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Members of Mineral, Christie Front Drive and Boys Life form SUBURBAN EYES

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Suburban Eyes is an indie trio that takes the shimmering soundscapes of ’90s and early-2000s emo and infuses them with a fresh, jangly indie rock twist. Their self-titled debut album, featuring members of Mineral, Christie Front Drive, and Boys Life, showcases a new sonic journey that diverges from their past musical endeavors. The album, produced by Jeremy Gomez and mixed by Grammy-winner Peter Katis (The National, Death Cab for Cutie), is set to release on August 30 via Spartan Records.

The band’s new single, “Headlight Torches,” now streaming online, exemplifies their evolution. The track captures the fleeting nature of time through a blend of propulsive rhythms and dreamy melodies.

Spin describes their sound as “a strident and jangly evolution of the noisier, electric guitar-driven sound of its members’ past bands.” Brooklyn Vegan praises the fresh spin on ’90s emo, while The Alternative highlights the shift towards a shimmery, pastoral indie rock closer to early 2000s Pitchfork fare.

Suburban Eyes Courtesy of Spartan Records min

After over two decades of recording and touring, the members of Suburban Eyes — Eric Richter (Christie Front Drive, Antarctica), Jeremy Gomez (Mineral, The Gloria Record), and John Anderson (Boys Life) — offer a nine-song showcase that balances energetic drive with lush, shimmering textures, all while retaining accessible pop hooks.

While Suburban Eyes retains the DIY values and work ethic of their previous projects, they deliberately avoid rehashing past musical influences. Instead, they present a sound that is both nostalgic and refreshingly new. “I think that all three of us are far enough removed from our past projects at this point,” says Gomez. “Creatively speaking, none of us even gave [our previous bands] any thought, good or bad, when working on this project.”

Gomez, who handled much of the production and engineering, recognized the need for a polished final product, which led to the collaboration with Peter Katis. “When Peter began working on the record, it became pretty obvious pretty quickly that there is a reason why he is a sought-after mixing engineer,” says Gomez.

Despite the challenges of an introspective and virtual production process, Suburban Eyes turned these into opportunities, continuously refining their musical direction.

The band’s formation was a timely reconnection for its members, allowing them to explore new creative avenues. “The band really came at a perfect time for me,” Gomez reflects. “It just feels really great to have rekindled my friendships with John and Eric, and to be able to create this collection of songs as effortlessly as we did.”

John Anderson adds, “Making this record has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I feel like Suburban Eyes is the most important band I’ve ever been in, and it doesn’t matter to me if the general public shares the sentiment.”


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