fantasy, exploring the consequences of self-destructive desires. The track delves deep into themes of longing and contemplation, offering a haunting glimpse into the protagonist’s psyche as they confront their inner demons and ponder the possibility of an afterlife.

BOTCH is embarking on their final march across Europe and the UK this March, promising a series of explosive farewell shows.

Mathcore pioneers BOTCH are set to leave a lasting mark with their ultimate EU/UK tour in 2024.


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WRISTMEETRAZOR Wristmeetrazor’s back with a new album, “Degeneration,” dropping March 29 on Prosthetic Records.

They’re kicking it off with “Trepanation” – a track they say rips into the album’s fresh, aggressive direction. With new members Elaine and Nate bringing the bass and guitar heat, the band’s turning up the intensity.

Justin Fornof, on vocals, dives deep into the dark with “Trepanation,” inspired by a twisted dream of self-cannibalism and phantom pains. The whole album’s a journey into deep misanthropy, looking for pain to feed on pain.

CONVERGE is about to set Southeast Asia ablaze with their trademark chaos, bringing their hardcore and mathcore mastery to the masses.

They’ve got a line-up of dates that kick off in Mexico City and storm through Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, and Brazil before hitting the Southeast Asian circuit with stops in Jakarta at the Hammersonic Festival, Bangkok at The Rock Pub, Singapore at the Annex Studio, and Marikina in the Philippines at Eastside.


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Straight outta Wollongong, the five-piece force known as ALIENIST is dropping their debut EP, “Love/Hate,” hitting the airwaves on March 1 via UNFD. Their latest single, “Distorted Reflections,” delivers a punch of biting vocals, savage riffs, and enough distortion to shake your bones.

“Love/Hate” ain’t your run-of-the-mill EP; it dives deep into themes of religion, self-doubt, and mental health, hitting that sweet spot between confrontational and cathartic. With tracks like “Godless,” “Absent,” and “Prisoner Of You,” Alienist ain’t holdin’ back, laying down some real talk on toxic relationships and the battles within. So, buckle up, ’cause Alienist is taking us on a wild ride through the maze of love and hate, and it’s gonna hit close to home for a lot of us.

San Francisco’s LIGHTWORKER is gearing up to release their latest album, *How the Beautiful Decay*, on April 19, courtesy of Solid State Records.

The band has just dropped the video for their new single “First Light,” which delves into personal struggles faced by the band members over the last few years, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and appreciating life’s highs and lows.

The album How the Beautiful Decay reflects on the gradual changes and challenges encountered during the pandemic, capturing the band’s journey through its dark and light moments.

Today marks the release of “Second Death,” the latest single from DSGNS’ upcoming album “NOTHING IS WAITING FOR US.”

With a fusion of chaotic hardcore metalcore and a distinctive southern vibe, this track is bound to leave listeners hooked.

CROSSFAITH just hit us with ‘ZERO’, their fresh metalcore banger and first drop since 2022.

This track marks a re-debut under Warner Music Japan, blending their hard-hitting style with a vibe that gets the crowd hyped.

Daiki Koide of HER NAME IN BLOOD fame is now shredding as a full-time member. After Hiroki Ikegawa’s exit, Daiki’s stepping up from a 7-month gig as their support guitarist to a permanent spot. Dude’s ready to throw down with Crossfaith and pour his soul into the new tunes.

Catch the full force of Crossfaith on their ‘-Departure-’ tour, ripping through Japan with a killer lineup and wrapping up in Tokyo with Of Mice & Men.

DIAMOND CONSTRUCT, the Australian metalcore band, has unleashed “Switchblade OST,” the latest single off their upcoming album “Angel Killer Zero,” set for release on April 26th via Pale Chord Music.

The track comes with a music video directed by Colin Jeffs, adding a visual punch to the band’s industrialized sound. “Angel Killer Zero” is packed with tracks that are sure to grab the attention of both new and old fans, with titles like “Hashira,” “Jynx,” and “Neon” hinting at the album’s intensity. The band is not just dropping new music but hitting the road too, joining forces with Emmure & ten56. for an Australian tour, hitting cities like Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Post Metal

HEAVEN IN HER ARMS, the Tokyo-based outfit known for their intricate triple-guitar offerings and intense stage presence, just broke their silence with “Dawn Yarn,” a track that’s been a long time coming.

It’s a deep dive into a world of shadow and verse, painting the break of day with hues of despair and a glimmer of hope.

“Dawn Yarn” weaves a fresh tapestry of sound, inviting listeners to embrace the duality of light and dark, and find solace in the spiral’s end.

Italian band PONTE DEL DIAVOLO is unleashing their debut album “Fire Blades from the Tomb” via SEASON OF MIST on February 16, 2024.

This album merges doom, black metal, and darkwave, promising a sinister yet captivating experience reminiscent of Italy’s Devil’s Bridge.

Seamlessly blending elements of doom metal, post-punk, and darkwave, Ponte Del Diavolo creates a darkly immersive sound that explores themes of darkness, decadence, and occultism.

Portuguese blackened post-metal collective MUSIC IN LOW FREQUENCIES unveils a haunting music video for their latest track, “Unconsciousness,” off their second full-length album, “Catharsis,” released via Raging Planet Records in early December.

Described as a combination of black metal, doom, and post-metal, the single captures a range of emotions, from sultry to blisteringly furious, with visuals that mirror its mood. The band delves into the complexities of love and toxicity, presenting “Unconsciousness” as a song of hope and inspiration amidst its dark imagery and hovering drone guitars.

Formed in 2012, Music In Low Frequencies consists of three old friends driven by a desire to create meaningful, intimate music reflective of the harshness of our times. After the success of their debut album, “Sowing the Seed,” in 2014, the band encountered delays in creation but eventually returned with a refined sound for “Catharsis.” Embracing themes of darkness, reflection, and purgation, the album aims to soothe heavy spirits and purge inner demons through its immersive melodies and sludgy notes.

LA FAIBLESSE, a Parisian band, delivers abrasive and dark post-metal, musically situated between Envy, Deafheaven, and Deftones.

Singing in French, they combine ferocity and raw emotion to create music that serves as both an outlet and introspective journey. Their self-titled album encapsulates this blend, offering a cathartic and intense experience. Their new release challenges traditional classifications, showing that thematic divisions may not always make sense.

SUN OF NOTHING, the Greek post-metal/black-metal collective, has unveiled a music video for a new track titled “Ghost,” which is part of their upcoming fourth album “Maze,” set to release tomorrow, February 16th, via Venerate Industries.

Directed by Kostas Konstantinidis and Panagiotis Tsalavrettas, and produced by Napan Studio, the cinema-noir video features actor Giorgos Tsagarakis and has premiered at No Clean Singing. The track captures a sense of haunted hopelessness and inner turmoil, with searing guitar trills, gravel-toned bass, and visceral drumming creating a compelling sonic experience.

Formed in Athens in 1999, Sun of Nothing has been exploring the darkest corners of contemporary metal with their sludgy vibes and monolithic approach. With three critically acclaimed studio albums under their belt, the band has shared stages with acts like Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Cult of Luna, and Tombs.


Post Hardcore / Screamo / Emoviolence

Larry Records has just dropped “Everything Seems Better Now” by VS SELF, a mathy intricate emo screamo post-hardcore banger that will get you hooked right away.

For more information, visit

Ephyra’s latest blast: The Lights Never Lie, comes straight out of Denton, Texas, courtesy of bulletsbetweentongues, bringing that raw emoviolence energy.

Joseph, Jackson, Liam, Brennan, & Jade have crafted a sound that’s unapologetically intense, brimming with the kind of hardcore emotion that hits right in the feels.

The wait’s done, and “The Lights Never Lie” is out there for all ears—stream it, live it, feel it. The crew turned to Logan Krup for the recording, mixing, and mastering magic at Arboraudio TX, ensuring that every note and scream is captured with the right dose of chaos and clarity.

Italian screamo architects VOTTO are tearing through the scene with their latest single, a visceral offering that bends the mind like “Il Nastro di Möbius” itself.

Available now via Non ti seguo Records.

With an opening salvo of drums and guitars, Votto creates a maelstrom of emotion, echoing the internal void that festers like a seed, giving rise to all our fears. Their single embodies the Möbius strip’s essence, with an unpredictable structure that mirrors the mathematical phenomenon’s irregularity. It’s a journey that plummets into the soul’s abyss in the first half, confronting the paralyzing dread head-on, then twists outward, projecting the fear onto the other, challenging the nature of interaction and dialogue.

As Votto navigates the unease, their music clings symbiotically to the listener, revealing a reflection of subjugation and struggle. Yet, amidst this chaotic infestation, they find life and an asymmetrical path to survival, much like the Möbius strip they evoke.

Brace for impact as Votto’s evolution unfolds, leading up to their darker, more violent second album, set to carve its mark on March 22 with a limited edition vinyl pressing by Non ti seguo Records. This isn’t just a release; it’s a declaration of their fierce reinvention in the Italian screamo landscape.

The ((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) Podcast just dropped episode #145, featuring the Australian band HANOI TRAFFIC.

Fresh off releasing their electrifying new EP ‘towards an end,’ the podcast dives deep into the band’s creative journey and the explosive impact of their latest work. The discussion spans a variety of intriguing topics, including the story behind the band’s name, insights from the Circle Takes The Square forums, the strategy behind their release schedule as lectured by Dave, and the influences of Japanese screamo on their sound.

Other highlights include the unique ‘dodgeball snare’ sound, a rundown of the year’s top albums, and a sneak peek into HANOI TRAFFIC’s upcoming tour plans.

Check out the feature on HANOI TRAFFIC in our magazine for an even deeper dive.

KARNABAHAR’s latest release, “Insurrección de los Incontentables (MR115),” is a potent blend of screamo and post-hardcore, with diverse elements ranging from moments of post-rock tranquility to intense bursts of energy.

The EP, featuring tracks written between 2019 and 2022, delves into social issues, offering a raw and introspective musical journey.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gabor Wiltner, and featuring Marcus Wood, Nicolás Puig, Tunç Atalan, and Vincent Shore, this EP showcases the band’s dynamic sound. With tracks like “Çıkar, Kan” and “Paso del Fuego,” Karnabahar demonstrates their ability to blend intense emotion with musical versatility.

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Austin-based band GLASSING has announced their forthcoming album, “From the Other Side of the Mirror,” available for pre-order via Pelagic Records.

The band just slammed down their first single “Defacer”.

“Defacer” is a complex beast, a fusion of screamo and post-hardcore with an epic scale, piercing intensity, and the dark tones that fans have been craving.

The LP and CD bundle, set to be released on April 26, 2024, offers a Defacer Edition LP limited to 120 copies alongside a CD digipak. Recorded over two years with producer Andrew Hernandez, the album marks Glassing’s first full-length release with drummer Scott Osment and their debut under Pelagic Records.

Featuring a blend of post-hardcore, black metal, and shoegaze, the album delves into introspective themes and uncertain times with raw expression and unmethodical energy.

Each song explores interpersonal relationships and the layers of artifice within, reflecting the emotional complexity of the human experience.


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In our latest conversation, we delve into the vibrant heart of Toronto’s punk, screamo, and hardcore scene, as the New Friends Fest prepares to electrify the Lithuanian House this August 2nd-4th.

Celebrating an eclectic mix of bands, from the long-awaited return of Newfound Interest in Connecticut after 18 years to the Canadian debut of Saetia and Raein’s first North American performance since 2013, the festival promises diversity and unity in equal measure. Spearheaded by passionate individuals from the DIY community, the event emphasizes inclusivity and a shared love for the music, blending performances with unique activities like gear demos and possibly a Magic: The Gathering tournament. The organizers share their excitement for this year’s lineup and the opportunity to foster new connections within the punk and hardcore community.

The SECOND IMPACT FEST is back, hitting northern Italy from May 31 to June 2, 2024, organized by the Warm Room Collective.

With a lineup bursting at the seams featuring over 25 bands from all over the world, this three-day extravaganza promises pure punk, emo, screamo, and hardcore vibes that’ll knock your socks off.

The roster’s already heating up with names like Massa Nera from the US, Sweden’s Øjne and Barabbas, plus a slew of other heavy hitters.

Post Hardcore

Noisy Post Hardcore / Rockish Post Hardcore / 90s Post Hardcore

QUICKSAND recently took over the KEXP studio with a live session that’s now up for grabs on YouTube.

Captured on November 29, 2023, this performance comes as the band tours to celebrate the anniversary of their seminal album, ‘Slip.’

Oslo’s HAMMOK is set to drop their new album, “look how long lasting everything is moving forward for once,” via Thirty Something Records on March 1st.

With a lineup featuring Tobias Maxwell Osland, Ferdinand Aasheim, and Ole Benjamin Thomassen, they’ve gained recognition for their hardcore flair, as evidenced by their latest single “Seance” and their acclaimed EP “JUMPING/DANCING/FIGHTING.” The Pitchfork-approved release promises a raw, unfiltered sound, embodying the band’s relentless energy and uncompromising attitude.

The “Higherlander” 12″LP by EDHOCHULI, released via ZBR, offers a sonic journey for fans of Baroness, Capsule, Outclassed, and Thin Lizzy.

This Pittsburgh band’s third full-length album, featuring two drummers for the first time, promises an epic exploration of mono riffs across five tracks. With each song averaging around 7 minutes, listeners can expect a rich and immersive experience with plenty to unpack and enjoy with repeated listens.

Shield Recordings has just unveiled the debut full-length album “still.” by CIRCLES, delivering a blend of melodic hardcore punk, emo, and influences reminiscent of April, Fugazi, Embrace, and Dag Nasty.

The album exudes a great vibe, brimming with energy, melodies, and a Revolution Summer spirit.

Drop what you’re doing, because GENERATION’s new EP ‘Satellites and Suns’ has landed.

Straight outta Manchester, these lads have mashed up hardcore, Revolution Summer post hardcore, with melodic hooks that’ll get stuck in your head faster than gum on a boot. Available for streaming and high-quality download, but if you’re all about that vinyl life, snag one of the limited first pressings in “Gold” or “Half White/Blue” before they’re history.

Released February 16, 2024, by Sunday Drive Records, this EP’s ready to spin on your table or blast through your speakers. Rock on.

Post hardcore act VIVA BELGRADO hits the road.

VIVA BELGRADO announces an extensive tour spanning 10 countries with over 40 concerts in 2024, hitting up various spots including self-managed social centers, public spaces, skateparks, bars, cafes, venues, festivals, and outdoor garages. The tour kicks off on February 2nd in Madrid, with sold-out shows at La Paqui, and continues through cities like Milan, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, and Santiago de Chile. Additional dates to be announced. Ticket links available at

Ànteros, hailing from the vibrant streets of Barcelona, Spain, has just unveiled their instrumental opus, “Montenegro ‘Instrumental demos’.”

This collection, released on February 13, 2024, navigates through the realms of post-hardcore with forays into post-rock and screamo, crafting a soundscape that’s as expansive as it is meticulously composed.

Punk Rock

Punk Rock / Pop Punk / Skate Punk / Melodic Punk

HOT WATER MUSIC is set to celebrate their 30th anniversary with a bang, announcing their new album “Vows,” releasing May 10 via Equal Vision.

Teaming up again with Brian McTernan, the album boasts an impressive guest lineup including members from Turnstile, Thrice, The Interrupters, Farside, and Alexisonfire.

With two tracks already out, the earworm “Menace” by Chuck Ragan and “Burn Forever” by Chris Wollard, the band explores themes of growth, reflection, and resilience.

The tour kicks off May 3, featuring a stellar supporting cast across various dates.

Argentina’s punk scene is experiencing a digital renaissance, spearheaded by artists and groups who are blending lo-fi punk, garage punk, and new wave nuances into what’s often dubbed as eggpunk. We covered it in our new mega feature HERE.

Notable acts like WWW, Diablos INC, The Netrunners, and Gabriel Dolce’s various projects are pioneering this movement, leveraging digital platforms and virtual instruments to expand their creative boundaries.

This wave of innovation has fostered a collaborative ecosystem, resulting in unique projects and international attention. Central to this evolution is Fichines Ruido Zafarla, a label that champions the marriage of punk’s DIY ethos with contemporary technology, offering releases in diverse formats and advocating for a broad interpretation of punk that embraces both traditional and digital mediums.

Their compilation “Este Sinte Mata Fascistas” exemplifies this spirit, uniting artists in opposition to rising far-right ideologies and showcasing the genre’s adaptability and resilience.

Norwegian pop punk unfused emo band NAGA SIREN share great new album “Sea Of Myself”.

“SEA OF MYSELF” is like diving headfirst into the turmoil of youth, battling inner demons and coming out swinging. The tracks are like a heart-to-heart with the self, laying bare the struggle of getting one’s act together. NAGA SIREN ain’t about being boxed in—they’re busting out with a sound that’s all killer, no filler. Think thunderous drums, riffs that stick like tar, and synths that soothe the soul.

Belgian punk rockers FOR I AM drop their latest single “Power Behind The Throne,” a high-energy anthem addressing global political landscapes.

The track serves as the opener for their upcoming album “The Righteous & The Wicked,” set for release on April 19 via SBÄM Records, along with Double Helix Records (US), Bearded Punk Records (BE), and PEE Records (AUS). Known for their catchy hooks and powerful vocals, FOR I AM is definitely something you should check out if you want to fuel your week.

ACID SNOT just dropped their latest track, “Rise”.

Diving headfirst back into the raw energy of skatepunk and melodic hardcore, “Rise” is a full-throttle political anthem calling for urgent action in an era increasingly shaped by neoliberal agendas and the troubling rise of alt-right factions.

Drawing heavy inspiration from the dark times of Franco’s rule in Spain, the song is a stark warning against the narratives of colonialism, imperialism, and fascism. At its heart, “Rise” echoes the thoughts of thinkers like Hannah Arendt and Achille Mbembe, challenging the selective condemnation of violence and virulence based on their origins.

Ska-punk enthusiasts, get ready for the debut EP from MUTINY, a supergroup featuring members of Voodoo Glow Skulls, Dissidente, and Death By Stereo, among others.

Mutiny’s self-titled EP, set for release on February 20 via Ska Punk International, offers four tracks exploring themes ranging from climate change to intergalactic exodus.

The EP even includes Japanese versions of the songs, showcasing collaboration with members of FRAIL, Shinji, and Ryo. The first single, “This Is A Eulogy,” delivers a powerful message about the consequences of environmental neglect, encapsulating Mutiny’s ethos of musical diversity and social commentary.

Denver’s post-pop punk act RELATE drops their latest track “Sludge” and teases the streets with live dates.

Cruising through the spring with vibes as powerful as their sound, RELATE is hitting the road, promising a blend of melodic post-hardcore, pop punk, and high energy alt-rock across the map. Catch the wave from Laramie to Denver, with pit stops in Anaheim, San Diego, Phoenix, and more. Peep the dates, plot your spot, and dive into the sludge with us.

Barcelona-based punk rock outfit BLOWFUSE share “I Give You My Word,” a spirited anthem that serves as a rallying cry for staying true to oneself.

Featured on their upcoming album, “The 4th Wall,” slated for release on March 1st, the track channels the energy of classic punk rock while delivering a message of perseverance and self-belief.

With influences ranging from the bouncier rhythms of skate punk legends Millencolin to the raw vocal style of bands like NOFX, Blowfuse creates a melodic yet powerful sound that’s bound to resonate with fans of the genre. “I Give You My Word” is a mid-tempo burner that harkens back to the golden era of ’90s punk, evoking the spirit of bands like The Offspring and Descendents.

STRUNG OUT just dropped a fresh video for “New Gods,” a track off their upcoming tenth album *Dead Rebellion*, set to release on Fat Wreck Chords this April 5, 2024.

The California punk legends are stirring the pot with this release, blending aggressive riffs with melodic undertones, capturing the essence of hope and despair in today’s tumultuous times.

Despite claiming not to be a political band, Strung Out’s music has a knack for reflecting the current state of the world, touching on themes from American imperialism to climate change. Yet, “New Gods” stands as a beacon of hope, community, and defiance, emphasizing the power of music in navigating through chaos. Frontman Jason Cruz shares that “New Gods” symbolizes the everyday inspirations that fuel hope and purpose, aiming for the video to embody the cycle of inspiration and creativity amidst a self-destructive world.

XXsmile brings the vibrant spirit of 90s pop punk to the forefront with their debut single “Horror Movies” on People of Punk Rock Records.

Packed with infectious melodies and catchy hooks, the track sets the stage for the band’s upcoming album, promising a journey for fans of the genre.

Metallized punk rock / melodic hardcore band THE IDORU shares new single.

“The King Is Naked” comes from new album “Undertow”, coming up in April.

This track is a melting pot where the technical prowess of punk à la Propagandhi meets the epic scale of Iron Maiden’s heavy metal, all while channeling the melodic hardcore essence of Ignite. It’s a fusion feast for the ears—expect a kaleidoscope of riffs, anthemic harmonies, and a high-octane rush that stitches together the best threads of each genre.

“A Tribute to Blink​-​182 Part 2: Fund Music, Fight Cancer” is now streaming in its full.

This Various Artists compilation, served up by Pacific Ridge Records, is not just a throwback to the anthems of Blink-182—it’s a battle cry against cancer, with 100% of Spotify revenue punching straight to the Cancer Research Institute.

The digital album is crammed with 26 tracks reimagined by a battalion of both steadfast and fresh bands, turning nostalgia into a weapon of hope.

Seattle’s punk rockers THE DROWNS have unleashed their latest album “Blacked Out” and dropped a wild new video for the track “Ketamine & Cola.”

The video, filled with chaotic antics and humor, accompanies a song inspired by a friend’s positive experience with legal ketamine treatment. Fans can snag a free “Ketamine & Cola” flexi with any purchase from the band’s webstore. Critics have been praising the album’s energetic sound, describing it as a mix of giddy fun and sincerity. Catch THE DROWNS on tour across the United States this March, including dates with NOi!SE and AGENT ORANGE, before they head to the UK for Rebellion Festival 2024 in August.

Ska/reggae punk veterans, MAD CADDIES, are gearing up for the release of their upcoming album ‘Arrows Room 117’ on March 15th, marking their first album since 2018’s “Punk Rocksteady.”

The band’s latest single, “Green Eyes,” described as a reggae love song, offers a catchy groove and features accordion by Brian Mann. Inspired by the vocalist Chuck Robertson’s travels with his girlfriend, the track encapsulates the beauty of experiencing new places through the eyes of a loved one.

The album, releasing jointly by SBÄM Records (Europe) and 55 Rose Records (USA), signifies a new chapter for Mad Caddies.

Noah Steiner, a DIY emo punk rock artist hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, is set to release his EP titled “I’m Not Having Fun” on February 16th.

Seeking reviews, coverage, and interviews for this upcoming release, Steiner’s music has been likened to emo, garage rock, and pop punk, drawing comparisons to artists like Jeff Rosenstock and Joyce Manor. The EP delves into themes of self-destructive cycles and the realization of the need for change. Recorded over several months in a friend’s bedroom, it embodies the DIY spirit of a college music scene.

SEED TOSS is gearing up to drop a fresh EP titled “Safe and Sound” via Setterwind Records on March 1.

Ahead of the release, they’ve teased us with a new track, “Heard You Say,” giving us a taste of what’s to come. If you’re digging their vibes, you can snag a limited lavender cassette or pre-order the digital album now.

THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY commemorates 15 years in the industry with their latest single “Walk Around the Porridge” released on February 15th.

The band, known for their unapologetic rock attitude, offers a satirical take on life’s absurdities in their uncompromising musical expression. To counter their perceived suburban family image, they are set to release a collection of B-songs, showcasing their disdainful elegies in an upcoming album, scheduled for release on April 5th. Pre-orders for the album will be available starting February 15th.

Germany’s FOR HEADS DOWN drops their latest single and video “Still” from their upcoming self-titled album, set for release on April 19, 2024, via Thousand Islands Records in North America and Disconnect Disconnect Records in the UK/EU.

Known for their punchy melodic hardcore and punk rock vibes, the band has been a fixture in the scene since their debut LP ‘Stormwarning’ in 2013. “Still” follows the first single “Guilty,” released in September 2023, adding to the anticipation of their third album. Fans can pre-order the album and stream “Still” now, promising a collection of 11 punk rock tracks that resonate with enthusiasts of the genre.

Vancouver, BC’s pop-punk frontrunners, CHIEF STATE, are set to release a 5-song acoustic EP on April 5 via Mutant League Records.

Titled “The Acoustic EP,” the release promises to offer a fresh perspective on the band’s music, inviting listeners to experience their catalog in an intimate setting. The EP’s first single, “Living Out A Lie,” will drop on February 21, showcasing Chief State’s emotive songwriting and introspective themes. Pre-save HERE.

Frontman Fraser Simpson describes “Living Out A Lie” as a reflection on self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and questioning past relationships. The accompanying music video, crafted by Lindsey Blane, captures the essence of the song’s themes, leaving viewers with thought-provoking imagery.

If you’re hankering for some throwback street punk, THE BUSINESS just served up “Hardcore Hooligan” on Spotify to quench your thirst.

These lads have been keeping the raucous spirit of late ’70s punk alive, sounding every bit the young hooligans belting out anthems on their way to a football match. Released back in 2003, this compilation is a riotous reminder of punk rock and hardcore’s heyday in the ’80s, now streaming for all you die-hards and new converts to get stuck in.

Polish emo indie punk rockers VERMONA KIDS share “Silver Tongue,” a four-minute escape into their signature blend of alternative and emo vibes.

This digital track, backed by the crew—Bartek Tajak on vocals and guitar, Krystian Pilarczyk keeping the beat on drums, Marcin Lokś on guitar, and Monika Bronowicka on bass—unfolds a story of introspection and the pressure that comes with close connections.

With lyrics penned by Bartek Tajak, “Silver Tongue” dives into the struggle of being enough and the weight of personal expectations. It’s all about those moments on someone’s doorstep, the uncertainty, the self-doubt, and the allure of a ‘silver tongue’ that might just stay silent.

This track isn’t just a standalone release; it’s a peek into the Vermona Kids’ world, complete with a trumpet feature by Norbert Wardawy, adding a layer of melodic depth to the mix.

Acoustic punk duo BITTERS AND DISTRACTIONS, hailing from Long Island, New York, are set to release their latest offering, “The Home That Procrastination Built,” via Sell The Heart Records on March 15th.

The 7″ vinyl features the track “The Expression Left Your Face,” which touches on the current climate of dissent and lack of communication in society, as explained by band member Travis Johnides. The song, featuring Will Romeo of Neckscars, premiered exclusively on IDIOTEQ HERE.

Emo punk band SHORELINE is set to release their new album “To Figure Out” on February 23, 2024, marking their debut with Pure Noise Records.

Known for their energetic live performances across Europe and supporting acts like Basement and Hot Water Music, SHORELINE delves into personal and political themes in this upcoming record. The lead single “Seoul” explores singer Hansol Seung’s journey towards embracing his Korean-German identity, confronting racism, and connecting with Asian immigrants globally.

Produced by Chris Teti in Connecticut, the album promises to be SHORELINE’s most refined work, blending classic punk influences with modern elements. Featuring Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners on “Workaround,” “To Figure Out” encapsulates a range of emotions and stories, from political activism to love, all through the lens of ongoing self-discovery and acceptance.

Morbid And Miserable Records proudly presents “Based On A True Story” by CL1, bringing back the forgotten Toledo classic to the forefront.

This compilation album features every song the band ever recorded, along with four brand new tracks, showcasing their fist-pumping anthems and overcharged Oi! / street punk rock ‘n’ roll style.

DEAD SEA LORDS, hailing from Gainesville, Florida, just unleashed their “Demo” on Bandcamp.

For $4, you get a raw slice of their dark and gritty punk rock, peppered with chaotic post-punk vibes. The demo features tracks like “Hands,” “Endless Somerton,” and “Moon Over Midian,” recorded at Little Wing Studios by a somewhat reluctant Kevin and released by Belladonna Records on February 14, 2024.

“Turquoise Window” is out now on BRUTE SPRING’s Bandcamp.

This record is a follow-up to the 2021 debut and sees John Toohill diving deeper into the dystopian synth-punk vibe. Merging the repetitive beats of krautrock, the raw energy of early industrial and synth-punk à la Throbbing Gristle or Suicide, and a keen sense for the contemporary underground pulse, “Turquoise Window” stands as a boldly unique and irresistibly danceable exploration.

CREATURE CREATURE is back, hitting the scene hard with their latest single “The Noise,” featuring the vocal talents of Billy Lunn from The Subways.

This track is a roaring declaration of the Brighton-based band’s resilience and creative rebirth. Alongside, they’ve dropped a music video that’s as explosive as the track itself, shot in Brighton City Airport hangar, capturing the band’s raw and untamed energy.

Billy Lunn’s collaboration on this project has been a game-changer, infusing the EP with a mix of fun, energy, and a touch of social commentary, all while showcasing the band’s exceptional musicianship. “The Noise” is a loud, proud, and clear signal that Creature Creature is set on making a massive comeback, armed with songs that embody their journey and spirit.

FIRE SALE drops a double whammy with their latest 2-song single “The Albatross,” packing a punch for punk aficionados longing for a dose of 90s nostalgia.

Comprised of punk rock royalty with alumni from Face to Face, No Use For A Name, and The Ataris, this supergroup brings seasoned chops to the table. Mixed at the revered Blasting Room and adorned with Mark DeSalvo’s iconic hand-painted art, “The Albatross” and its B-side “I Remember Damage” serve up melodic punk that’s both a nod to the past and a comment on today’s pressing issues, like gun violence. With a sound that’s bound to resonate with fans of Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords’ heydays, Fire Sale is stoking fires on the punk rock landscape, proving that some flames just refuse to fizzle out.

Yokohama’s melodic punk quartet, WITHOUT, is set to release their debut album Be Corny on vinyl through We’re Trying Records this February 13th.

Diving deep into the emotional turbulence of change and the passage of time, Be Corny reflects the band’s personal battles and growth. This album, already resonating with fans since its digital release in the summer of 2022, marks a poignant moment in the band’s journey, showcasing their evolution in sound and spirit.

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JETLAG JENNY’s cranked out a fresh pop punk banger under White Russian Records titled “The Hippos Of Pablo Escobar”.

This happy punk rock anthem, with its sticky gang vocals and a backstory as wild as Escobar’s hippos in the Colombian jungle, is the first taste of their upcoming EP “Animal Escapades”.

MELONBALL has responded to fan demand with a charged rendition of Danger Dan’s provocative track, “Das ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit gedeckt.”

Taking a stand with their cover, MELONBALL echoes the original’s powerful message against Nazism and the AfD, lamenting the continued relevance of such themes today. “We wish the content wasn’t so relevant, but here it is. Nazis and the AfD are abhorrent, and anyone sympathising with their ideas is no better. We hope you like the track!”

Hidden Home Records drops Rob Lanterman’s latest solo EP, “Knock on Wood”.

Get ready for a deep dive into Lanterman’s world with this unique release, blending raw storytelling with punk ethos.

SoCal melodic punk rockers THE HATED INC. just dropped their latest anthem “Play The Part”.

Cranking up the energy with their signature snarl and catchy hooks, this single slices through the noise, delivering a raw, fist-pumping soundtrack for anyone ready to kick against the pricks.

Welsh pop-punkers JAWS OF LIFE are back with a bang, dropping their latest single “Keep Moving,” promising a summer vibe anthem with a strong message of mental health resilience.

The track, described as a “wistful, summery, emotional, pop-punk experience” by Into the Void, marks the first of three releases slated for this year.

With their infectious energy and uplifting tunes, Jaws of Life are hitting the road, including a support slot with pop-punk giants Punk Rock Factory. Their tour kicks off on March 9th at Narberth Queens Hall, followed by dates across the UK, ensuring fans get their fill of catchy hooks and positive vibes.

Post Rock

Moment Of Collapse Records has just dropped “Tamat,” the latest and final album by Singapore’s esteemed post rock outfit, PAINT THE SKY RED.

This release marks the culmination of a nearly 15-year journey for the band, with their previous albums garnering international acclaim. The seven tracks on “Tamat” promise to deliver a rich musical experience, characterized by captivating layers of guitar, catchy melodies, and an unwavering tempo, encapsulating the essence of the band’s creative evolution.

The term “Tamat” itself, meaning “the end” or “completed” in Malay, signifies the band’s closure and the culmination of their artistic endeavors.

MIDAS FALL, the Scottish progressive post-rock trio, has unveiled their latest single, “I Am Wrong,” along with an accompanying video directed by Stephen Alexander.

The track is part of their upcoming fifth studio album, “Cold Waves Divide Us,” scheduled for release on March 8th via Monotreme Records.

For this album, founding members Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn are joined by Michael Hamilton. “Cold Waves Divide Us” showcases the band at their most confidently visceral, with each song seamlessly transitioning between quiet and loud, gentle and crushing. Heaton describes the album as a heavier and bigger experience than their previous work, combining atmospheric strings and ’80s synths with heavier layered elements, reflecting their live sound.

“I Am Wrong” features pounding rhythmic drums and heavy swathes of low and delicate melodic highs. The accompanying video features a highly kinetic performance by dancer Amber Dollin against a nocturnal urban landscape, capturing the intensity and emotion of the song.


Alternative Rock / Indie / Emo / Hard Rock / Math Rock / Progressive Rock

BOSTON MANOR is back with their latest single ‘Container’, marking their first release of 2024.

Lead singer Henry Cox dives into themes of second chances and the urgency to change before being consumed by stagnancy. Produced by Larry Hibbitt and engineered by Alex O’Donovan, the band shifted recording locations to the countryside, resulting in a brighter sound compared to their previous album, ‘Datura’. ‘Container’ reflects a personal introspection, departing from their usual societal commentary to explore internal growth and the uplifting power of music.

PURE HEX shares “She Comes Up”, riding the wave of ethereal vibes with a craftsmanship that’s both organic and impeccably arranged.

It’s like they’re weaving angelic harmonies with threads of darker themes, showing off an evolution that’s both a nod to their roots and a bold step into uncharted territories of dreamy, intricate soundscapes.

This single marks a significant moment for PURE HEX, serving as the vanguard of their upcoming double LP odyssey, “Spilling/Five of Tears,” slated for a May release via Neon Bloodbath. “She Comes Up” isn’t just a song; it’s a statement of intent, showcasing the band’s ability to blend the sweet with the bittersweet, all while maintaining a vibe that’s downright enchanting.

TOURNEFORTE’s debut full-length, “Notes from a Lost Dog”, just hit the streets and it’s pure Myrtle Beach Indie Emo gold.

If you caught the buzz from their earlier singles, you know what’s up. With tracks like “Wilmer” blending soulful steel guitar with a twang of country, this record doesn’t just hit the mark—it sets it. Remember when we raved about their sound a while back? Well, the full experience is here and it lives up to every word we said. Dive in and let Tourneforte show you why they’re the new indie emo darlings on the block in our latest feature HERE.

Out now via Acrobat Unstable, and seriously, it’s a vibe.

Phoenix-based shoegaze outfit, Glixen, enchant audiences with their latest single, “foreversoon”.

The track, which captures the essence of new love with its lush melodies and tender vocals, marks the band’s first release of the year and promises to be a captivating addition to their discography.

Produced by the legendary Jack Endino (known for his work with Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and Nirvana), “foreversoon” was crafted in Seattle on the same drum kit used for Nirvana’s iconic album, Bleach, adding a layer of nostalgia and authenticity to Glixen’s sound.

Lead vocalist Aislinn Ritchie describes the song as a reflection of “blissful moments of new love and intimacy,” with lyrics that evoke a sense of infatuation and sensuality. The accompanying music video, set to be released alongside the single, is expected to complement the dreamy atmosphere of the track, providing a visual journey into the band’s sonic world.

STAND ATLANTIC tackles the challenge of online negativity head-on with their fiery new single ‘Warzone.’

The track serves as a bold reply to hateful comments online, following their 2022 album ‘F.E.A.R.’ released via Hopeless Records. Bonnie Fraser, the band’s frontwoman, channels her frustration into the music rather than engaging with toxic internet culture. She acknowledges the difficulty of not lashing out at those who hide behind screens, offering ‘Warzone’ as a cathartic anthem for anyone who has faced similar battles. The song is a defiant stand against cyberbullying, imagining a confrontation with the cowards behind the keyboards.

FEVER 333 just cranked out “Ready Rock”, a new single that’s like a sonic molotov, blending fierce punk rock with the electric vibe of Rage Against the Machine and Stray From the Path.

Dropping in the midst of Black History Month, this track isn’t just a nod to the black artists who laid the foundation of rock ‘n’ roll; it’s a full-blown salute to the uncredited black creators who sculpted the iconic rock sounds we worship today.

Produced by the band themselves with a little magic from the Grammy-winning Beach Noise and GLASSJAW’s Justin Beck, “Ready Rock” is just a taste of what’s brewing for their upcoming second studio album. It’s the follow-up fans have been itching for since last year’s “$wing”, and it promises to rip through speakers with FEVER’s trademark zeal.

UNSAFE SPACE GARDEN is back with a bang, bringing you their latest creation, “Unsafe Space Garden – Live From Madison Space Garden.”

This imaginative venture, born from the minds of the band, is a hybrid concoction of a sitcom, live session, concert, music video, and animation all rolled into one. Teaming up with the talented collective Ovo Estrelado, the band delivers explosive performances of their tracks “ISN’T THIS IDEAL?,” “GROWN-UPS!,” and “DONDE ESTA EL SUELO?” from their album “WHERE’S THE GROUND?”

The result? A mind-bending 16-minute spectacle that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, leaving viewers questioning their surroundings but ultimately embracing the band’s utopian vision. With influences from festivals like Tremor, MIL Lisbon, and Primavera Sound Porto, Unsafe Space Garden invites you to plug in your headphones and join them on this joyous journey. So, if you find yourself lost in their world, fear not—let the whimsical GPS of their music guide you back to reality.

“Tank,” the long-awaited fifth album from the audacious truth-seekers IDLES, affectionately known as TANGK, bursts forth as a righteous and vibrant testament to the band’s evolution.

Pronounced with a hint of the “g” and symbolizing a sonic onslaught akin to a roaring tank, the album stands as IDLES’ most ambitious and arresting work to date. Produced in collaboration with Nigel Godrich, Kenny Beats, and IDLES guitarist Mark Bowen, TANGK exudes a radical sense of defiant empowerment, with frontman Joe Talbot delivering each song with raw, soulful sincerity. From the anthemic rallying cry of “Grace” to the poignant introspection of “Monolith,” TANGK emerges as a love album for the disenfranchised, a communal anthem inviting all to share in its exuberant celebration of life’s myriad complexities.

During a recent TOOL show in Los Angeles on February 14, 2024, Maynard James Keenan called out a fan for using their phone during the performance, reinforcing the band’s strict no-phone policy.

TOOL typically allows fans to record during the final song, “Stinkfist,” but this fan violated the policy earlier in the set. The incident, ironically captured in a video shared on Reddit, sparked discussions among fans about respecting the band’s wishes and the concert experience. Adam Jones, TOOL’s guitarist, has previously stated that phone use during shows is distracting and detracts from the live experience, advocating for fans to enjoy the moment directly rather than through a screen.

RODERIK shares new single “Ricin”.

The band emerges from the remnants of Long Island’s once-throbbing scene with a mission to inject new life into the soundscape, much like the literary revival their name suggests.

The band brings together Jake Anthony Salazar, David P. K., Riley Kellington, and Steve Ambro, veterans of the circuit, including members from the Alternative Press-featured band Approaching Troy.

In their latest offering, ‘Ricin,’ streaming this week, RODERIK channels an eclectic mix of pop punk and post-hardcore, doused in the kind of melodic power rock that grips you and refuses to let go.

WHILE SHE SLEEPS share new song and video called “To The Flowers”.

TO THE FLOWERS marks a bold entry in While She Sleeps’ discography with their upcoming sixth studio album “Self Hell,” set for release on March 15th. This power rock track is a melting pot of modern variations, incorporating elements of melodic post-hardcore and showcasing the band’s versatility and evolution in the rock genre.

Los Angeles-based math rock duo STANDARDS gears up for their third studio release with the single “Big Bad” from their upcoming album ‘Fruit Galaxy,’ set to drop on March 22.

Known for their wicked complexities and ear-catching, guitar-centric tunes, STANDARDS delivers a track that’s as intricate as it is infectious, complete with video game samples instead of traditional vocals.

With a reputation for crafting danceable yet complex instrumental rock, STANDARDS—comprised of guitar maestro Marcos Mena and drum aficionado Moises Popa—continue to captivate a global fanbase.

In support of ‘Fruit Galaxy,’ STANDARDS is set to hit the road for a U.S. tour alongside Elephant Gym, kicking off March 1st through the 16th.

FARSEEK has just slipped their latest single, “Salt,” into the indie alt-rock scene, crafting an emotive soundscape that marries nostalgia with intimate arrangements.

Released by Really Rad Records on February 12, 2024, this track is a soothing serenade, a quiet moment of reflection in the often-loud world of indie rock and emo.

SHEER MAG’s back at it with a new track “Eat It and Beat It” – no frills, just straight-up rock.

It’s part of their upcoming album “Playing Favorites,” which you can get a taste of now on Bandcamp. Pre-order’s live, with the full drop set for March 1, 2024.

New Morality Zine has just unveiled “Under Sound” by PRIZE HORSE, marking the trio’s debut LP release on February 16th.

Recorded in Loveland, Colorado with Corey Coffman of Gleemer, the album showcases Prize Horse’s evolution into ethereal and fuzzy tones, departing from their grittier 2021 Welder EP. With a blend of genres and poetic lyricism from Jake Beitel, the album promises an atmospheric journey, fueled by thick bass lines and pulsating drums, inviting listeners into a captivating fusion of heavy rock, post grunge, emotive 90s alt rock and emotional depth.

DADCAP, the Vilnius-based emo/alternative indie band known for their evocative and mood-laden music, has just released an acoustic version of their latest track “tau nauja (akustiškai).”

This deeply moving, melancholic piece emerges as a surprise, showcasing the band’s exceptional compositional skills through its mournful melody. Recorded and mixed by Joris Elenbergas and set for release on February 14, 2024, the track features haunting female vocals that weave through the acoustic arrangement, striking directly at the heart.

“Tau nauja” stands as a testament to Dadcap’s ability to craft songs that resonate on a profoundly emotional level, proving that their musical prowess extends well into the realms of acoustic balladry.

Brighton’s own EL MOONO is setting the stage for their debut album ‘The Waking Sun’ with the release of their new single ‘The Charm’.

The new track moves away from their Lockjaw-released 2022 EP ‘Temple Corrupted’ into more melodic territories.

Accompanied by a visually striking video, ‘The Charm’ weaves a narrative of domestic abuse using the imagery of a live snake and twisted tarot, painting the abuser as a hypnotic serpent. Despite its dark themes, the song is delivered with an atmospheric, psychedelic twist, making it EL MOONO’s closest venture into pop yet.

“A Digital Nowhere,” the debut album from nu-metalcore trio PROFILER, is now available via SharpTone Records.

Led by vocalist/guitarist Mike Evans, PROFILER’s nu-metal-grunge-alt-rock sound pays homage to the ’90s Seattle grunge and 2000s nu-metal scenes. Joined by bassist Joe Johnson and drummer Brad Ratcliffe, the band delivers a distorted, genre-bending soundscape.

DEFTONES, renowned for their innovative approach to music and lifestyle ventures, have teamed up with Abre Ojos Tequila for a unique collaboration.

Together, they’re introducing a limited edition tequila inspired by their 2020 album ‘Ohms.’ This marks another exciting venture where the band merges their artistic and musical passions with distinctive product releases, offering fans a taste that’s as nuanced and layered as the album itself.

French post-noise quartet COSSE announces a UK tour in March 2024 alongside an AI-inspired video for their track ‘Mind Facilities’ from their debut album ‘It Turns Pale’, out via NMAS.

The video challenges perception with over 3000 images, blurring the lines between reality and the virtual world.

The band’s music blends lush post-rock with organic noise rock elements.

HIGH ON FIRE is set to unleash their highly anticipated album “Cometh The Storm” on April 19th via MNRK Heavy.

Produced by Kurt Ballou, the album follows their GRAMMY Award-winning “Electric Messiah” from 2018. The first single, “Burning Down,” offers a taste of what’s to come, with a tracklist including heavy hitters like “Lambsbread,” “Trismegistus,” and “Hunting Shadows.”

AMBLARE, a post-hardcore infused rock powerhouse hailing from Evansville, Indiana, announces the release of its self-titled debut album on April 5th.

This masterpiece of radiant, emotive rock serves as the final recording of the revered drummer Bryan St. Pere, known for his work with the band Hum. Recorded at Earth Analog Recording Studio by Matt Talbott (Hum) and mixed/mastered by Mario Quintero (Spotlights), the album features moody, soul-stirring post-hardcore songs recommended for fans of Cave In and Failure.

The lead single, “Starlight,” sets the tone with a two-minute burst of hope and longing, showcasing slamming drumming, crunchy guitars, glistening leads, and mesmerizing vocals. The track embodies the profound connection between the band members, with frontman Matt McGuyer describing it as a swaying ballroom in the cosmos. Despite St. Pere’s passing in 2021, his last wishes to release the Amblare album are being honored, with plans for live shows in 2024 featuring a new drummer.

Amblare’s lineup includes Matt McGuyer on vocals and guitar, Alex Wallwork on vocals and bass, and the late Bryan St. Pere on drums and percussion.

L.S. DUNES just hit us with “How Dare You”, a fresh cut that’s cranking the rockish post-hardcore scene up a notch.

The crew, which is a who’s who of the scene with Anthony Green on vocals, Frank Iero and Travis Stever on guitars, Tim Payne on bass, and Tucker Rule behind the drums, teamed up with producer Will Yip, known for his work with Turnstile and Circa Survive. Recorded in Philly at Studio 4, this track is a raw shot of emotion and sound, pushing the edgy rock envelope in the best way possible.

This drop is just the start of a massive year for them. With slots locked in at Slam Dunk Festival in the UK, Germany’s twin rock titans Rock IM Park and Rock AM Ring, and a double play at Vegas’ When We Were Young Festival, L.S. DUNES is all set to storm 2024.

NIGHT VERSES just dropped a bomb with their latest single “Glitching Prisms,” and guess what? Brandon Boyd from INCUBUS is all up in it, lending his vocals.

This ain’t your regular collab; it’s like they found the secret sauce to kick their tune up a notch. The track’s a sneak peek into the second part of their double album “Every Sound Has A Color In the Valley Of Night,” hitting the streets on March 15th courtesy of Equal Vision Records.

But wait, there’s more – NIGHT VERSES ain’t just thrilled; they’re over the moon about working with Boyd. They were all, “This dude’s approach is next level, but instead of us having to twist and turn, he just slid right into the vibe like the last piece of a puzzle.” They’re stoked on how “Glitching Prisms” turned out, saying Boyd’s touch was the cherry on top that they didn’t even know they needed. Mark your calendars for March 15th – this album’s shaping up to be a wild ride.

Stockholm’s alt-rock outfit with a progressive twist, BOTTENHAVET, just dropped a new single, signaling the imminent arrival of their debut album on Fuzzorama Records.

This record, expected to hit the shelves in early 2024, is set to catapult the Swedes onto the stoner/fuzz/rock radar with a bang.

BOTTENHAVET, meaning ‘The Bothnian Sea’, blends the raw edge of ’70s hard rock with a smorgasbord of stoner, prog, and grunge influences to craft a sound that’s as diverse as it is rooted in rock. The band members, each with varied musical chops, stir their collective influences into the mix, creating what’s being dubbed the “Bothnian sound.” Adding to their distinctiveness, they belt out tracks in Swedish, weaving a unique thread through the fabric of their craft.

METZ unleashes two scorching new tracks from their upcoming album “Up On Gravity Hill,” set to drop on April 12, 2024.

With their signature blend of ferocity and finesse, the Canadian trio continues to push boundaries, exploring nuanced atmospherics while maintaining their raw intensity. Produced by Seth Manchester and featuring guest appearances from composer Owen Pallett and Black Mountain’s Amber Webber, the album promises to be their most powerful and beautiful yet.

“Up On Gravity Hill,” continues this evolution, blending raw power with delicate intricacy. Set for release on April 12th via Dine Alone Records, the record showcases METZ’s most powerful and beautiful work yet.

THE MARS VOLTA, the El Paso, Texas-based progressive rock band, has announced their U.S. tour dates for June 2024, featuring special guest Teri Gender Bender.

Highlighting their return, the band will also grace the stage at this year’s ‘Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival’ on June 14th in Manchester, TN. This tour supports their latest releases, ‘The Mars Volta’ and ‘Que Dios Te Maldiga Mi Corazón,’ bringing their unique sound to cities they haven’t performed in since reuniting. The tour kicks off on June 6th in Des Moines, IA, with stops including Madison, WI, Indianapolis, IN, Omaha, NE, and Columbus, OH.


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BLIGHT TOWN is hitting the ground running in 2024 with their latest banger, ‘1408’.

It’s a cocktail of mellow intensity and hook-laden riffs that nods to the progressive post-hardcore they’ve been nailing since day one. Vocals reminiscent of The Home Team and Dance Gavin Dance, this track layers melancholy choruses with a gang vocal outro that screams 2010s emo nostalgia. Still, this fits into our definition of rock.

Emotive indie act VIOLET NIGHT shares new single “Ferrari Red”.

VIOLET NIGHT, emerging from Canada with Connor Pohl at the helm, is carving a niche in the alt scene. Initially a solo endeavor, it’s now a collaborative outfit that blends alt-rock, indie pop, and ambient soundscapes. Their tracks, often introspective and existential, carry themes from self-discovery to the intricacies of human relationships, all set against a backdrop of Connor’s visionary vocals and the group’s rich arrangements.

THE DREDGE, hailing from Bergen, Norway, unveils “Whales,” the second streaming track from their upcoming album “Torches,” set to release in spring 2024.

This post-apocalyptic rock album showcases the band’s coordinated interplay, drawing inspiration from a multitude of influences including Jane’s Addiction, The Police, Mogwai, and The Mars Volta. Comprised of Kjetil Vikene (vocals, guitars, keys), Mats Andersen (bass), and Helheim drummer Frode Røsjø (drums), The Dredge delivers a powerful blend of bass-driven rhythms, distorted guitars, and anguished vocals, promising a captivating organic journey with “Torches.”

Denver’s own MOON PUSSY is set to unleash their latest album, “DEATH IS COMING,” on May 3, 2024, via The Ghost Is Clear Records.

Known for their raw energy and gritty noise punk sound, the band has been making waves since 2017, with their self-titled LP in 2020 earning them spots at numerous festivals and tours nationwide. “DEATH IS COMING” promises to deliver more of their signature grooves and updated vocal moments, showcasing Crissy, Ethan, and Cory’s dedication to their craft.

Cambridge indie pop trio MAMMOTH PENGUINS are back with their latest album, “Here,” slated for release on May 3rd, 2024, via Fika Recordings.

Fronted by vocalist Emma Kupa, supported by Mark Boxall on bass and keys, and Tom Barden on drums, Mammoth Penguins deliver a potent blend of indie pop, characterized by infectious melodies and candid songwriting.

Drawing comparisons to the likes of The Beths and Weezer, Mammoth Penguins.

SNARLS, the dynamic indie rock trio comprised of Chlo White, Riley Hall, and Mick Martinez, shares new single.

The band has been making waves since their debut EP in 2019, blending dream pop with raw emotion. Following the success of their 2020 album “Burst,” they’re now gearing up for their highly anticipated new release, “With Love,” recorded in Norway with producer Chris Walla. Set to drop on May 3rd via take this to heart records, the album features tracks like “Big Fish” and “Heavy Drinker,” continuing to establish Snarls as a force in the indie rock scene.

This week marks the announcement of “With Love,” accompanied by the release of the single and music video for “Heavy Drinker.”

Laura Jane Grace’s highly anticipated album, “Hole in My Head,” is out today, February 16, 2024.

This 11-track album serves as a follow-up to her 2021 EP “At War With the Silverfish” and marks her first full-length release since 2020’s “Stay Alive.” Recorded at Native Sound in St. Louis, Missouri, and mixed by Matt Allison, the album showcases Grace’s talents on guitar and drums, with Drive-By Truckers’ Matt Patton contributing on bass.

Today marks the release of the ‘Heavy Dream Cycle’ EP by NYC indie rock/power pop band OTHERWORLDLY THINGS, featuring five irresistible tracks via Magic Door Records.

The lead single, “Time Turns To Memories,” draws inspiration from old photo albums and reflections on missed opportunities and absent loved ones. Established in 2014, Otherworldly Things made their debut opening for Buzzcocks at NYC’s Irving Plaza in 2015, even before releasing their first album. Comprising Jim Browne (guitar, vocals, violin), Matt Revie (guitar, keyboards), Jason Binnick (bass, vocals, keyboards, cello), and Travis Harrison (drums, percussion), the band returns after a hiatus, recording new material at Serious Business Records in Brooklyn with Travis Harrison and mastering by Jamal Ruhe at Listen Up Studios.

PEARL JAM announce their 12th album, “Dark Matter,” set to drop on April 19 via Monkeywrench Records/Republic Records.

Following up on 2020’s “Gigaton,” guitarist Mike McCready teased a heavier sound, reminiscent of the band’s ’90s grunge roots, and the lead single and title track of “Dark Matter” certainly delivers on that promise. Produced by Andrew Watt, known for his work with The Rolling Stones and Ozzy Osbourne, among others, the album showcases a revitalized energy, with McCready praising Watt’s influence on the recording process.

Despite a seven-year gap between albums, “Dark Matter” came together swiftly, with bassist Jeff Ament revealing that the band felt they were making an important record, thanks to Watt’s infectious enthusiasm and encyclopedic knowledge of their musical history. Frontman Eddie Vedder echoed this sentiment, declaring it their best work yet.

In addition to the album announcement, Pearl Jam has unveiled a world tour in support of “Dark Matter,” featuring support from Deep Sea Diver, Glen Hansard, The Murder Capital, Richard Ashcroft, and the Pixies across various legs of the tour.

BLŪMĒ, the German-Mexican alternative rock outfit, drops their latest single “Two Of A Kind” from their debut album ‘Everything Is Going To Be O.K.’ alongside a gripping live session at Radio Fritz.

Born out of a drum and bass loop in guitarist Adrian’s bedroom, and fueled by the energy of a The Smile concert in Berlin, “Two Of A Kind” delves into the complexities of parental relationships with raw honesty and musical vigor.

The track, a blend of vulnerability and strength, mirrors the band’s diverse influences, including Radiohead and The Strokes. With a deep dive into themes of mental health and modern societal issues, BLŪMĒ’s sound is a melancholic and psychedelic exploration of emotion, set against a backdrop of late 60s and early 70s inspirations.


ANCIENT TEETH, the sonic brainchild of Adrian Mottram (Sights & Sounds, Seas, The Getaway), is set to release their sophomore album “HUMANIZER” on March 8th, 2024.

Ahead of the release, Mottram is open for interviews to discuss the new album, with available dates on February 20-22 and February 27-29. The band is also seeking music reviews and would greatly appreciate published articles or quotes.

The project, described as ‘Dream Noise,’ combines heavy punk rock with atmospheric soundscapes, showcasing Mottram’s songwriting prowess and emotional depth. The debut album “Deathbed,” released in early 2023, was marked by anthemic guitar work and rich thematic content. ANCIENT TEETH’s music is a product of collaboration among seasoned musicians, including Chris Hughes (Moneen, Seas), Jahmeel Russell (Red Vienna, Actors, KEN mode), and Mike Duffield (Beams, Flowers From Hell), creating a musical experience that goes beyond the individual to celebrate the collective joy of creation.

SLAUGHTER BEACH, DOG has just dropped a new (old) track titled “I’m In Love,” just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Originally recorded during the Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling sessions, the song didn’t make the final cut but is now being shared with fans. Perfect for the most romantic of holidays, this happy indie rock tune is sure to put a smile on your face.

Australian band PARSNIP is set to bloom with their sophomore album, ‘Behold,’ a vibrant showcase of their sound, set for release on April 26, 2024.

Recorded over three years in three sessions, ‘Behold’ embodies Parsnip’s creative zenith, with all four members—Paris Richens, Carolyn Hawkins, Stella Rennex, and Rebecca Liston—bringing their multi-talents to the forefront. From the playful bass and tumbling drums to soaring guitars and sprightly keyboards, each track is a testament to the band’s collaborative spirit and musical agility.

Parsnip’s latest offering delves into themes of reassessment, growth, and understanding, anchored deeply in a sense of mystery and wonderment. With a mix of mature resolve and childlike astonishment, songs like “Papier-Mâché” and “Turn to Love” navigate the realms of consciousness with a blend of jangle pop and emotional complexity.

Upset The Rhythm and Anti Fade Records proudly anticipate the arrival of ‘Behold’ in record stores this April.

Chicago-based rock/pop-inspired shoegaze outfit OHPEN AHRMS is gearing up to drop their debut album, “Lying Beside You,” on March 15th, featuring the lead single “Don’t Look For Me There”.

The band’s sound draws from heavy progressive rock and 1980s/’90s album-oriented rock influences, blending winding layers of guitars, synths, and vocal harmonies.

Thematically, the album explores topics such as morality, trauma, spirituality, and mental well-being, reflecting on the complexities of the human experience.

Boston’s electrifying noise rock/punk trio MIRACLE BLOOD has inked a deal with Nefarious Industries, unveiling a new single/video, “Lobotomizer,” alongside a reissue of their debut LP, with a new album slated for later this year.

Known for their dynamic live shows and genre-defying sound, the band has been nominated for a Boston Music Award and shared stages with acts like Great Falls and Tree. “Lobotomizer,” produced by Alex Allinson and mastered by Brad Boatright, delves into the horrors of succumbing to societal pressures, while the accompanying video, crafted by Haunted Basement Productions, channels the band’s love for horror movies.

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LONE KODIAK drops a fresh vid for “Obvious States” straight off their debut LP, If We Have A Future.

Hitting us with scenes from Dainéal Parker’s real-deal wedding in the Scottish Highlands, this piece ain’t just eye candy—it’s deep, meshing personal vibes with grand landscapes. It’s like they’re serving up a slice of life against nature’s raw backdrop, making you feel all the feels about love, hope, and the rough patches of being.

X AMBASSADORS are setting the stage for their next act with the release of their new single “Your Town” off the forthcoming album ‘Townie.’

A nod to their beginnings, the track is a homage to their late music mentor, Todd Peterson, and spins a heartfelt yarn of their Ithaca upbringing. The full story of Peterson’s influence and the band’s roots in upstate New York can be found alongside the track.

As ‘Townie’ gears up for its April 5 release, it promises to unfold the tapestry of the band’s origin story, stitching together 12 tracks that paint their hometown in visceral detail. X AMBASSADORS, known for their collaborations with industry titans and their chart-topping hits like “Unsteady” and “Renegades,” are embarking on a tour across the UK and Europe, with a North American leg beginning April 5.

Marc Ribler drops a tribute to “The Dick Cavett Show” with his new music video “Dick Cavett,” featuring the legendary host himself alongside “Sopranos” stars Vincent Pastore and Maureen Van Zandt.

The track, part of Ribler’s latest album ‘Armageddon,’ brings a nostalgic homage to Cavett’s influence on rock ‘n’ roll and pop culture. Directed by Robert Bader, the video is a trip down memory lane, filled with vintage clips and a visit to Cavett’s Connecticut home. Celebrate 56 years of Cavett’s cultural impact with this star-studded music video.

BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE is back with “That’s Just How It Goes,” a track from their upcoming album “Meeting Themselves,” set for release on March 1 via Council Records.

Described as a doomsday anthem with a danceable twist, the song portrays a last-night-on-earth party, devoid of divine intervention but full of existential recklessness. Accompanied by a video that balances contemporary and nostalgic aesthetics, it sets the tone for the album’s theme of confronting the end with a spirited defiance. This third full-length effort was recorded in summer 2023 at Tiny Telephone studio with Meric Long of The Dodos, featuring contributions from Bay Area artists Yea-Ming Chen and Anna Hillburg.

NEW MODEL ARMY recently released their album “Unbroken,” which has achieved significant success on the worldwide album charts.

To celebrate, they’ve unveiled a lyric video for the song “Language.” Produced by Tchad Blake, the album features the band’s signature sound, focusing on rhythmic power while exploring new territories. The “Unbroken Tour” across Europe and the UK is about to kick off, promising electrifying performances for fans worldwide.

GRADUATION SPEECH unveils “Break the Curse,” a harbinger from their forthcoming EP, Arcane Feelings.

New Jersey’s indie-rock ensemble, with roots in Aspiga and Crucial Dudes, premieres the single exclusively on No Echo, signaling a shift towards a moodier, full-band sound. The track, along with the EP, is set to be released by Protagonist Music on March 1st, with a limited vinyl run. Accompanying the release, a Northeast tour is slated for March, featuring acts like Sadlands, Night Windows, and Broadcaster.

Force Field artists unite to flip the script on Valentine’s Day with their Anti V-Day Mixtape, Vol. X, featuring eclectic selections from a roster including A Beacon School and Peel Dream Magazine.

Dive into a diverse soundscape ranging from the tender melancholy of Glen Campbell to the raw punk energy of the Ramones. This year’s mix, a tradition since 2015, offers a refuge for the heartache-stricken and the cynics alike, proving that even on the most romantic day of the year, there’s a track for the loveless.

HELMET is hitting the road with a fresh tour, “LOOK LEFT TOUR,” and they’ve got the legendary Harley Flanagan’s CRO-MAGS rolling in as special guests.

The tour’s gonna blaze through from April to May, with more dates still to be announced. Fans are already buzzing, the comments section is lighting up with hype, and tickets are set to go live on Friday, February 16.


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BLAME MY YOUTH storms into heartbreak territory with their latest single, “Running.”

Co-written and produced by Joey Moi and Julio Tavarez, the track follows their recent hit, “The Break.” Seamlessly blending raw emotion with anthemic rock energy, “Running” sets the stage for the band’s upcoming debut album later this year.

Frontman Sean Van Vleet describes the song as a reflection on the self-inflicted pain of leaving someone too good for you, capturing the constant chase for a fleeting feeling over something real.

SUNDRIFTER’s latest studio release, “An Earlier Time,” is now available for streaming ahead of its official release on February 16th via Small Stone Recordings.

The Boston-based desert rock trio offers a blend of expansive atmospheric heavy rock, reminiscent of bands like Forming The Void and Abrahma, with a touch of ’90s alt-rock influence in vocalist Craig Peura’s delivery.

Described as the “consummate stoner/heavy rock album” by Everything Is Noise, “An Earlier Time” features eight immersive tracks that showcase SUNDRIFTER’s signature sound. With producer/mixer Dan Schwartz at the helm and mastering by Chris Goosman, the album promises a complete sonic experience, complemented by cover art from Branca Studio.

Following their debut, SCHUBMODUL dives deeper with their second album, “Lost In Kelp Forest,” set to release on February 23rd, 2024, under Tonzonen Records.

The band shared “Ascension,” the second single from this underwater-themed concept album, premiered by The Obelisk. Unlike its space-bound predecessor, “Lost In Kelp Forest” merges the trio’s blend of space, stoner, and progressive rock with narrations by Alma Chomel and Shane Wilson, crafting an immersive story amidst a dense atmospheric soundscape. The album, recorded at the legendary Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg, Germany, boasts a mix of dreamy passages, colossal riffs, and epic solos, inspired by the likes of Elder, King Buffalo, Dream Theater, and Hans Zimmer.

NYC-based outfit DR. SURE’s UNUSUAL PRACTICE drops their “Total Reality LP” via Erste Theke Tontraeger and Marthouse Records on April 19, 2024.

The album, a blend of punk, emo, and post-hardcore influences, tackles societal fatigue with a tongue-in-cheek approach, inspired by Philip K Dick’s existential themes. Led by Dougal Shaw, the band showcases a diverse sound palette, featuring contributions from a range of musicians, resulting in a fresh and inspired offering. Pre-orders for digital and vinyl formats are available now, offering listeners a taste of the band’s forward-thinking approach to punk music.

Norwegian noise rock trailblazers BARREN WOMB unveil their fifth full-length album, “Chemical Tardigrade,” via Fucking North Pole Records/Blues For The Red Sun.

The album, featuring eleven tracks, showcases the band’s signature dual vocals and offers a seamless blend of minimalism and intensity, according to Everything Is Noise. Reflecting on the album, the band describes the creative process as effortless and collaborative, exploring themes such as inequality, alienation, and escapism in the context of the tumultuous year 2024.

Recorded and mixed by Eirik Øien at Fjøset Lystudio, produced by Eirik Øien and Barren Womb, and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Music, “Chemical Tardigrade” promises an immersive sonic experience. With pre-orders set to launch soon, the album follows the success of their fourth release, “Lizard Lounge,” praised for its modern noise rock vibes akin to Daughters, Metz, and Viagra Boys.

Barren Womb’s relentless exploration of crude dynamics and powerful riffage continues to captivate audiences worldwide, with nearly 300 shows under their belt and appearances alongside esteemed acts like Entombed A.D., Voivod, and Nomeansno.

MAKE SURE, helmed by Auburn, Alabama’s own Joshua Aubrey Jackson, is set to drop their sophomore album ‘June’ on April 12.

Ahead of the release, Jackson unveils a new single, “Infinite Rail,” a track that resonates with ’80s and ’90s nostalgia, particularly for fans of the Tony Hawk skateboarding video games. Jackson playfully equates the game’s flawless balance cheat code to striving for healthy behaviors in life.

The album ‘June’ promises a blend of spiritual and conversational indie rock, expanding on the sound established in Jackson’s Tooth & Nail Records debut, ‘Ninjutsu.’ With a more expansive sonic palette, Jackson navigates the balance between emotional vulnerability and an inviting, evening-drive atmosphere.

The second song streaming from the “Frog In Boiling Water” album by DIIV is titled “Brown Paper Bag.”

The album is set to be released on May 24, 2024, and is available for pre-order in various formats including digital, vinyl, and CD. Produced by Chris Coady and written by DIIV, “Frog In Boiling Water” explores the themes of end-stage capitalism and overwhelming technological advancement across 10 tracks.

With their signature grand, hypnotic shoegaze sound, DIIV creates a work that delves into hope, beauty, and renewal amidst the collapse of society.

ADELPHYA just hit the live scene, and it’s like a melting pot where jazz-hip-hop vibes rub shoulders with electronic beats, while psychedelic rock throws shapes with groovy, danceable jams.

They’re mixing it up like your favorite playlist on shuffle – think cinematic scores getting down with some serious groove.

They’ve been cooking up this live session that’s eclectic and smooth as butter, served fresh. If you’re into progressive rock with a side of everything else under the sun, they’ve got you covered.

DEZ DARE is back, hitting us with “Gotta Cold Feeling” from the latest album drop, A Billion Goats.

A Billion Sparks. Fin., set to light up your playlists on March 1st, thanks to God Unknown Records. This 4th studio effort dives deeper into the abyss of sound, trading in the raw edge of frustration for a dive into sarcastic existentialism. We’re talking a full-blown quest into the big questions and those tiny, annoying bits of life that stick in your head.

The man behind the music, an Aussie sound wizard with over three decades in the game, has crafted 11 tracks that poke at reality, time, and the bizarre ways we bump into them. Expect a soundscape stacked with synths, noise, and guitar pedals, all aimed at unraveling the fabric of existence, from last moments tunes to battling the backward slide of modern society. DEZ DARE’s DIY roots from Geelong’s punk scene bleed through, shaping a record that’s as much about noise as it is about navel-gazing into our collective existential dread. “Gotta Cold Feeling” isn’t just a single; it’s a gateway to questioning everything, underscored by DEZ’s take on the world’s mundane monologues turning time on its head.

Dischord Records just dropped J. ROBBINS’ sophomore solo masterpiece, Basilisk, hitting the vinyl and digital world hard. This week, the man himself, flanked by his full band posse, hits the road for an East Coast to Midwest sonic invasion, with dive-bombs scheduled in Brooklyn, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and DC, among other hot spots.

From Columbus’ Ace of Cups to Minneapolis’ Palmer’s for the Caterwaul Music Festival, Robbins is bringing Basilisk to life across the states. Check the dates HERE, drop by Dischord or Bandcamp to grab the album, and catch the wave as it rolls through a city near you. It’s not just a tour; it’s an auditory experience, no frills attached.

Brighton-based trio GAFFA TAPE SANDY has unveiled details of their upcoming album titled “Hold My Hand, God Damn It,” slated for release on May 31st, 2024, through Alcopop! Records.

Accompanying the announcement is the lead single ‘Scrapbook,’ released on February 15th, 2024, featuring a captivating riff and gang vocals weaving around a soaring chorus melody. The track marks a significant moment for the band as it is primarily written by bassist Catherine Lindley-Neilson, showcasing a new collaborative approach to songwriting.

In addition to the album reveal, the band has announced an extensive UK headline tour scheduled for September 2024, with tickets set to go on sale on February 19th, 2024.

Virkelighedsfjern label from Copenhagen, Denmark, presents “Empires,” the debut album from the band LOPHIUS.

Scheduled for release on March 1, 2024, the album offers a fusion of Stoner, Doom, and punk, creating a groovy and aggressive style of sludge.

Brindisi-based alternative band **MOONOISES** is set to release their debut album, titled “SHE – THE VOID,” on March 8, 2024.

Available for pre-order now, the album promises a unique blend of blackgaze, new wave, post-metal, post-rock, and shoegaze influences.

CROWBAR gears up for a headlining US tour this Spring, from March 30th to April 14th.

With support from Morbid Visionz, they’ll perform special sets from their iconic albums at the Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest in Philadelphia and a unique Rocks Off Concert Cruise in New York City. Dive into a mix of their crushing classics and tracks from their latest album, Zero And Below.


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Caleb Landry Jones, known for his acting roles in notable TV shows and films, including “Get Out” and “Twin Peaks: The Return,” announces his fourth album, “Hey Gary, Hey Dawn,” set to release on April 5, 2024, via Sacred Bones.

Accompanying the announcement is the lead single, “Corn Mine,” which showcases Jones exploring a theatrically ominous sound over a scuzzy, garage rock waltz. The spectral video for the single features Jones in a miniature version of a corn mine, adding to the song’s eerie atmosphere.

Currently, Jones is in the midst of a month-long residency at C-Boy’s in Austin, Texas, which will culminate in a performance at SXSW. This residency precedes a series of planned US and international tours, promising to bring the electrifying energy of the album to audiences worldwide. Directors Lewie & Noah Kloster share insights into the making of the video, describing the creative process behind bringing the concept of the “Corn Mine” to life.

Birmingham-based post punk infused noise-rock trio MUTES shares ‘Televangelist,’ set to drop on February 16th, 2024.

This single serves as a precursor to their upcoming fourth studio album, titled ‘…buried where you stand,’ scheduled for release on May 17th, 2024, through No Sound Records. Recorded entirely live as a three-piece with Mark Gittins at Megatone Studios, ‘Televangelist’ delivers a sub-three-minute burst of existential crisis wrapped in new-wave wooze and punk-rock energy.

“Inner Space” by TRAUM is now available for streaming on Bandcamp.

This track, part of their self-titled album, showcases the band’s mastery in blending psychedelia, krautrock, and dark ambient elements. With smooth layers of synth and the addition of saxophone, Traum creates an immersive sonic experience that invites listeners into a pre-apocalyptic seance of meditation. Explore the depths of “Inner Space” and pre-order the limited edition 12″ vinyl before it ships out on or around March 1, 2024.

Post Punk

Post Punk / New Wave / Dark Wave

Syf Records proudly presents “MIMIKYU – nagrania roku bieżącego,” the latest release from the vibrant music scene of Szczecin, Poland.

This debut tape from the talented band mimikyu showcases their exploration of dark yet lively post-punk in a refreshing manner.

Wax Donut Records is set to release a tribute album, “New Wave Donut,” featuring contemporary bands covering new wave classics.

The compilation will showcase Night Goat, Wipes, Bovine Nightmares, and others reinterpreting tracks by Ministry, Eurythmics, Gary Numan, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and more. Treble has premiered two songs: Science Man’s cover of Suburban Lawns’ “Gossip” and Bovine Nightmares’ version of Eurythmics’ “Here Comes The Rain Again.” “New Wave Donut” is due out March 1st, with a limited edition vinyl on random colors available for preorder. Digital downloads will also be accessible as singles from the individual bands. The album is a nod to the original new wave/post-punk era, reimagined through a heavier lens by today’s underground artists.

AVERSIONS’ EP might have hit the scene in 2023, but it’s fresh on Spotify and still slinging that dynamic post-punk spirit with a twist of ’80s post-hardcore punch.

Think The Smiths’ moody vibes crashing into The Pixies’ raw energy. These East Vancouver grafters embody the grind with their art-meets-life mantra, slapping down muscular riffs, unexpected bass grooves, and sledgehammer beats. Frontman Sam Coll dishes out acidic commentary on life’s big and small scenes, as AVERSIONS both praise and poke at the paradoxes of their hometown.

For a deep dive into their vintage post-punk sound, hit up the special feature HERE.

French post-punk quartet NOT SCIENTISTS, nestled in the cradle of the French Alps, marks a decade of evocative soundscapes with their latest work. The band just shared new live video, definitely worth your time.

After their initial splash with an EP and a debut album, their collaborative project with the venerated HARD-ONS set the stage for their sophomore album ‘Golden Staples,’ released via Kidnap Music and Rookie Records. This offering slowed things down, weaving in New Wave threads into their tapestry, resulting in a sound that captivates with its unexpected turns.

With the backing of Kicking Records in France and Kidnap and Rookie Records in Germany, NOT SCIENTISTS have forged a new trail, one that strays from the well-trodden path into a thicket bristling with creativity.

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GVLLOW’s latest album “Twin Flames” is out now via Execution Posse & Sumerian Records, showcasing his journey of emotional growth and sonic evolution.

The album features a mix of re-recorded fan-favorite hits and new material, reflecting the artist’s progression through life. Tracks like “Other Side” highlight GVLLOW’s dynamic range and introspective lyricism, while maintaining a blend of familiar and fresh sounds.

With over 41 million streams on Spotify and a significant following, GVLLOW’s eclectic sound draws from influences ranging from ’80s new wave to post punk to SoCal punk rock. Born and raised in Riverside, California, his musical journey began in the local punk scene before venturing into DJing and collaborations with artists like Ghostemane and Lil Peep. “Twin Flames” marks another chapter in GVLLOW’s artistic exploration, solidifying his status as an innovator in blending multiple genres.

Dublin/London’s post-punk crew SCATTERED ASHES shares new single, hitting the UK roads this February 2024, jamming with Meryl Streek.

The tour kicks off 16th February at Canvas 2 in Manchester, wraps on the 29th at The George Tavern in London, and tickets are up for grabs now.

Dive into their latest single ‘Battles,’ a raw narrative on addiction’s grip, available for streaming and sharing. With vocals that echo the somber truths of life’s harsh struggles and the promise of change, SCATTERED ASHES deliver a sound steeped in the tradition of post-punk introspection.

The Granada-based duo ALONDRA GALOPA returns with their latest single “Ahora,” serving as a bridge between their 2023 EP and their upcoming EP2, both set to be released on vinyl.

The single, accompanied by a lyric video, emerged from a rehearsal session and captures a moment of inspiration. Although not originally intended for the upcoming EP, the band decided to release it as a preview while they finalize their new material. “Ahora” explores themes of new beginnings and transformation, reflecting the band’s unique blend of post-punk, shoegaze, and pop.

Oakland’s post-punk act STATES OF NATURE drops their debut album, “Brighter Than Before,” today, delivering a spirited blend of frenetic rock ‘n’ roll.

Produced by Jack Shirley, the album features standout singles like “Papered News” and “New Foundations,” alongside eight other tracks that balance danceability with introspection. Accompanying the release is a music video for “Papered News,” directed by Lauren R. M. The album is available on vinyl and digital formats from Sell the Heart Records (US), Little Rocket Records (UK), and Epidemic Records (IT).

With a sound that resonates urgency and contemplation, St on “Brighter Than Before,” a record that captures the moodates of Nature emerges as one of the Bay Area’s most refreshing acts, blending familiar rock and post punk elements with contemporary flair of the moment.

Bristolian post-punk crew KNIVES drop their latest single, ‘Doppelganger,’ on February 16th, tackling the issue of homophobia in the music scene.

With a pop twist on punk, the band dives into the UK alternative circuit, delivering robust basslines and fiery vocals reminiscent of a punk town crier. ‘Doppelganger’ sheds light on the disingenuous nature of music labels, exposing queerbaiting tactics for financial gain and urging industry inclusivity.

The track serves as a teaser for Knives’ upcoming EP, ‘What We See In Their Eyes,’ inspired by frustration with individuals challenging Bristol’s friendly reputation. Comprised of Maddy Hill, Dan Farren, Josh Cook, Ben Marshall, Erin Cook, and Jay Schottlander, Knives have gained attention for their chaotic live sets and sold-out performances. ‘Doppelganger’ and its accompanying music video drop on February 16th, with a single release show at The Hope and Ruin in Brighton on February 22nd.

EKKO ASTRAL just unleashed “baethoven,” a new single that’s straight-up stirring the pot in the garage rock infused post punk.

Jael Holzman leads the charge with vocals that pack a punch, while Liam Hughes shreds on lead guitar and organ. Sam Elmore’s got the rhythm guitar on lock, with Guinevere Tully laying down the bass lines, and Miri Tyler killing it on drums.

Produced by Jeremy Snyder, this track is for those who feel the pain of being themselves, served up with a side of gritty guitars and a no-wave, noise-rock edge.

SAVAGE REPUBLIC detonates the post-punk landscape with their electrifying new live album, ‘Live in Wrocław January 7, 2023’, captured during a tour stop in Poland.

This live opus, mixed by Kerry Dowling, distills the band’s ferocious essence across decades into a singular, explosive experience. Not just a concert recording but a historical axis, it vividly encapsulates the band’s evolution from their 1980s inception to the present. The simultaneous release of a raw live performance video for “Year of Exile” offers a visceral glimpse into the band’s dynamic stage presence, underlining the timeless relevance and unbridled energy of Savage Republic’s craft.

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Old School Metal / Death Metal / Black Metal / Thrash Metal / Sludge Metal / Doom Metal / Heavy Metal / Modern Metal / Alternative Metal / Modern, Melodic Metalcore

KITTIE, the pioneering Queens of Metal, just dropped “Eyes Wide Open,” their first new music in 13 years, alongside a dark and powerful music video.

Celebrating their signing with Sumerian Records, this track, produced by Nick Raskulinecz, marks a bold return, blending their signature raw intensity with an evolved sound. Morgan Lander, Kittie’s co-founder, shares the excitement of this unexpected comeback, thanking Sumerian for believing in them. Ash Avildsen of Sumerian highlights Kittie’s influential role in heavy music, praising their latest work as potentially their greatest since their debut. “Eyes Wide Open” delves into themes of truth, trust, and betrayal, representing a fiery resurgence of creativity for the band. This release signals not just a return but a reassertion of Kittie’s dominance in the metal scene.

BLACK TUSK, the Savannah, Georgia-based metal outfit, is gearing up for the release of their new album “The Way Forward,” set to unleash their raw and intense sound on April 26, 2024.

Recorded at Hidden Audio in Rincon, GA, and produced by Chris “Scary” Adams, this album marks a new chapter for the band, showcasing their relentless energy and uncompromising approach to metal, sludge, and punk. Lead single “Brushfire” sets the tone with its mean and foot-stomping riff, while tracks like “Dance On Your Grave” and “Breath Of Life” promise to ignite pits and raise fists with their rough and rowdy vibe. With a renewed lineup, BLACK TUSK is ready to charge forward with their signature swamp metal sound, hitting harder than ever.

Experimental metal outfit SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY drops “Relapses” today, a re-edit of their 2023 album “Distractions,” via Good Fight Music.

Spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist Drew Slavik, the record blends electronic elements with grindcore and avant-garde noise. Accompanying the release is a twisted short film for “Desired Departure,” directed by Moses Demartino and featuring a bloody narrative.

The band embarks on a U.S. headline tour in April, supported by labelmates MouthBreather, Mutilatred, and others.

French band ARO ORA unleashes their latest single and music video, “A People Defiled,” offering a glimpse into their upcoming album, “The Twelfth Hour,” slated for self-produced release on March 22nd.

The track blends modern death metal, prog, and atmospheric metal vibes, appealing to fans of Gojira, Meshuggah, and Fit For An Autopsy. The accompanying video, a mysterious thriller set in rural environs, explores themes of division imposed by leaders and the impact of work on culture and art.

Bassist Clément Douam shares insights into the video’s storyline, teasing viewers with its intriguing narrative.

The French thrash-hardcore crew EIGHT SINS just dropped a bomb with their new video “Too Old For This Shit.”

They ain’t new kids on the block either; these guys have been shredding since ’06 and ain’t slowing down. Their latest crusade? The album ‘STRAIGHT TO NAMEK,’ which is already out there throwing punches on CD, LP, and all the digital battlegrounds like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon, backed up by Victory Vision Agency.

These dudes are the real deal, marinating their sound in the gritty essence of American Thrash and that raw New York Hardcore scene. Fast, loud, and tighter than your ex’s skinny jeans, EIGHT SINS is all about that stage life, where they serve up chaos like nobody’s business.

Don’t get it twisted, though; EIGHT SINS ain’t rookies. They’ve been at this game for a hot minute, with a debut album ‘Straight Hate’ and a string of face-melters following that. And now, with ‘STRAIGHT TO NAMEK,’ they’re just flexing on us all. For those who vibe with the likes of Slayer and Municipal Waste, you’re gonna wanna crank this up. Beers and moshpits, y’all – it’s what EIGHT SINS is all about.

WESTON SUPER MAIM, a UK/US tech metal collaboration, gears up for their March debut LP release, “See You Tomorrow Baby,” with a new video for “Autistic Kill Trance,” premiered by Metal Injection.

The track features guest vocals from Stace Fifield and Stuart Henley-Minchington of Blindfolded And Led To The Woods. The duo, consisting of UK multi-instrumentalist Tom Stevens and US vocalist Seth Detrick, blends complex time signatures and dissonant grooves, drawing influence from Meshuggah to Crowbar. “See You Tomorrow Baby” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Stevens, featuring contributions from Chad Kapper (Frontierer) and Ian Waye (Soreption), and visually unified by UK artist JoyPolloi’s artwork.

The track aims to express the intense anger and psychosis following the loss of a loved one, with Stevens praising the unique aggression and talent of their guest vocalists.

Swedish crust/grind band CHILD has unleashed a new track, “Creative Inventions Of Killing,” from their upcoming album “Shitegeist,” slated for release on March 29th via Suicide Records.

The single, described as a “raucous and ravaging storm of despair and rage,” is accompanied by pulsating grooves that drive its relentless momentum. Founded by Albin Sköld and Alex Stjernfeldt in 2015, CHILD blends grindcore, punk, and hardcore into a caustic sonic blend, with the band’s second album promising a furious fusion of grindcore, crust punk, death-metal, and noise rock.

Ohio death metal outfit MUTILATION BARBECUE is set to release their debut full-length album, “Amalgamations Of Gore,” via Maggot Stomp on March 29th.

The album promises nine tracks of pure savagery, featuring rapid-fire blastbeats, mid-paced stomping, and incinerating solos reminiscent of genre titans like Dying Fetus and Pyrexia. Recorded by the band members themselves, the album was mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dear Air Studios and features cover art by Colter Masson.

Spawned in 2019 from the ashes of death-thrash band Subtype Zero, MUTILATION BARBECUE has quickly made a mark on the local scene with their catchy, groove-thick death metal sound. The lead single from the album, “Auto Anthropophagy,” exemplifies their intense and brutal style, exploring themes of the cycle of life and death through Chris Fredrick’s unique lyrical lens.

THE LAST OF LUCY is gearing up to drop their latest sonic bomb, *Godform*, on May 12, 2024, via God Unknown Records.

This album marks a fresh chapter for the band, dialing up the intensity with 11 tracks that venture deeper into technical death metal, mathcore, and even touches of brutal death metal. Shedding light on their evolution, they’ve managed to refine their sound, keeping the technical wizardry and ferocious energy intact while weaving in a more cohesive and varied blend of sounds compared to their previous work, *Moksha*.

Ahead of the release, fans can get an early taste with two tracks available for streaming: “Wormhole” and “Empyreal Banisher”, showcasing the band’s knack for blending extreme metal ferocity with intricate musicianship.

MOURNING DAWN just dropped “Midnight Sun,” the latest video off their new album “The Foam of Despair.”

The French black-doom metal vanguards continue their deep dive into dark sonics with this sixth studio release, available now via Aesthetic Death and Tragedy Productions.

The album packs a punch with tracks like “Tomber du temps” and “Blue Pain,” plus a bonus “Midnight Sun” on the CD edition. Known for their blackened doom sound and harrowing vocals, MOURNING DAWN’s latest work pushes into new territories, embracing industrial tones and a raw, confident energy that cements their place in the metal realm.

DEMONICERA, ripping through the HM2 death metal scene, has unleashed their latest single, “Crawling Through Flesh”.

Hailing from the mountainous terrains of Innsbruck, Austria, they’re on the hunt for media exposure—interviews, reviews, and airwaves domination.

If the raw, relentless sound of bands like Baest, LIK, and Dismember gets your blood pumping, then gear up for an audio onslaught. Media folks, if you’ve got an appetite for intense riffs and bone-crushing beats, reach out and snag the opportunity to feature Demonicera’s dark craft.

LEATHER LUNG is unleashing their latest single, “Guilty Pleasure,” as a sneak peek into their upcoming album, “Graveside Grin.”

This Boston-based quintet is known for their gritty, headbanging tunes that blend stoner metal, doom, and unapologetic sludge into a heavy, catchy mix. The album is set to drop on March 15, 2024, promising a dose of substance-fueled boogie metal that fans have been eagerly awaiting.

With their roots in the punk and hardcore scene of Boston, LEATHER LUNG has built a solid reputation over the years, releasing EPs and gaining critical acclaim.

LEACH drops “All Rise,” a thunderous anti-war anthem sparked by the turmoil in Ukraine, forging a raw outcry against conflict and a nod to the unyielded.

With their eyes firmly on the injustice tearing through Europe, Swedish metallers channel their fury into a relentless soundwave, mirroring the defiance found in the annals of metal’s anti-war legacies. Slated as a precursor to their forthcoming album “New Model Of Disbelief,” LEACH not only crafts a soundtrack for resistance but also sets the stage for an audial onslaught due April 19, 2024.

Dive into the deep end with MONOVOTH’s latest drop, “Pleroma Mortem Est,” a solemn nod to the big sleep, an avant-doom manifesto that challenges you to find meaning in the darkness.

This one-man instrumental Doom/Drone Metal project outta Argentina is serving up a heavy platter on Bandcamp, complete with CD, cassette, and digital formats, not to mention an exclusive T-shirt bundle for the true heads. It’s like a dark, melancholic lullaby that guides you through death’s many faces, from its cold embrace to the final nod of acceptance.

“Pleroma Mortem Est,” plunges listeners into the depths of existential exploration through the haunting sounds of instrumental Doom/Drone Metal. Originating in Argentina in 2021, Monovoth’s journey has evolved since its self-titled debut in 2022, delving deeper into Funeral Doom Metal territory with this new release.

Released on February 16th, 2024, through Trepanation Recordings (UK), “Pleroma Mortem Est” comprises six tracks that serve as a profound exploration of mortality and the human condition. Lucas Wyssbrod, the mastermind behind Monovoth, crafts an ethereal soundscape that guides listeners through the stages of confronting death – from fear to mourning, and ultimately, acceptance.

Drawing inspiration from existentialist philosophy and science fiction, the album’s narrative reflects the Sartrean notion of individual responsibility in the face of mortality. Much like Camus’ exploration of finding meaning in an absurd world, “Pleroma Mortem Est” invites listeners on a journey to seek understanding amidst the darkness, serving as a poignant soundtrack to the human experience.

FURZE is back with some fresh darkness called “Post Mortem Trippin’,” teasing us with a glimpse into their eighth circle of sonic hell, “Caw Entrance.”

Dropping on April 5th, 2024, this beast will be unleashed in all shapes and forms – CDs, LPs, cassettes, and for the digital heads, too, all thanks to the cats at Devoted Art Propaganda and Polytriad Fingerprints. You can sling some coin their way now to snag a pre-order and cop an exclusive A2 poster to boot.

They’re diving deep into the black psych metal abyss with “Caw Entrance,” serving up a mix of fresh and ferocious tracks alongside a reimagined banger, “Avail the Autocrat of Evil,” now heavier and nastier. Woe J. Reaper, the mastermind behind the madness, is straight-up saying, “Forget your speakers; this album’s a headphone-only trip.” They’ve cooked up something so intricate, you’ll miss the magic without some cans on your ears. FURZE ain’t just about blasting riffs; it’s a head-trip into the psyche, challenging norms and pushing boundaries.

PAIN, the industrial metal behemoth helmed by the Swedish artist Peter Tägtgren, has just unleashed their latest single, “Revolution.”

This track, released on September 15, 2023, encapsulates the essence of PAIN’s signature sound—melding the raw aggression of metal, punk rush with the cold precision of industrial tones.

MNRK Heavy has inked a worldwide deal with Cleveland’s A KILLER’S CONFESSION, fronted by former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis.

The band’s first single under the label, “Greed,” is set to drop on March 15th, with a full-length studio album expected in the fall. Reavis expressed excitement about the partnership, citing MNRK Heavy as the right fit for AKC’s growth. The band, which has released three studio albums and collaborated with industry heavyweights like Brian “Head” Welch (Korn) and Chad Gray (Mudvayne, HELLYEAH), is poised for a new chapter under MNRK’s banner.

In a recent release from Inverse Records, Finnish metal band KOITOS unveiled their latest single, “Kaaostila,” from their upcoming debut album.

The track promises a raw and heavier sound compared to its predecessor, with subtle hints of black metal adding depth to the music.

Vocalist Matti Hiitti offers insight into the song’s theme, describing it as an exploration of the emotional voids created by humans, leading to confusion, chaos, isolation, and anxiety. Through the perspective of an observer, the song delves into the exploitation of these voids by individuals promoting violent and distorted ideologies.

KING YOSEF, the industrial-metal maestro, just unleashed the music video for “Shame’s Mirror,” fresh off his sonic expeditions across Australia and Japan.

This track, a haunting blend of industrial-rock grit and Yosef’s evocative vocals, marks his latest strike in the music scene, backed by heavyweight collaborators like Kurt Ballou and Steve Evetts, with Arthur Rizk handling the mastering. It’s a mix that’s keeping the industrial-metal fire burning bright into the 2020s, hitting a sweet spot Revolver Magazine calls the midpoint between Godflesh and Jesus Piece.

Now, gearing up to storm the US alongside HEALTH, KING YOSEF is set to bring his industrial-metal synthesis to stages nationwide starting March 2nd. With “Shame’s Mirror” and more new singles offering a glimpse into his evolving soundscape, Yosef continues to challenge the boundaries of genre and personal storytelling.

Brace yourselves for the maelstrom of Brazilian death thrash metal from 4BanneD with their latest release, the “Night of Sacrifice” lyric video.

This fiery preview heralds the arrival of their eagerly awaited debut album, “Sanatorium,” set to erupt into the metal scene on March 3, 2024, under the banner of Wormholedeath label.

Crafted in the sonic forge of Casanegra studio in São Paulo by Rafael Augusto Lopes and featuring the shredding solos of Andre Zaza Hernandes (of Angra, Andre Matos, Capella fame), “Sanatorium” promises a blend of ferocity and finesse.

Enter the darkness of “Night of Sacrifice” now and gear up for the full force of “Sanatorium.”

MIDNIGHT rolls out “Nuclear Savior”, a fresh cut from their upcoming record “Hellish Expectations”, landing March 8th via Metal Blade Records.

Check it for a raw taste of Black ‘n’ Roll below.

Led by Athenar, the band’s one-man force, MIDNIGHT is known for their gritty blend of metal and punk. The band will be hitting the stage in various locations including Los Angeles, Australia, and Europe, promising a raucous live experience for fans.

Portland death metal outfit WITCH VOMIT gears up for the release of their third LP, “Funeral Sanctum,” slated for April 5th on 20 Buck Spin.

Leading up to the album drop, they unleash the single “Blood Of Abomination” alongside preorders. The album promises a blend of dark melodicism and relentless brutality, with tracks like “Dominion Of A Darkened Realm” showcasing their signature ferocity. Recorded and mixed by Evan Mersky and mastered by Dan Lowndes, the album features cover art by Matt Stikker and additional art by Lucas Forte.

Dive into the hallucinogenic death/doom world of SLIMELORD with their new single “Tidal Slaughtermarsh,” now streaming ahead of their debut LP, Chytridiomycosis Relinquished, set for a March 8th release via 20 Buck Spin.

This UK-based ensemble crafts a dense, mythical soundscape that intertwines elements of ancient lore and environmentalism with a hefty dose of supernatural horror.

As they gear up for a release show in London and a European tour, fans of a broad spectrum of metal from Disembowlment to Gojira are in for a uniquely immersive journey.

DELIRIA, the post-black metal outfit hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, has unveiled details about their upcoming full-length album, “Phantasm.”

Set for release on May 3, 2024, “Phantasm” delves into dark themes and the murky realities of daily struggles, following their 2017 album “Nausea.” The title track is already available digitally, accompanied by a lyric video.

Formed in 2017 by David Scanlon (DAWN OF OUROBOROS) and later joined by vocalist Adam Rupp (KILL THE MESSENGER), DELIRIA expanded with drummer Jared Klein (RIVERS OF NIHIL) for their debut album. Their live lineup was solidified with guitarist Brent Rockwell (THE UNDYING) and Jade Forsythe (EMBRIUM). With their second full-length album, “Phantasm,” featuring Andrew Baird (FALLUJAH) on drums and the addition of drummer Brandon Clevenstine (SYMBOLIK), DELIRIA continues to explore existential dread and melancholic melodies, drawing inspiration from bands like KATATONIA and BLUE ÖYSTER CULT.

Lifeforce Records has ushered in the latest opus from PRAISE THE PLAGUE, titled “Suffocating In The Current Of Time,” now ripe for pre-order.

The new album promises a profound blend of atmospheric black and doom metal, honed since their emergence in 2018. With an ethos of balancing the majesty of doom and the malevolent energy of black metal, the band has continued to evolve their sound.

The first single offers a glimpse into the band’s refined sonic alchemy. PRAISE THE PLAGUE is praised for their skill in creating tension and seamlessly interweaving melodies across their compositions. The album is lauded for its atmospheric depth, with tracks like “Veil of Tyrants” and “Throne of Decay” building from echoing notes into chaotic climaxes. Critics have noted the album’s articulate aesthetic and its capacity to shift from urgent black metal spikes to ominous, melancholic marches. Fans and new listeners alike can expect a polished, heavy, and atmospheric journey with “Suffocating In The Current Of Time.”

US surrealistic death metal band ABERRATION announces their debut full-length album, “Refracture,” set to drop on March 22, 2024, in various formats including LP, CD, MC, and digital.

The album’s unveiling comes with an exclusive stream of the track “Interstitial Enmity” via Decibel Magazine, showcasing Aberration’s unique blend of harsh feedback, dissonant riffs, and chaotic atmospheres.

Formed by members of Void Rot, Suffering Hour, and Nothingness, Aberration’s “Refracture” delves into mind-bending, obliterating territories of dark death metal, reshaping the boundaries of experimental USDM. With dissonance as their weapon and surrealism as their medium, Aberration challenges conventional definitions, offering listeners a journey into an anti-reality where consciousness is refractured into the depths of absurdity and frenzy.

UZZIEL is storming the scene with their latest single “Captured By Emptiness”, an exploration of mental health themes through the lens of Thrash and Groove Metal.

Hailing from Linz, Austria, and signed to NRT-Records, Uzziel’s new track delves deep into the realms of self-doubt, depression, and the often invisible battles with mental health. Drawing comparisons to heavyweights like Sepultura and Pro-Pain, “Captured By Emptiness” not only showcases Uzziel’s musical prowess but also their commitment to shedding light on important societal issues.

Set to release on February 9th, 2024, this single signifies a pivotal moment for the band, echoing a call to be mindful of those around us facing unseen struggles.

The renowned Japanese death metal outfit COFFINS is set to unleash their new album “Sinister Oath” on March 29, 2024, via Relapse Records.

The album, recorded in Tokyo ahead of the band’s 25th anniversary, promises to deliver their signature blend of frenzied OSDM and plodding doom. Featuring tracks like “Spontaneous Rot” and “Things Infestation,” “Sinister Oath” encapsulates COFFINS’ raw and uncompromising sound, firmly establishing them as stalwarts of the death metal scene.

Pre-orders for various formats are available now.

Italian death metal outfit CHARUN has unveiled their debut album, “Impending Decline,” set for release on March 29 via New Density Records.

Formed in 2021 after the dissolution of melodic death metal group Coram Lethe, CHARUN represents a relentless force of classic death metal aggression. Comprising Francesco Miatto on drums, Deimos on guitar, Simone Pirisi on bass, and Mario Di Cecile on rhythm guitar and vocals, the band forges ahead with their sonic onslaught, fueled by their collective determination. Recorded by Jacopo Pettini at Virus Recording Studio in Monteriggioni, Italy, “Impending Decline” features five tracks that delve deeper into the band’s extreme ethos while carving out their own distinct path in the genre.

Fans of Morbid Angel, Immolation, Deicide, and Emperor will find much to appreciate in CHARUN’s uncompromising sound.

FORGOTTEN IN PROGRESS drops “These Words,” blending metalcore angst with a cinematic twist.

Straight outta Styria, Forgotten in Progress is making waves with their latest single “These Words,” a track that’s as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the ears, thanks to its accompanying music video. Released on November 11th, 2023, and produced with the creative minds at Achromatic Studio, this single delves deep into themes of loss and goodbye, setting a new bar for what we can expect from the Austrian metal scene. Marrying the raw energy of metalcore with the finesse of cinematic storytelling, “These Words” is the capstone of their EP “Faded Memories/Unknown Future,” wrapping up a significant phase for the band with style.

RITUAL WARFARE unleashes their latest onslaught with “Stench and Steel,” a raw and unapologetic fusion of metal, thrash, crust, and death metal from Halifax, NS, Canada.

Born from boredom and self-destruction, their music is a visceral expression of chaos and aggression, fueled by the demons of alcohol and the urge to rebel against societal norms.

With “Stench and Steel,” RITUAL WARFARE delivers a relentless barrage of poison death noise, embracing the ugliness of existence with ferocious intensity.

KOLOSSUS drops “Arma” EP, flexing their technical melodic metal muscles straight out of Finland.

From the frostbitten landscapes of Joensuu, Kolossus unleashes “Arma,” a testament to their mastery in weaving technical prowess with melodic intensity.

Known for their heavy homage to legends like Strapping Young Lad and In Flames, this EP marks another milestone in their journey since the 2015 inception. Following the viral success of “Suljetut silmät” from their debut “Veritas,” “Arma” delves deep into the spectrum of human emotion, balancing darkness with sparks of hope.

No Clean Singing is premiering “Demonizer,” the latest single from Bay Area metal trio HANDS OF GORO, featuring members of Spirit Adrift, Nite, and Slough Feg.

The track offers a relentless, speed demon experience, blending galloping drums, feverish bass, and riotous riffing. Set to drop on March 1st, the song precedes the band’s eponymous debut LP, which promises elements of anthemic, epic heavy metal with hints of punk and classic rock. The album was recorded in secret rooms and underground spaces across San Francisco, capturing the band’s raw energy and diverse influences. HANDS OF GORO will celebrate the release with a hometown record show on February 24th.

German avant-garde black metal pioneers FARSOT unleash their highly anticipated fourth opus, “Life Promised Death,” today, February 16, 2024.

Vocalist X.XIX delves into the enigmatic concept of life, pondering its elusive nature amidst a world consumed by self-centered pursuits and existential turmoil. The album, now available for streaming in its entirety, delves into a realm where darkness reigns supreme, with tracks like “Nausea” and “Chimera” serving as haunting reflections of life’s complexities. With influences from grunge adding a surprising twist to their signature sound, FARSOT’s latest offering promises a captivating journey through the shadows, embodying 25 years of artistic evolution and introspection.

BESOTTEN and FUNERALIC, two of Portland, OR’s most malevolent forces, collaborate on “Abyssal Synodality,” a joint venture into the depths of darkness.

With four tracks of relentless death and ethereal doom, this record promises a journey of self-sacrifice and inner understanding. Besotten kicks off the descent with ripping death and haunting doom, while Funerelic follows with chaotic hymns of iniquitous death worship. “Abyssal Synodality” is a cryptic journey into the unknown, marking a monumental record of TOTAL NORTHWEST DEATH.

Death metal band ACRID DEATH has unleashed their debut album ‘ABOMINABLE PRESENCE OF BLIGHT,’ featuring a sickening symphony of old school HM-2 powered death metal, bone-crushing grooves, and pulverizing rhythms.

Formed during the 2020 pandemic by members of ALL ITS GRACE, DRIVEN BY ENTROPY, and SYNCHRONIC, the German hellhounds have signed with Rising Nemesis Records, aiming to ravage the underground with their masterpiece of death.

‘ABOMINABLE PRESENCE OF BLIGHT’ delivers chainsaw riffs, putrid vocals, and a hellish atmosphere, burning through a tight album that leaves no grave unturned. With every available second utilized to render flesh from bones, the album summons an unstoppable otherworldly force, creating a death metal massacre.

Canadian thrash metal veterans AGGRESSION are set to release their new album “Frozen Aggressors” in December 2023 through Massacre Records.

Known for their ferocious energy and as part of the 80’s Thrash Metal movement, AGGRESSION has come back strong after disbanding in 1989. With a tumultuous history involving substance abuse and legal issues, the band’s resurgence in Vancouver, British Columbia, has seen them releasing new material and touring extensively in North America and Europe.

The current lineup includes Denis “Sasquatch” Barthe on vocals and guitar, Dave “Watts” Watson on guitar, Kyle “Viking” Hagen on vocals and bass, and Ryan “Quatchi” Idris on drums, proving to be one of their most formidable yet.


Experimental / Noise / Jazz / Avant-Garde

Forge into the realm where man and machine converge with the debut EP “Cybernetics” from DON GOG, out via Barbacka Sthlm.

Melding trip-hop, jazz, and electronica, this project offers an immersive journey into futuristic landscapes, accompanied by the focus single “Tilt,” injecting a playful twist into the eclectic sound.

Blending influences from Massive Attack, Portishead, and Tricky, DON GOG crafts a sonic odyssey exploring artificial intelligence and the dynamic interplay between man and machine. With contributions from Fofo Altinell, UMA E, and Katja Reimers, “Cybernetics” promises a multidimensional experience that challenges conventions and blurs genre boundaries. Stay tuned for a release that transcends musical norms and ventures into uncharted territories.

N8NOFACE and PLANET B join forces on a captivating split 7” EP, blending diverse influences into a sonic tapestry that defies categorization.

N8NOFACE brings a unique blend of chiptune, darkwave synthpunk, and Narcocorrido storytelling, creating an exhilarating and cathartic experience reminiscent of punk rock and hip-hop’s rebellious energy. On the other side, PLANET B, comprised of Justin Pearson, Luke Henshaw, Kevin Avery, and Scott Osment, crafts music rooted in hip hop, hardcore punk, and horror movie scores. Collaborating with Ms.BOAN, they delve into moody and experimental synth-pop, infusing elements of coldwave and EBM with a dramatic, emotional spirit. Available digitally and on limited edition color vinyl, this release promises an electrifying auditory journey for listeners.

In the sonic melting pot of Episode 36 of Cult and Culture Podcast, Justin Pearson and Luke Henshaw sit down with Planet B’s Scott Osment and Kevin Avery.

They delve into the genesis of their band, a unit that uniquely operates with what could be dubbed a trio of drummers: two live and Luke manning twin MPCs. The group unpacks the creative tension of penning lyrics for their avant-garde sound—half hip hop, half punk—a sound that keeps listeners perched on the edge of comfort.

Cult and Culture itself sprouted from the fertile mind of Justin Pearson, a storied figure in the hardcore and punk scenes, known for his work with Dead Cross, The Locust, and many others. Alongside Luke Henshaw, whose own credits include collaborations with hip hop and Cumbia legends, the podcast has become a crucible for candid discussions with a colorful array of cultural and cult icons.

Check out the latest release from the mysterious industrial/doom/pop act Ωblivion Gate, as they unveil their third single and NSFW video for “Rusty Pipes.”

The accompanying video takes viewers on a dark journey through eerie landscapes and haunting imagery, perfectly complementing the atmospheric soundscapes of the music.

Formed by Florida-born artist and musician Matron Thorn, Ωblivion Gate defies classification with their experimental blend of doom, industrial, and pop elements. Their upcoming album, “Thrill Kill Noir,” promises to push boundaries even further, delving into themes of obsession, voyeurism, and depravity.

Osaka’s own HYPER GAL (see our feature HERE) has released their second album ‘Pure,’ a sonic concoction that splices the DNA of pop and punk with a no wave twist.

The duo, comprised of vocal artist Koharu Ishida and noise conjurer Kurumi Kadoya, continues to defy the bounds of minimalism and maximalist impact.

The album ‘Pure’ is now available for global consumption, thanks to the band’s recent signing with SKiN GRAFT. The release showcases their signature blend of glittery synth loops and lo-fi drum fury, wrapped in a package of ethereal vocals.

Check out “frost drought,” the latest collaboration between KOJOOHAR and FRANK URSUS.

This 7″ vinyl EP delivers edgy angst pop vibes with gripping synthesizer sounds, metallic rhythms, and enigmatic melodies, all complemented by Frank Ursus’ vocals. The music and lyrics paint a picture of isolation, mistrust, and alienation, inviting listeners into a world left alone in the dark. Grab your copy now and dive into this eerie journey through dark wave and post-punk territories.

i Haxa’s “Part 1” is your ticket to a hauntingly beautiful dreamscape that’ll linger long after you wake.

Rebecca Need-Menear and Peter Miles have spun a web of genre-defying tracks that dance on the edge of darkness and light, chaos and order. It’s an auditory journey through the wilds of the mind, where heartbreak meets existential dread in a symphony of surreal horror.

Give it a spin and watch as the mundane cracks open to reveal a realm where every note is a step deeper into a feverish otherworld.

SIKSA, USENKO, and DUBROWSKA have just released their captivating soundtrack, “O czynach niszczących opowieść,” accompanying the theatrical performance of the same name.

“O czynach niszczących opowieść” (“Acts of Story Destruction”) is a performance created by SIKSA as part of the “Hello darkness my old friend” program at Komuna//Warszawa Theatre, curated by Markus Öhrn. The creators, along with invited artists – Magda Dubrowska, Anna Steller, Martyna Konieczny, Tomasz Armada, and Konstanty Usenko – chose to tell their story using Western conventions.

The performance relies on simple theatrical elements such as light, music, costumes, and choreography to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a Western film. The music evokes the style of Ennio Morricone, costumes incorporate elements of cowboy attire, and choreography features wide steps and frozen gestures.

A specific Western element used in the performance is the way tension is built, which, however, does not lead to a traditional resolution such as a duel or emotional catharsis. Instead, the performance keeps the audience in suspense, presenting fragments of a story without a beginning or end, devoid of dramatic climaxes. It creates a sense of suspension in a strange, somewhat Beckettian timeless state.

Italian doomgazers SHERPA present their latest album, “Land Of Corals,” available now for pre-order on limited edition 12″ vinyl via Bandcamp.

Featuring tracks like “Silt,” “High Walls,” and “Priest of Corals,” the album offers an engrossing journey through cinematic drone, shoegaze, and psychedelia. With accolades from The Obelisk and Doomed & Stoned, “Land Of Corals” promises to immerse listeners in a sonic experience worth revisiting.

Beach Buddies Records has just dropped “LOWER LOWER AUSTRIA,” featuring michiu 1, michiu 2, raisa, the concept horse, and marie vermont.

This release offers a blend of strange and unnerving sounds, with trippy vibes that’ll take you on a wild ride. From the clinking of dishes to the rustling of clothing, it’s an experience that’ll either spark your imagination or send shivers down your spine. Check it out for yourself and see where it takes you!

South London’s TALK SHOW release anticipated debut album, “Effigy,” via Missing Piece Records.

Produced by Remi Kabaka Jr. (Gorillaz), the record promises an electrifying fusion of techno, electronic, industrial, and rock music, drawing inspiration from iconic acts like The Chemical Brothers, Nine Inch Nails, and The Prodigy.

With tracks like ‘Closer’ and ‘Gold’ setting the stage, the album invites listeners into a dark, immersive realm, pulsating with desire, anxiety, and ecstasy. Embracing their evolution as musicians, Talk Show crafts a fictional space for their music to inhabit, creating an album that refuses to let go, leaving audiences braced for the live shows to come.

Nicolás Kliwadenko and Josué Amador have released “Pieces for Electronics and Electric Guitar,” a captivating blend of psychedelic discord and malfunctioning technology.

Recorded in The Hague, Netherlands, in July 2023, the album features interwoven gears of live electronics and freeform electric guitar, creating a devilishly corrupt and manipulated sonic landscape. Mastered by Hector Cardoso at PCHO Studio, Yerevan, Armenia, the album offers a unique journey into experimental electronic music and avant-garde noise.

“DE REVOLUTIONIBUS MMXXIII” by VOICES OF THE COSMOS is a mesmerizing journey through space and time.

Released in 2024, this album pays homage to Nicolaus Copernicus, the eminent astronomer born in Toruń, Poland. Fusing modular synthesis, analog synthesizers, and processing of astronomical data, the album delves into cosmic realms with tracks like “Ylem” and “Electromagnetic Pulse.” Collaborating with astronomers and sound engineers, VOICES OF THE COSMOS creates a sonic universe that transcends boundaries.


Indie / Pop / Folk

PVRIS is kicking off 2024 with a firestarter, ‘Burn The Witch’, joining forces with the edgy flair of Tommy Genesis and the experimental beats of Alice Longyu-Gao.

This track is a full-blown celebration of female power in the music biz, served up as the lead single for a new all-female project dropping this spring via Hopeless Records. And it’s not just a one-off; Lyndsey’s gearing up to take PVRIS on a 47-date international tour, hitting up iconic venues like Troxy and The Wiltern.

It’s a punk-powered, politically charged anthem that’s all about that female and non-binary magic in the studio.

CHANEL BEADS, the musical project of New York-based musician Shane Lavers, is set to release their debut album titled “Your Day Will Come” on April 19, 2024, via Jagjaguwar.

The album, which follows Lavers’ 2022 singles “Ef” and “True Altruism,” presents a dreamlike sound combining synthetic and real instruments, exploring themes of memory, existential dread, and the digital world’s strangeness. Collaborating with singer-songwriter Maya McGrory and experimental instrumentalist Zachary Paul, Lavers crafts a deeply emotive experience with unconventional song structures and layered vocals.

The album, born from a period of introspection during quarantine, delves into Lavers’ personal experiences and internal conflicts, aiming for raw emotional expression. Recorded with contributions from McGrory and Paul, “Your Day Will Come” offers a unique blend of post-punk, pop, and electronic elements, showcasing Lavers’ evolution as a musician. Through its exploration of human imperfection and sincerity, the album invites listeners into a world of introspection and catharsis.

DAYSEEKER, the Southern California-based band, is set to release their forthcoming acoustic album titled “Replica.”

The digital release is scheduled for April 19, followed by a physical release on June 14 via Spinefarm. This collection features stripped-down renditions of familiar fan favorites, including an Evanescence cover and appearances from Holding Absence’s Lucas Woodland and indie artist Amber DeLaRosa.

To accompany the announcement, Dayseeker has shared the visualizer for “Burial Plot” (Feat. Caleb Shomo of Beartooth), offering a fresh perspective on their sound. The acoustic version of this track, with its refined instrumentation and impactful vocal interplay, showcases the band’s versatility and depth.

Dayseeker will also embark on a headline tour this spring, starting on April 19 in Tampa and concluding on May 25 in San Diego. The tour will feature select appearances by Polaris, Rain City Drive, Avoid, and Ayron Jones, alongside festival performances at Rockfest and Earthday Birthday.

FULTON LEE dropped “Take Me Where You Go,” a slice of Bubblegum Funk that’s groovier than your grandma’s bell bottoms.

This jam’s serving up spring vibes early this year, with a side of stanky grooves and pop melodies so colorful, you’ll taste the rainbow.

Los Angeles-based trio ASHRR drops their latest release, “Talking in Your Sleep,” featuring original music alongside remixes by Argentine producer Fernando Pulichino.

The mesmerizing title track immerses listeners in a sonic tapestry of lush synths, transcendental melodies, and ethereal vocals. Fernando delivers three distinct reworks, including a late-night “7-inch Mix,” a cosmic “Disco Dub,” and a driving “Deep Mix,” each offering a unique take on the original while maintaining an evocative groove. With influences ranging from DFA Records to the dancefloors of Ibiza’s Pikes, ASHRR and Fernando deliver a captivating blend of indie dance and disco vibes sure to resonate with fans of cosmic disco-house.

Los Angeles psych-rock pop act outfit LEVITATION ROOM drops their latest record, “Strange Weather,” available now via ONErpm / The Reverberation Appreciation Society / Greenway Records.

Collaborating with musicians like Rob Campanella and Jason Kick, the band explores various sub-genres within rock while staying true to their signature otherworldly sound. With influences ranging from the Brian Jonestown Massacre to The Black Crowes, Levitation Room delivers a captivating blend of hardship, beauty, and wonderment in their music.

The album’s release is accompanied by the heartfelt video for “Heaven,” directed by Ivan Trejo, showcasing moments of love and connection among couples of all ages, including guitarist Gabriel Fernandez’s parents.

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