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Mathy emo rockers FOX LAKE prove their ability to stand out in a sea of contemporaries; new captivating album streaming!

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The writing process for FOX LAKE’s debut album Repose was primarily an exercise in revision and transition. In 2017, the band had material and tentative studio time for an LP, but after a short break collectively agreed to scrap most of it and follow the direction of their newest material. The result is Repose, which sees the band turning away from the “mathy emo” leanings of their earlier material and towards songs that are more intentionally composed and less easily pigeonholed within familiar subgenres.

Repose is out today via Old Press Records.

Stylistically, the pillars of high energy and technicality are still very much present, but on these songs the band reaches for richer dynamics and melody. This clearest shift is in the vocals, the shouting of earlier EPs replaced with emotive singing and ambitious harmonies. Lyrically, it’s definitely still emo – deeply personal and self-questioning – with lines like “besides, what do you have to leave behind?” fully embracing the themes of revision and transition.


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