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Melodic punk rockers DANZINGER streaming new track “Consolation Prize”

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Gdańsk, Poland based melodic punk rock three-piece DANZINGER have been around since 2016 and last year they released their debut album called “Hate Us!“. Their newest single “Nagroda Pocieszenia” (“Consolation Prize”) was just released and it comes with a cool animated video that you can check out below.

Both the album and the new song are available on most streaming platforms.

“Consolation Prize” lyrics:

The world had to be wide open
We had to have so many chances
There had to be no limits, so many years ahead
My wi-fi works better than my senses
There are no emotions
And the signal doesn’t fade

What if the life is just a consolation prize?
Then maybe it’s worth nothing at all
What if the life is just a loan to pay off?
Then maybe it’s not worth to live at all

When did I find out that life is so sad?
When did I realize that everything’s a lie?
All the promises turned out to be fake
I started to notice every single sign

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