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Melodic punk vets GOOD RIDDANCE streaming new record “Thoughts and Prayers”

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GOOD RIDDANCE have released their new LP Thoughts and Prayers via Fat Wreck Chords this past Friday, 19th July, and you can check it out in its entirety below! The record marks their second new release since their 2012 reunion and delivers a high octane energy commentary on the current political climate! Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Lyrically speaking, it’s not the most hopeful or uplifting album but these aren’t the most hopeful or uplifting times and it seems everyone could use a little reality check. If it comes in the form of 12 shorts blasts of melodic punk rock, even better. /

Good Riddance are one of those bands that consistently put out great punk rock music, music that makes the listener think, and to perhaps reconsider the world in which they live in. The band never veer far from the sound that works for them, breakneck speed punk rock with a message. And it is because of this that Good Riddance fans will love this album, and those looking for more variety in their punk rock, will like, but not love Thoughts and Prayers. /

While it may have been four years since their last album, Thoughts and Prayers picks up where Peace in Our Time left off without missing a beat. Built around, and on, twelve songs that can, and do, stand proudly as equals among the best of Good Riddance’s musical pantheon, Thoughts and Prayers is a testament to the fact that age is relative and that some things really do get better as they get older and dismisses and destroys the overplayed and tired clichés that state that rebellion and making music are best left to the young. In this age of uncertainty and unrest, Good Riddance are a welcome force for good in the ongoing battle to preserve herd sanity from an ever increasing tsumani of mediocrity, imbecility and mundanity. Welcome back GR, I’ve missed you… / Tim Cundle of

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